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Northern Forts

On Friday I atteneded a tour of Qatar's northern forts with the Qatar Natural History Group.

Four-wheel drive was required for much of the trip driving offroad through the desert. I hitched a ride with a couple from Houston in their Toyota Land Cruiser.

Al Khor

Yesterday I decided to get out of the big city and drive my rental car to Al Khor. As one website puts it: "Living in Al-Khor, in its present underdeveloped state, is not necessarily appealing to expatriates, but it is hoped that this will change in the near future, as the town grows." It seems that everything in this country is under construction.

Desert Highway

Fishing Boats in Harbor

Man and Woman at the Beach



I took this picture of the local Applebee's sign while stuck in traffic on my way home last night.

The traffic didn't bother me as I had been satisfied by a 100% authentic patty melt at the Johnny Rockets on Salwa road.

I know it's a little bit depressing to think that even on the other side of the world you can't escape the ubiquitous American chain restaurant. On the other hand, when you're craving a taste of home, nothing beats unbridled capitalism!


Friday marks the first day of the weekend here in the Islamic world. Most services are shut-down until about 3:00 pm as per the local custom so I stayed home in the morning and tried to recover from a wicked case of jet-lag. I managed to peel myself out of bed to take some pictures of Doha at sunset:


My company sent me on an assignment to Qatar for six weeks. I will be working here to support the Qatargas project.

I hope to be posting some thoughts and photos related to this middle east adventure in the coming weeks.

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