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I couldn't go slow the entire time today so I mixed it up a bit with some sprints. I started in the ditch then took a path toward the road and came back that way. It was a pretty good route with variety. I even saw a small opossum (I saw a really HUGE one in Somerville, MA one night when we lived there so all other opossums are measured against that one). Overall, I felt pretty good.

I drove a loop near our house yesterday that measures 3.2 (5K) from our door so I am going to do that on my next run. Not for time though, just to do that distance and have something concrete and measurable to compare to later on. I am meeting someone from my mom's group at the local 5K race on July 8 so I'm excited to have that to look forward to and train for.

Here are today's stats:
Distance: ~2.7 miles
Time: 32:00
167 avg heart-rate
0:12 LOW HR
16:46 IN THR
15:48 HIGH HR *times don't match total time b/c I forgot to stop the watch
6:15 AM, 72° and 67% humidity
Most inspiring songs: I'm Still Standing—Elton John

This Week:
Miles Run: ~7

Totals Since 5/14:
Miles Run: ~15
Miles Walked: 7.6
Miles Biked: 3

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I read your exercise blog everyday and get inspired by it. I've started looking around for short races to train for. You are doing a great job!

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