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Happy Holidays!

We are spending the holidays in Colorado this year! We took the time to take family pictures at the Martins and the Harmons since it seems it is becoming more and more rare for all of us to be in one spot at the same time.

The Martins

The Harmons


Welcome to Becky, Craig, & Baby Girl's home page. From this page you will be able to keep up with what we're doing (since I'm no longer updating the South Korea journal once I'm back in Texas, this is where I'll post any vacation photos, etc.). Click the links above for my pregnancy journal & South Korea Journal. Once the baby is born, I'll update her site regularly so all of our out of town relatives and friends can see how she is growing and changing!

Craig & Becky at the Great Wall, October 2004

Baby Girl's hand & feet (23 weeks, 6 days), November 2004

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