I probably pushed myself a little too hard this morning. Anna woke up earlier than usual so I probably should have waited to eat breakfast until after the run, but I had no way of knowing she'd wake up so early so oh well. The sun felt pretty hot beating down on me the second half of the run (lucky Anna was in the shade all the way home and then mixed sun & shade on the way there).

I am really hoping for cloudy weather next week at the 5K. I am also going to run the one on July 22 with another friend so I am finding good motivational friends to keep me on top of my workouts! I am trying to decide if I should run tomorrow and Sunday or just Sunday.

I really want to run a longer distance (without Anna) on Sunday so if I go tomorrow, Anna & I will just go the shorter route. She did really awesome in the stroller today though considering we were out for so long. I was slightly worried about it when we were leaving but she didn't fuss once so I'm lucky that she likes the stroller so much already! She didn't really read her book today, either (The Pokey Little Puppy), she just watched for dogs and trucks. We saw about 5 dogs right away and then she was saying "more dogs" so I was glad that we saw several more dogs on the rest of the run.

Here are today's stats:
Distance: 3.2 miles
Time: 43:49
183 avg heart-rate
00:00 LOW HR
04:14 IN THR
39:35 HIGH HR
8:40 AM, 70° and 63% humidity
Most inspiring songs: talking with Anna today about the dogs, big trucks, and other people we saw.

This Week:
Miles Run: 5.7
Miles Biked: 4.9

Totals Since 5/14:
Miles Run: ~33.3
Miles Walked: 7.6
Miles Biked: 7.9

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