Towel & Tote


I sewed this strawberry onto Anna's dishtowel for her kitchen. The stitching isn't pretty but Anna is pleased.

I really wanted to try something from one of my new sewing books so I went for the tote bag for Anna this morning. I need to re-do the top stitch because it is not good. My fabric bunched up, the thread got all knotted, etc. The trouble is that I'm not exactly sure what the problem was this time around. Too much fabric for my machine (there were three layers: outer, inner, & facing)? Or was it the bobbin again? I was having a frustrating time getting my needle threaded, too, so that didn't help at all. Again, Anna is happy with it, but I don't want to let her take it out of the house just yet.


Do you have your tension adjusted right? That's usually what causes knotting... I get frustrated with my machine since that's one of the finicky knobs and George loves to spin it... Good luck!

Hi Becky,
It is great that you are taking up sewing. Challenging, but fun, creative and useful!
Besides the tension, check to be sure you have the correct size needle for the weight of the fabric. Keep up the good work!

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