Versailles & the Eiffel Tower

Versailles as we approached it from the train station.

Inside the chapel.

The hall of mirrors.

One of the many fabulous fountains on the grounds.

One of the rooms in Marie-Antoinette's buildings.

All Eiffel Tower Photos by Craig.

We went out to Versailles today since neither of us have been there and it's not likely that Anna will be into going there for a while if we are back in Paris again soon. Versailles is H U G E. If this place seemed extravagant to me today I can't imagine what a commoner would have thought back in the day it was actually used by the royal families. We did get the audio tour which was nice. Versailles is just huge though and with jet-lag and (what I now know was) the beginning of a flu/cold, I was requesting a lot of breaks in the shade of trees! Thankfully it was overcast for the second half of our stay so at least the sun wasn't beating down on us as we walked the grounds.

After a break at the hotel and dinner at a cool restaurant, we went to the Eiffel Tower. The top level was closed, but the view from the second deck was just fine. I'm sure the lines were shorter tonight than they are during the day, too.

We made it back to the hotel on the last train of the night.

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