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When we moved in in July 2001.

This morning. (Note the large pine leaning toward our house on the left-hand side of the photograph.) Too bad I didn't get it from the same angle, I snapped it quickly as we headed out for our walk.

Will post the "after" picture when they are finished. Anna is sleeping through the noise now, but I wonder if she will wake up when they start trimming the trees by her window?

Should Have Taken a Picture

We should have taken a picture of Gertie for stuffonmycat.com last night because she had one of the new "insect monitors" (really sticky non-chemical insect traps) that Orkin put down somewhere stuck to her tail. She had it stuck there for hours because she ran away every time we approached her (which is why we couldn't get a picture) to take it off. Eventually I caught her and held her while Craig cut the hair between her tail & the trap.

Unplanned Yardwork

I called a tree service today to get an estimate on getting all of the trees by our house pruned back so that they are not touching the house (GIANT roach experience yesterday required an emergency Orkin visit & my neighbor to come kill it for me--this was the biggest roach I've seen yet and it was the flying kind!). We also have a nice holly tree that is looking sickly. Turns out our biggest pine tree is in danger of falling over but the holly is fine. The pine has shifted and will definitely cause some kind of damage if it falls. This will set back my plans to expand the back porch because it is not cheap to remove a tree this big! I will post a "before" photo soon.

A couple of years ago this same guy came out to do an estimate for me and we had three trees scheduled to take down. The day before they came, one of the trees fell on its own! We've had two trees fall near the house & fence and so far no damage, I worry that our luck will run out eventually...

Cold Front

It was only 89 degrees today!

I'm hoping to get on some outdoor projects once it gets a little cooler: plant some more trees in the back yard, finish the path to the driveway, and extend our back patio. I also want to do a few things to the front yard but we'll have to see how much ambition I have when it gets right down to it.

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