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Ordering Pizza


In case Anna's speech isn't as clear to you as it is to us:
"Well, I'm two-and-a-half. I'd like one large cheese pizza. Thank you, bye."


Anna likes to pick out the books we read to Sarah before naps and bedtime and she doesn't like to miss out on the reading. Sarah is starting to get into the routine now, too.


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Anna likes to help me make meatballs. She tears the bread into tiny pieces and shakes in the nutmeg and the pepper. I'll post the recipe on the recipe blog at some point in my lifetime.


Sarah's smile is so hard to capture (I must be getting slow in my old age). I swear Craig can get her going and the instant I get the camera out she's serious again. (Apologies for the awful flash on the little camera.)

Playschool & Birthday Party

I took Anna to Playschool this morning to check it out and pay for her first month (to secure her spot in the class since there is now a waiting list). We only stayed for maybe ten minutes and Anna stuck close by me the whole time although she didn't seem totally uncomfortable. She wouldn't answer the teacher's questions though. I just hope she doesn't cry on Monday and that she can relax and enjoy herself.

After seeing how nice Bryan's preschool is though, I'm feeling a little bad about this one. Surely it's all just as good as the other but I like the idea of a new and clean preschool like Anna would have had in Texas or even in Doha. I'm sure these feelings of doubt on my part are my nervousness for Anna which I hope I do not let on to her. Anna says she is excited to go on Monday and that's all I have to go on.

This afternoon we went to Eleni's second birthday party. We had to leave a little early because it was time for Sarah's nap. Anna clung to me the whole time and Heidi, Spencer & Abigail's nanny, held Sarah off in Kostas' room which was kind of strange for me but Sarah was happy (she doesn't usually go to someone other than me so Heidi must have the touch!) and Heidi seemed happy to have a baby to hold.


Anna & Sarah held hands on the way to Home Plus again today.


The problem with Sarah napping so well a lot of the time now is that it is particularly frustrating when she doesn't nap well now. Simply because I know she can do it. The routine now is to read one-three books depending on her mood and then put her in bed. No holding, etc. She goes to bed awake. Sometimes she cries and sometimes she doesn't. She is using the pacifier and she has sometimes found it in her crib and gotten it back in her mouth on her own.

Right now she is fighting a nap harder than she's fought for probably two weeks and it's stressing me out!

Of course I'll take a mix of great and bad-napping over all bad-napping any time so I'll try to not complain too much. She's also been sleeping in until 7:30 or so the past few mornings so I'm really feeling good (she still gets up once in the night after going to bed between 6:30-7).

I'm Sorry

Anna (unintentionally) hit Sarah this afternoon and I told her she had to apologize. This was pretty agonizing for Anna and it took about five minutes to do so (the threat of not getting to eat popcorn and watch a movie if she didn't do it was the big motivator). I think this is really the first time she's had to say "I'm sorry" so I gave her the choice of saying it or giving Sarah a kiss on her tummy (where Anna hurt her). She chose a kiss and we talked about it later on when Craig came home so hopefully Anna gets what happened.


Sarah has been acting fussier than usual and had a low fever yesterday (nothing Tylenol couldn't handle). She was still fussy today and if it continues into tomorrow I will bring her into the doctor. I thought she was better this morning so we did have a playdate with Julie & Macayla. Julie is my friend from TKD and Macayla was born 12 days after Sarah. If Sarah had been less fussy I would have taken her picture with Macayla because Macayla is tiny compared to Sarah! It will be interesting to watch these two grow together and I'll get a photo next time we get together.


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I don't know why, but there were fireworks in Okpo tonight.


I bought Anna a pair of trainer-chopsticks today. She put the food in between the sticks with her fingers and then put it in her mouth.

Money, Money, Money!

Photo by Craig

Korean Won (paper) only comes in denominations of 1,000; 5,000; and 10,000. Craig said the cash for my car barely fit in his briefcase. ($1 USD = 942 KRW right now)

Holding Hands

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I turned around to look at the kids at a stop light on our way to Home Plus this morning and Anna & Sarah were holding hands.


Last night was the first night I had to put both kids to bed on my own (Craig had gone on a field trip with work) and it actually went really well. Both kids were in bed and asleep not later than 7:10 PM (goal was 7 PM but Sarah decided she needed to cry for a bit before giving in to sleep). This was something I had had major anxiety about when Sarah first was born, but Anna is so great as a big sister and Sarah is so easy that it was not bad. Sarah even nursed for 15 minutes (10 minutes longer than usual) and Anna just read some books to herself and was patient.


The pool at our apartment has only one depth: five feet. I can't safely be in the pool with Anna by myself (because I'm only five-feet, four inches!) so Craig & Anna went down today and Sarah and I sat in the shade and waded at the edge.

Air Shipment Fun

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Anna was off in her room reading her old books in her chair first thing this morning.

Sarah seems glad to have a few more options for seating and playtime.

We all enjoyed some strawberry tea this morning (Anna's seat was the Bumbo)

Anna had said she missed her necklaces the most, so I put every single one on her.

Sarah wanted in on the action but it didn't last long because she instantly wanted to put the beads in her mouth.

It was obvious the joy Anna felt when she realized what we meant when we were saying the air shipment was coming. Hopefully she doesn't grow too impatient waiting for the rest of her stuff in the sea shipment now. Sarah seemed to think her bouncy seat and Bumbo were pretty cool and enjoyed kicking around on the Gymini again. She wishes we had remembered to put the baby bathtub in the air shipment though because kitchen-sink-baths are not all they're cracked up to be.

One Year Ago

It was one year ago today that we found out I was pregnant with Sarah!

Car & Shipment

I took the kids to the Import Lady today in the new Tucson. I like it a lot but need to get used to the sound of a diesel engine. It is smaller than the Sorento and maybe even a little smaller than the CRV but definitely bigger than the Matiz! The Matiz Craig was looking at last week was not there any more so he'll have to remain car-less for a while longer.

We are supposed to get our air shipment tomorrow afternoon. I have started to feel like one of those people that keeps saying, "our life will be so much better when we win the lottery/strike gold/ etc." because I feel like I'm always waiting for an air shipment, sea shipment, baby shipment, moving to our permanent place, etc.

Yesterday Anna was playing with some of her strawberries (she has four plastic, one wooden, and eight felt). She only had two of her plastic strawberries and she said sadly, "the other plastic ones are in the sea shipment." Fortunately for her, the other plastic ones were actually in her little purse and she doesn't have to wait until September to play with all of her strawberries (the sea shipment is scheduled to arrive in Seoul the first week of September).

Butterfly Tent

Anna is loving the butterfly "tent" I set up for her made with the top (butterfly) sheet from her bed.


The right music does wonders for a workout. I convinced myself to go a little farther today and that felt good. I think I've got to do two outdoor workouts on the weekends though because the treadmill is super boring to me.

Distance: 2.8 miles
Time: 35:03
7:30 PM

This Week:
Miles Run: 2.8
Miles Walked: 1.3

Totals Since 3/25:
Miles Run: 7.2
Miles Walked: 22.6

The Curl

Anna's bangs have turned into one ringlet in the middle of her forehead.


Craig & Anna went to Costco today so I had Sarah all to myself for the day. We decided to use the Baby Hawk and walk to the bottom of the hill to find the stairs back up that are supposed to be a short cut back up to our apartment. This might be a good walk to take with Sarah on the mornings she gets up early so we could get in a workout before Craig goes to work.

Distance: 1.3 miles
Time: 27:17
4 PM
down & up the hill by our apartment

This Week:
Miles Run: 4.6
Miles Walked: 1.3

Totals Since 3/25:
Miles Run: 4.6
Miles Walked: 22.6

Anna & Sarah Monthly Comparisons

Sarah (I changed her 2-month portrait to a more flattering one than I had placed in the collage last time).


One thing to note on these photos is that I weighed Sarah this morning on the gym scale at 8kg (17.5 lbs) and Anna weighed 17 lbs (even) at her nine month appointment! I'm really interested to see if Sarah catches up to Anna (she was 25-26 lbs last month) or if Sarah slows down a bit once she starts getting a bit more active.

3 Month Portrait

BUMP In the Night

Anna fell out of her bed last night. She was more scared than hurt though, thankfully. The bed is so low (not much higher than her toddler bed) that we decided it should be fine for her to use (we thought we might put the mattress on the floor) since it is also a double and I've been putting her pillow half-way between the middle and the wall to keep her as far from the edge as possible. I guess she got a little wild in her sleep (or maybe was awake?) last night though. Hopefully it doesn't happen again before we get her real bed (with side rail) in the sea shipment; I guess if it does, we will put the mattress on the floor...


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We got our Alien cards this week (I should take a photo of the cards, Sarah's picture is pretty cute & Anna looks like a country-western singer from the 80s) which means we are able to buy cars now. Craig went down to "Gangster Chang's" to check out the selection. We are getting my Hyundai Tucson on Monday afternoon! It is a 2004 and it's a diesel.

I was kind of hesitant to get something so "big" after enjoying the Matiz so much last time (I could park anywhere I wanted!) but in the interest of safety for my kids decided bigger is better this time around (plus I have to be able to fit the Phil & Ted's in the trunk). I'll take pictures after we get it.

Craig is considering getting a Matiz but didn't make any agreements with the dealer yet. I realize that I never really finished out my Korean Journal last time we were here, but the weekend before I moved back to Texas my Matiz broke down on the freeway and we had to spend the night in some random place and tried to get it fixed but the Daewoo dealer we had it towed to couldn't fix it because the transmission had its serial number filed off. Craig arranged to have it towed back to Gangster Chang (who we had an agreement with to buy back the Matiz (and now the Tucson)) from the Daewoo dealer. The guy Craig talked to today at the dealer remembered Craig from last time around. Now I just hope that story doesn't repeat with the Tucson!


I made it back on the treadmill this morning. I should have gone for a hike but didn't sleep well last night so I decided to go back to bed this morning (and felt worse when I woke up so I should have just hiked anyway!). My run felt better this time but my Nano died about 13 minutes into the workout so it was a hard 17 minutes after that.

Distance: 2.2 miles
Time: 30:40
10:45 AM

This Week:
Miles Run: 4.6
Miles Walked: 0

Totals Since 3/25:
Miles Run: 4.6
Miles Walked: 21.3

This Week in Naps

Sarah has had quite a few awesome napping moments this week! On Thursday she went down for two naps totally awake and then slept for 1.5 hours both times. On Friday she cried some before two naps and then didn't (wouldn't) take a third nap. This morning she took a two hour nap (after 4, 5, and 6 minutes of crying). Yesterday Craig even left for work late because Sarah slept in until 7:20 (she's usually up not later than 6:20 so we haven't had to set an alarm).

I also wanted to note that Sarah is officially not coming back to bed with me in the night anymore. I brought her in a few times the first week were here because it was just easier for me (and she would fall asleep right away). But she's getting so big that my arm goes dead and she gets squirmy and we can't stay asleep for a big chunk of time. I'm both sad and glad about this development.

I know I had said from the beginning that I wouldn't worry about her poor napping until we got to Korea and I tried not to but I did in the back of my mind. I'm glad she's finally off of the twenty-minute napping routine and I have hope that once we are settled into the Terrace Home (should be the first week of September), she will get into an even better groove since her room should be farther away from all of the daytime noise.

Old Friends & Making New Ones

I took the girls down to Mijung & Sabunim's new studio on Monday and Anna and Sarah were not receptive to meeting new people (even after Mijung gave Anna a chocolate popsicle!). Anna cried in fear when Sabunim tried to say hello but finally had a bit of fun running around the dojang chasing a ball with me.

Twice now I've taken the kids down to meet some of our new neighbors and Anna panics and doesn't want to go in to their apartment and then sits practically on top of me/behind me while we're there. She wouldn't play in the sandbox with the other kids and cried the whole time I was trying to talk to Amelie at the front desk of our apartments.

Today we went to Jaynie's house and Anna did not cry or fuss while we were there. She did stick to my side and was silent though. I tried to get her to play the piano but she wasn't brave enough. I'm wondering if she thought Jaynie's house was OK becuase Jaynie doesn't have an accent? It seems a silly thing though since she did so much better than this in Doha with all of the other kids & moms from all over.

As usual, I'm pinning all of my hopes on getting our air and sea shipments and getting settled in to our permanent housing. We should get our air shipment next week and we will try to wait to have our sea shipment delivered until we get downstairs so we don't have to move everything twice (and it all wouldn't fit in this apartment anyway!).

Hakdong Pebble Beach

Craig had the day off today so we went for a walk on the boardwalk at Hakdong.


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It took a week to convince myself to get on the treadmill and hopefully I can convince myself to get back on today or tomorrow. I decided to run even though I really should have just walked because the treadmill is boring enough without having to walk on it. I hope to hike some on the weekends for some variety. There isn't really a place to take the kids on a walk during the day or I'd do that instead of waiting until nighttime to workout. Maybe this winter I'll sign up for TKD again, and if I do, then at least I won't be starting from scratch.

Distance: 2.4 miles
Time: 30:03
6:45 PM

This Week:
Miles Run: 2.4
Miles Walked: 0

Totals Since 3/25:
Miles Run: 2.4
Miles Walked: 21.3

Little Things: Anna 29 Months


Anna is finally getting the "I, me, & my" stuff down. She is not always "you" anymore. Anna is also finally able to jump properly. She has been basically galloping for a while and saying she was jumping but this week she just started really doing it well.

Anna is a great big sister and has really warmed up to Sarah. She wants to play with Sarah, give her kisses, and talks and sings to Sarah in the car when we're out and about. I can tell she's a little jealous of my having to split my attention between them and she is having a hard time learning to share Sarah's toys, but for the most part, I'd say Anna has adjusted very well to her little sister. The only difficult parts of my day are trying to get Sarah down for a nap with as little "help" from Anna as possible. I've resorted to letting her watch one of her "movies" (soft-animation books on video) while I put Sarah down twice per day. The other nap(s) are either when Anna is in Quiet Time or while Anna is having a snack. Once Sarah is a little easier to put down, I will be cutting out the morning movie for sure so Anna's screen-time is only 20 minutes per day instead of 40. I'll work on getting rid of it most days later on.

Anna gets frustrated more easily lately ("want to cry noisy!") but she is doing better than when we were in Colorado. Basically, she is acting like I have seen all of my friends kids act but just a little later than they all did. I know it's a phase and I'm sure it's because of all of the changes in her life and her age, but it doesn't make it any less annoying to deal with!

Anna is physically read to be potty-trained and has been for a while. She's been waking up dry for almost a year now but the timing has never been right. Maybe this fall or winter she'll finally be interested. Right now she still says she wants to use diapers but freaks out whenever she pees or poops so I know it is just a matter of time (and maybe the right inspirational underwear?).

Everyone is still a mouse (Anna-mouse, mommy-mouse, daddy-mouse, Sarah-mouse, etc.) and she is obsessed with strawberries and the color pink (although I got her two pair of red shoes and they are loved). Anything pink or red is deemed to be "strawberry." As a result, she only has about three outfits she will actually wear and all of her non-pink clothing is still packed up from our trip (there's no point in even trying right now).

Anna has officially given up napping. She didn't even take a nap when we arrived in Korea last week (strangely, I didn't really experience jet lag this time, either). She goes to Quiet Time for one hour and that has been working out well (especially when I can get Sarah down for a nap at the same time so I have a little time to myself during the day as well!).

I am trying to get her a spot in the Playschool here in town. We will try 2 days per week from 9 AM to 12 PM. I think she'll love it if she gives it a fair try. I plan to have her try for at least one month. If she gets in, she will start mid-September after we move into our permanent housing (we expect to move down to the terrace home the first week of September and I didn't want to start school that same week). If she doesn't like it we might try again in the spring or just wait until next year when she can go to the International School's preschool program.

Side Rolling

Sarah is starting to roll onto her side now. Today I really thought she'd make it all the way to her tummy but no such luck. She is itching to get our air shipment so she'll have the bumbo, the bouncy seat, and the gymini (i.e. some place other than my arms or the blanket to while away her wake-time).

3 Month Bear: Sarah

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OK, so there is no bear and I'm a week late. I forgot to take Sarah's bear picture at Corrine's last week and we arrived here on the 6th (the day it was due) and I just finally did it today. Hopefully the bear will be here for next month's picture.


Today on our way home from Home Plus (where I randomly ran into Mijung!!), Anna turned to Sarah and said (we were still in the parking garage), "Sarah, it's dark, can you see me?" I think this was the first "real" conversation they have had.

Anna also serenaded Sarah in the car on the way home singing, "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah...." to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.


I know I'm not supposed to write this because I'll jinx myself but Sarah has taken three naps over one hour in length in the last 24 hours! She also only woke once last night (4 AM) so I think she's finally getting back on track for nighttime sleep and hopefully she's maturing for daytime sleep as well.

Hot Water

First Craig bought rinse for the dishwasher, then I bought hand-washing dish soap and, after playing in Anna's room for a while came out to find a soapy kitchen. I think we've finally gotten it straightened out now with a bottle of dish detergent marked in English that it is for the dishwasher.

One big difference between Qatar and Korea is hot water. In Qatar there was no need to wait for hot water (it was scalding or more scalding right away) and here we have to remember to press a button to turn on the hot water before washing dishes or taking a shower. I had also forgotten the luxury of heated floors (we don't need them now but we'll love them this winter!).

A second difference between Doha and Okpo is that I was at Whole Mart (a new store since we were here last time so I had to check it out; it wasn't that great) with the kids and walked past a Westerner (Australian) and we stopped to talk. She has a son who is 3 weeks younger than Sarah. Unfortunately neither of us had a pen to exchange numbers but since Okpo is a small town, I'm sure we'll run into each other again. Extremely rarely did another Westerner even acknowledge you in Doha.

Box Hat

Fumbling Through


Anna likes showing Sarah the pages in the books.

I took Anna & Sarah into Okpo today to get a few things and I just know if someone had been watching us along the way they would have had some pretty good laughs. I know I'll get more coordinated about getting out and about with two kids, but it sure is a learning curve! It's a tough call to figure out which kid to get in and out of the car first, making sure you have the little things everyone "needs" (like Anna's little white purse filled with (felt) strawberries she had to have on her arm) to survive a simple outing, etc.

Once I got both kids in the stroller, we were doing well. We walked up to the market and through it where I showed Anna the octopus in the bucket we have been talking about since we told her we were moving here. I ended up just getting some onions at the grocery store where I got diapers (#1 priority on my list as Sarah was running out fast) because Sarah started screaming when we got in the store (I blame the unnecessarily loud dance music) and I had to put her in the sling to calm her down. Once Sarah is in the sling I can't bend over well (I don't want her to fall out!) and that's about when I felt like I was just fumbling along.

I did stop at the new Dunkin' Donuts and bought some bagels (a real luxury item when we were here last time!) before I provided (I'm sure) quite a few laughs on "Tree Street" when I demonstrated that I had no clue how to fold my new stroller. By the time I did get the thing folded, Sarah was screaming in the back seat and kept it up until we were about half-way home. When I parked the car in the apartment parking lot she was falling asleep...

We had a better day today than yesterday but Sarah had really better figure out this napping thing soon because it is wearing us all down. I just can't wait for her to be more predictable in this area.

Luck Pig

I didn't take the kids out today because it was rainy and we went out twice yesterday (Home Plus and to get our pictures taken for our Alien cards) and it is such an ordeal to get Sarah into her carseat without the base (it is in the air shipment). Sarah's chunky little legs just don't want to get past the seat belt and I don't like installing/re-installing the carseat at all so I don't do it.

After an entire day at home (and an incredibly frustrating napping experience with both Sarah & Anna) we picked up Craig from work and we all went out to the Luck Pig for dinner. Anna didn't try anything, Sarah seemed to enjoy laying on the cushion on the floor, and I forgot how fatty the meat they give you is (I cut all of the fat off of mine though because, thankfully, they left the scissors on our table). I really hope that in the years to come Anna does try some of the food here and likes some of it; I know I'm a picky eater and I hope that she is a bit more adventuresome than I am.

Home Plus

I took the kids on our first real outing alone today to Home Plus in Gohyeon. This is new to Geoje since we were here last and it is fantastic to have it so close: no more long trips to Lotte Mart! Both the kids did great on the trip and no one freaked out about the dance music blasting through the store (something I had forgotten about). I will have to do the grocery shopping on the weekends or at night, however, since there is no practical way for me to get a week's worth of groceries and the kids up to our apartment at the same time.

The trip would have been a success if the rental car company had actually given us some gas in the car. I got in the car to go home and the fuel light was on so we had to stop and fill up the tank (it was $98 to fill up a Hyundai Sonata!! talk about shock coming from Doha where they were practically giving the stuff away!). The problem with having to stop was that Sarah does not like to wait in the car. She fusses at stop lights and screams during gas-stops. All was well once we started moving again though.

Departure & Arrival

We started packing our bags on Thursday and kept at it until it was time to leave for Corrine's for our farewell dinner with both sides of the family on Saturday. It was so nice to get to see everyone for one last time before we left but also sad because the kids will all be so different next time we all see each other. Hopefully video chats will help to make the distance a bit easier.

Anna & Sarah both fell asleep almost right away on our flight from Denver to LAX but something woke Anna earlier than she would have liked and she cried for much of the last half-hour of that flight. LAX was a nightmare, as predicted, but both kids did well with all of the waiting that had to be done (Sarah did cry for a bit while we were changing terminals but there was nothing to be done but keep walking and she eventually fell asleep in the sling).

LAX to Seoul went really well. Anna & Craig fell asleep pretty fast and Anna slept for eight hours on that flight. Sarah also did well but didn't like it when I handed her to one of the Korean Air flight attendants while I went to the bathroom. Generally speaking, I'd say Anna did a little better on the flights (minus the episode from Denver to LAX) and Sarah did slightly worse than when we made the trip from Doha to Denver. Sarah is just a little older and a little less sleepy is what the problem was I am sure.

We had to claim our bags in Seoul and then re-check them for Busan which was obnoxious because we needed two carts to hold all of our bags (seven checked items and six carry-ons). Thankfully we flew business-class the whole way so our bags were always among the first to arrive on the carousel.

Our driver was at Busan airport and took us directly to our apartment: we arrived about 28 hours after we left Corrine's on Saturday. Both kids slept for about one hour of the drive with Sarah threatening to throw a fit shortly after we got onto Geoje Island. There are quite a few changes to Geoje (and on the drive from the airport) that I noticed so I'm interested to see how it affects our quality of life here (I think it will be a bit better than it was last time we were here).

We are living in the same apartment complex as last time around but in a newer building. The apartment we are in is super small compared to the one we were in last time and the one we will move into (hopefully) early next month. Sarah will have to sleep in the office at night and in our room during the day (because the office is separated from the family room by sliding glass doors and there's no way she'd get a decent nap (if she were willing to take one) with Anna a few feet from her crib). The strangest part of the apartment is that the washer & dryer are outside on the porch.

Little Things: Sarah 3 Months

In the last month, Sarah slept from 7-6 one time, but every other night has still woken up once to eat in the night. However, she was waking up not hungry after her 3/4 AM feeding so I might try to cut that out after we get settled here in Okpo (and if it starts happening again).

She has moved up to 6-9/6/12 month size clothes and I bought a week's worth of clothing to tide us over until the air shipment arrives with Anna's hand-me-downs (I have a ton in that size). She was also having blowouts twice a day for the last week or so in Colorado so almost all of her clothes that I have for her right now have a nice yellow stain on the back. This is in spite of switching to size 3 diapers so I'm not sure what her deal is!

Sarah loves to watch Anna and just thinks she is cool. Anna is acting like she really likes Sarah as well. I am just so excited to see how their relationship develops; I hope that they are great friends throughout life.

Sarah's naps are super-short (20-30 minutes typically) and she will only nap longer if held (and will then nap for 2 hours, probably more if anyone was willing to hold her for longer). No more Sarah-holding now though as I am on my own with both kids so hopefully the road isn't too long and hard to get a decent nap out of this kid. I'm still telling myself September is the time it will get easier although, as I recall, I don't think Anna's napping was super consistent until six months (but Anna was taking longer naps than this on her own and would continue to sleep if you then held her after she woke form a short nap; Sarah acts as if 20-30 minutes is all she needs and will not be coaxed into a longer nap).


Craig & Brian met my dad to go flying in his airplane this morning. They buzzed the house a few times but I'm not totally sure that Anna really "got" that Grandpa, Papa, and Daddy were the ones in the plane.

Joanne & Cookies

Anna loves to bake, just like her Nana!

Anita's friend, Joanne, had the touch with Sarah today.


Anna is happily giving Sarah kisses now. Today she was upset when I told her Sarah was downstairs taking a nap and I said we could not go get her. Lucky for Anna, Sarah only takes 20-30 minute naps.

Erin & Logan

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Erin & Logan came up to visit us today; Logan was such a little sweetheart and seemed really interested in Sarah.

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