Today was easier than Sunday I think because I went on Sunday. I had an easier time staying in my THR although it was still really slow (perhaps I just became more accepting of it). Also I didn't have the problem of wet socks rubbing on my foot like I did at the end on Sunday. Today I stuck to the paved trail, which I'm sure was harder on my knees.

I found a ten-miler to train for in October. Hopefully that will provide some inspiration as the weather gets warmer (and warmer). I also plan to run in a few of the local 5Ks this summer. Next up: training plan.

Here are today's stats:
Distance: 2.3 miles
Time: 30:06
161 avg heart-rate
0:16 LOW HR
27:13 IN THR
2:37 HIGH HR
6:10 AM, 71° and 67% humidity
Most inspiring songs: none, really—it doesn't take much inspiration to go as slow as I'm going!

This Week:
Miles Run: ~4.3

Totals Since 5/14:
Miles Run: ~12.3
Miles Walked: 7.6
Miles Biked: 3

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