Anna has surprised me lately that she already has a bit of an imagination. She's been playing with her cooking tools for a while, pushing her doll around in the stroller, making her stuffed animals dance, feeding them or me water or milk, and carrying the purse (above) around a bit. I gave her my old wallet for all of her "credit cards" (the ones that come free in the mail) and she really likes that. She also asks to have the dish towel put over her head like a little scarf/hat a lot.

However, what actually surprised me yesterday was when we were eating lunch. We were eating a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and I had cut hers up into bite-sized pieces. She started saying "car" and then moved the sandwich bites around and said "beep-beep!". I had never pretended her food was a car so I was pretty impressed. I was equally impressed, but less encouraging, when she started to pretend her fork was a pair of glasses (getting those tines awfully close to her eyes) at dinner.

She loves to watch that video I posted of her on the carousel and I did take a video while blueberry-picking yesterday that I need to edit down before I post. She watched that video and then would half-bend-over and pretend-pick a blueberry and put it in her mouth and say "mmmm."

I'm interested to see what she does today!

New Animal Noises: dog, snake, bear

New Signed Words: fan, cracker, monkey, wait (wait is actually old but isn't on the list)


Steve says to tell you that it looks like Anna has found Allah early in life... She's such a little cutie!

Well Brian called the towel her Babushka. Where would she have seen a womman with a scarf on her head? Those pictures are adorable...also the blueberry picking pictures...well, all of them.

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