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It looks like I'll need to another session to get Anna's three-year portrait done.

Nothing like putting off portrait-day until the last day of the month again! I always feel like there should be more time (even on the 31-day months!).


Anna is having a blast with these go fish cards we got. She is always setting up fish dinners, using them as "invitations" to various parties, etc. She re-named Orange Blossom "Chartreuse" (you can see she has a chartreuse fish on her lap in the background) which is one of the colors in the Go Fish deck.

Button Bee

When I told Anna all of the buttons on my jeans mean that it was a "button-fly," she decided "button-bee" was a better name.

Birthday Party

Anna & I went to Gwenn's birthday party today. Gwenn had her party at the school and there were four other kids there (six total) and parents. If you ask Anna if she had fun she will say "yes" and tell you enthusiastically all that went on. However, I got to watch her today (without Sarah distracting me since she was home taking an awesome nap for Craig, Anita, & Corrine) and I can see that she is just painfully uncomfortable for some reason in social situations. I don't know if all of the adults made her nervous (two dads were there, they are particularly scary!) or if the other kids were just more wild than her (not hard!). The other kids and parents really tried to include her but she just won't let herself be drawn in and I'm really not sure what to do. I got her to participate in the activities but she preferred to watch the other kids running around. It's hard to be the one with the kid who is not running around laughing. I guess I need to keep up the playdates and hope that that continues to help her. I can't get anything out of her when I talk to her about why she's nervous around the other kids so I just have to guess that more exposure will take away some of her fears.

Last Day of Nana & Corrine

We went over to the park where I take portraits today to see if we could see some cherry blossoms. I was so excited because the sky was overcast and the kids were in a good mood. I took a few pictures and then my camera battery was dead. This has never happened to me! I was so mad (at myself)! I really wanted to try to get some pictures of Anita with the girls there with all of the flowers but it wasn't meant to be, I guess. I think I will at least take the kids back next weekend to try to get their pictures though.

Norae Bang Night

We hired a babysitter for last night so we could go out to dinner, hit a couple of bars, and then go to norae bang. We went to the duck restaurant with Jaynie & Hyunjung which everyone loved (even I liked it and anyone who knows me knows that I am a picky eater!). We met Mijung at Mama's and then we went down to norae bang where Sabunim and his friends joined us. It was fun going with Craig (and his mom & sister) since I usually just go with my girlfriends. We sang a few duets including Copacabana and Midnight Train to Georgia. I had promised Corrine & Anita that we'd be back by midnight since they were having a hard time staying up all week anyway (and Anna & Sarah still needed someone to take care of them in the morning so that's my personal curfew as well).

We got home at about 12:05 and what did I see when I got to the bottom of the stairs? Sarah's blinding overhead light on in her room (we never use this light because it is truly awful and not fit for a bedroom but an operating room). So the babysitter (a woman probably in her mid-40s?) is holding Sarah on the chair with this horrible light on. I took Sarah and turned off the light. I think Sarah was just zoned out because usually she's sleeping at midnight! I realized I probably stunk of cigarette smoke from the bar so I wouldn't provide much comfort to Sarah in what I was wearing so I set her down in her crib and she went back to sleep without any fussing. The babysitter told Craig that Sarah woke up at 11. So she had been up for an hour, I guess. Throughout the night Sarah did cry out and I went in one more time. I think she must have had gas because the cry did sound uncomfortable and I don't blame the babysitter for going in if Sarah's cry sounded like what I heard! I just don't get how the lady sat there in Sarah's room for an hour and didn't notice that there is a lamp on the table across from the chair with significantly softer lighting (if you have to have a light on)...

The Doctor, Baking, Transfering

I had to take Anna back to the doctor again this morning and I was really glad Sarah was able to stay home and play outside with Anita & Corrine because we were at the doctor for an hour and half he was so busy! Anna has to do ten days of medicine instead of just seven so we have to go back on Monday and then again Thursday to have him look in her ear again and prescribe more medicine. I really thought he'd give me a prescription for seven additional days and, at the worst, have to go in again at the end of that time. I understand it's a good idea to go in and look at the ear but it's also a pretty big hassle! Should be "exciting" with Sarah in tow both times next week..

This afternoon while Sarah napped, Anna & Anita made cookies and then we all went in to town to pick up a few things and stopped for ice cream while we were out. Sarah had some blueberry frozen yogurt that she loved (I had to eat fast to make sure she didn't eat it all herself!).

Sarah has been moving between the coffee table and the couch a lot since Anita & Corrine arrived. She is also reaching out to have you hold her hands and walk around with her a lot more frequently. She still has a ways to go with her balance but her legs are getting stronger!


Today Anita & Corrine went with Craig to Busan to get out and do something fun. Too bad it was raining while they were there and too bad the water was rough on the way back and the sick-bags were used. I'm really glad I didn't go with the kids now! Anna was feeling more like herself and Sarah was her happy self as usual. The kids and I went shopping for a birthday present this afternoon but stuck around at home the rest of the day. Anna talked a lot about Nana and Corrine while they were gone but clammed up when they got back. Sarah was already in bed by the time they got home.

Day 5 (Eight Days of Nana & Corrine)

Corrine & I went to TKD this morning (the ladies class is hard!) while Anita stayed home with Anna & Sarah. Sarah didn't nap and got mad at when Anita wouldn't let her have an entire banana (after Sarah took a too-big-bite) but cut it up into pieces for her. Anna was still feeling bad due to her ear infection so at least she didn't cause Anita any grief.

The cleaning ladies arrived shortly after Corrine & I got back so we all piled into the car to get some Indian food for lunch (and to get out of the cleaning ladies' hair). Anna started perking up a bit after lunch and she made some Hide-and-Seek Muffins from her new cookbook. She was even playing Go Fish with Anita tonight.

Sarah was in a surprisingly good mood this morning for not having taken a nap. She also didn't nurse mid-morning so I guess that's the first one to go. We just have three more daily sessions left so I'm guessing we'll be done in about three weeks. Sarah was super smiley and quick to laugh today. I'm wondering if her teeth had been bothering her along with her cold. She has two more teeth coming through on either side of her top front two teeth.

Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes


Anna made popovers this morning from her new cookbook, Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes this morning. She really seemed to enjoy doing everything herself and the book has some great tips for containing the mess. I don't think Anna liked cracking the eggs because she really didn't know what to expect from that but she seemed to enjoy "painting" the butter in the muffin cups and scooping the batter into the cups. She also was really excited when the popovers began to rise in the oven and she had a great time eating them (we all did!) We're planning to try Hide-and-seek muffins tomorrow.

Ear Infection

Anna has her first ear infection. Luckily the doctor says it is just a small one and she must agree since the complaints aren't too consistent. She started saying yesterday that her ear was "itchy" but when she woke several times in the night with that same complaint I really got suspicious. So, I'm mixing drugs from the pharmacy (and feeling a little guilty I didn't figure out what that other stuff was for Sarah and give it to her). We go back to the doctor on Friday to see if she needs to be on medicine for seven or ten days. Thank goodness Anita & Corrine were here so I could take Anna alone and Sarah could stay home and play.

Day 3 of Eight Days of Nana & Corrine

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Craig went to work today so we met him for lunch at gamjatang. The kids both had fun on the trampoline today and a little Korean boy joined them (and Anna kept jumping—a major breakthrough for her). Sarah was just having a blast crawling all over.

Anita & Corrine stayed in town and walked back up the hill to our apartment when they were done. Then they made chicken tikka masala while I took the kids up to play outside! Maybe they can move in with us?

Corrine says she made eye contact with Anna a few times today and Anna was a little less shy of her. Sarah seems to really enjoy having two more people to watch do stuff. She is not quite as intimidated by new people and things as Anna which is great.

Sarah also seems to be getting more into walking today; perhaps it is becoming a new obsession? I am actually really looking forward to her walking on her own but I have a feeling she might also be a climber; she pushed a box over to the TV bench and stood on it for a little extra height all on her own yesterday. It might just be the beginning of the end... I also have had to turn off the hot water on our water cooler because Sarah started showing interest in that yesterday. So, I've emailed CS about getting a different base that has a kid-proofed hot water spout so we can continue to enjoy that feature (it's so convenient!).

Happy Easter!

Both girls sat and ate their Puffs right away.

Sarah loves Aunt Corrine!

The Easter Bunny left plastic eggs filled with Gerber Puffs for the kids this morning. Apparently the Martins hide real eggs but that grosses me out so I did plastic. Anna & Sarah had fun "finding" the eggs, collecting them in the baskets Nana brought, and then eating the hard-boiled eggs we dyed yesterday (actually, Sarah did not like the hard-boiled egg yolks but she likes fried yolks).

Craig & Corrine were supposed to go on the Hash today but it was rainy and windy so they ran on the treadmills instead. We mostly hung out at home except I sent the gang to VIPS and Home Plus while Sarah & I stayed home (she gets super crabby around 5:30/6 and goes to bed at around 6:15 so dinner out right now is pretty much impossible until she can get a little more flexible with her bedtime).

Anna thinks Corrine is funny (she laughs at her jokes and mimics some of her physical comedy) but still isn't sure about her. However, Anna is getting along with Anita very well; answering her questions and gave her a hug tonight before bed. This makes me happy (I'm sure it makes Anita happy, too!) that Anna is finally able to remember her between visits and it's not taking so long to warm up to her. I'm sure video chats help, too.

Sarah likes both Nana & Corrine so she's having a blast with all of the extra attention she's getting while they are here!

Eight Days of Nana and Corrine! (Day 1)

I've been billing Anita & Corrine's visit as "Eight Days of Nana and Corrine!" in an announcer-voice to the kids (mostly for Anna's benefit). It seems like I've been talking about this forever so it was kind of hard to believe that they actually arrived last night! Sarah, of course, likes them both right off the bat and Anna remembers Anita from October and isn't taking too long to warm up to her. She's even smiling at some of Corrine's antics so I'm guessing we're going to be OK this week.

Today, Corrine, Anna, & I went to Home Plus to get a few groceries for the next few days and Craig took them on a hike behind our apartment complex to try to help with the jet lag. They made it until 7 PM so I think they did great. Anna & Sarah got a bunch of cute stuff from Nana & Aunt Corrine so we got to play with all of that today as well.


Oh, I'm Sorry, I'll Do That

When I accidentally do something that Anna wants to do herself, Anna will undo it, (practically) knock me down and out of the way while saying, "Oh, I'm sorry, I'll do that."

She's also getting into manners and saying excuse me, please, thank you, and you're welcome although not as consistently as I'd like. She also is finally asking me nicely for help ("Mommy, will you please help me find my doll?"). This is not to say that there aren't still freak-outs but it's nice to be in such a polite stage!

Cooking Up a Storm

Little Things: Sarah 10 Months

There seem to be so many little things this month but some of them have been going on for a while, I just keep forgetting to post them.

Sarah points a lot at things. Sometimes I think she's pointing with meaning and other times she just has that index finger extended for whatever reason. She likes to turn the pages when we're reading now. She seems totally bored with the toys in the office now (the most baby-proofed room in the house so it's where we spend most of our at-home time) and loving the kitchen. She is getting a little better at not constantly putting stuff in her mouth although she cannot be trusted so I always have to keep an eye on her.

I think she is ready to cut another nursing session (we are down to four; one in the morning, after her morning nap, after her afternoon nap, and at bedtime.) I think I might cut out the bedtime one first since that is the shortest and she seems to eat a pretty good dinner about twenty minutes before that. I've started giving her a cup of drinkable yogurt (I found a plain organic one) to drink during meals and snacks and she loves it. I'll try milk closer to her birthday. What is strange is that this is almost exactly the same timing as Anna started weaning.

Sarah is starting to follow instructions. She will put her pacifier in her crib when I ask her to, and sometimes come back to me when I say "come back to mommy" or "stay with mommy" when she crawls out of the room (usually to try to explore the bathroom).

I've been seeing her sign daddy and say "dada" more frequently. Also still hearing that "nanananaanaa" (Anna) a lot. She will say "Anna" when Anna leaves the room and I believe it is intentional. She loves doing the "How big is Sarah? Soooooo big!") thing where she extends her arms but she especially loves it when we're at the dinner table and we all take turns ("how big is Anna/Daddy/Mommy?").

Sarah stands a lot (at the coffee table, the TV bench, the play kitchen) and cruises a lot. She also is practicing walking with the stroller (but I think she may need her own for her birthday; Jessica, this was the best birthday present ever as Anna is still loving it two years later!) and my mom shipped a box the other day that is just the right height and weight that it provides the perfect resistance on the wood floor for walking without my assistance (although of course I'm still spotting and steering).

The past few days, Sarah has gotten to be quite dramatic if she doesn't get what she wants or if, say, she's eating applesauce and the bowl is empty. She sobbed the other day when I took away my little diaper bag camera but luckily, she likes to play with toy cameras so she was OK with that as a replacement.

She has been laughing out loud at Sandra Boynton's Blue Hat, Green Hat and she loves the Dr. Seuss' The Eye Book.

Sarah loves to check out ride-on-toys and big kids scooters and bikes: anything with wheels. That said, I'm pretty much at a loss over what to get her for her birthday since she doesn't seem to like anything that is geared toward a one-year-old. I've ordered a few things so hopefully there's something she likes!

Prayer Request


I want to spread the word for my friend Bernie who just had her third child on March 12. Luke was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and needs your prayers.


Anna is dressed as "Comber-Cat." (Sarah is "Brusher.")

Sleep (again)

Sarah was up for an hour last night crying, crying, and crying. She would only stop if I stood holding her to console her. My best guess was gas so I gave her some drops (something we used to use all the time with Anna but have only used once or twice before with Sarah). Anyway, she woke up and ate at 6 AM and then would not wake up even when I brought her to our room... Hopefully today and tonight are better!

Aqua Doodling

Anna's attempt at writing "Anna" on the Aqua Doodle.

Birthday Party

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(Happy 31st Birthday, Craig.)

Scooting with Orange Blossom.

The party theme was "flowers" so I made several large paper flowers to hang around the apartment. Craig blew up about 60 balloons to hang as well!

Opening the presents! I forgot to get an "official" shot of the three girls together so this is the best I have.

Stuffing the teddy bears.

Billy's Vanilla Vanilla cupcakes: delicious! (Note that I used the 2 Tbsp of baking powder as per Billy in the video and I used a different frosting.)

Craig juggling for the girls. Kristin backed up and took a seat in one of the chairs to watch the "show."

"Tape-the-petal-to-the-flower" game. We didn't use blindfolds, we just had the girls put up three petals each. Kristin had red, Eleni had pink, and Anna had purple.

We had Kristin (Dutch/Canadian) and Eleni (Greek/Uzbek) over for Anna's birthday. Unfortunately Gwenn (French) couldn't come. I think it would have been nice to have one more kid at the party but Anna just didn't want to invite any other kids so what could I do? I think she did have fun though (and that's what matters!). When I asked her what the best part of the party was (cupcakes & ice cream? stuffing the bears? opening presents? playing with friends?) she said playing with her friends. I don't believe Anna said anything to her friends while they were here but she did interact with them with minimal coaxing on my part.

Eleni gave Anna an Aqua Doodle that everyone had fun with (Sarah tried to eat the pen, of course). Kristin gave her her first Barbie, a "Princess" purse, a book, and a toy camera. Anna was mesmerized by the Barbie at first (it has a light-up-and spinning skirt!), but the purse and the Aqua Doodle are the top contenders for the biggest hit presents from her friends. (Her Orange Blossom doll is by far the biggest hit from us.)

Overall, I think it was a good party: I'm glad we did it and I'm glad it's over!


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Sarah wearing the kid-size sling. Of course she took her "baby" out right away and tried to eat it.

Happy Third Birthday, Anna!

Obviously I couldn't get Anna to cooperate with the bear picture this year...

What a year it has been! An international move (Qatar to Korea just eight months after US to Qatar; plus having a temporary apartment the first month in Korea) , starting (play)school, potty training, and a new sister! Overall, I'd say that Anna has done well with the changes in her life but also her shyness has really taken over her personality. Whether that is just how she was always going to be or something all of the changes (or aggressively-friendly strangers) did to her, we'll never know. It is definitely something I'm working with her on though and I can already see improvements in the past month or two (although I'm not sure an outsider would see the changes).

School has definitely made Anna a little more physically adventurous (going down the slide face-first, climbing and jumping on our furniture) and possibly also more into questioning authority (although I'd still say she is a "rule-follower" for sure, unlike Sarah, who I get the distinct impression is a "rule-breaker").

I'm not sure when exactly the "strawberry" and "mouse" stuff started for Anna last year (the mouse thing was when my mom was visiting Qatar, just after Sarah was born) but it has finally waned (thanks to Strawberry Shortcake). Anna has a great time trying on different character personalities and assigning them to us as well. Anna also doesn't have to have everything "just so" before she goes to bed and seems to be getting more flexible (she would only wear a certain pair of pajamas for a while but now will go with the flow (or whatever is clean, to me more specific).

A few weeks ago I asked Anna whether or not she knows what a Princess is and she said, "yes." When I asked her if she liked princesses, her response was, "not really." That's my girl! We'll see how that changes as she spends more time with her friends, I guess. I, for one, am please with her answer for now. (I guess I associate the word "princess" with "snob;" that's the only thing I can think of that makes me react to Princesses the way I do—I have no real beef with an actual princess or getting all dressed up for the ball.)

When we have "play-by-yourself-time" (when I need to get something done) Anna usually chooses to do some coloring or sticker art. She is starting to have more and more control over the pencil or crayon which is fun to see. She can draw a strawberry and when she colors she can color mostly inside the lines (if she wants). She has a version of a stick-person that she does. She can also draw circles and can almost write her name.

Anna says occasionally that she'd like to learn to read but we haven't done anything with this yet. She still likes to ask how to spell things and likes to pretend that she's writing words. I'll be interested to see how teaching someone to read goes especially when Anna is so good at memorizing whole books! I guess I'll have to get several totally new books when the time comes.

It is amazing to look back over the last year (both in pictures and the stories from a year ago) and look at the little girl we had a year ago and compare her to the one we have now. So many big changes and so many great memories. I know a lot of this year has been crazy with moving and just getting used to having two kids to care for so I'm not as attentive as I could have been but Anna has been just a great big sister and has been patient with me and with Sarah and has really impressed me. I'm so looking forward to the coming year and watching Anna & Sarah interact more and more and really become friends. I can tell that Anna misses Sarah when Sarah is taking a nap and she truly enjoys playing with her and that is just the best thing to see and we are so lucky to have two such fantastic little girls!


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We decided to get off the island and head to Busan today. Anna was pretty excited about going on her first boat-ride and we got a little taste of what the trip from Korea to the US will be like this summer with Sarah (adventurous!). I was a little nervous because the last time I rode the ferry I was pregnant with Anna and ended up getting sick. Luckily no one got sick today.

We planned to go to Bennigan's for lunch but it wasn't there any more (not sure if it has changed locations or if it's just gone) so we went to Outback Steakhouse instead. The kids did great (Anna even used the public bathroom for the second time in her short toileting career). I don't know if the food was really as good as it seemed or if we were especially hungry or hadn't had American food since August or both.

We walked around and I felt like a country bumpkin' in the "big city." My biggest worries were Sarah's nap and nursing in public; both went fine. After lunch we got both kids in the stroller and after walking around a bit, Sarah fell asleep! The only major drawback was we needed to cross one street but there wasn't a crosswalk so we had to lug the stroller up and down a ton of stairs (with kids on the way back to the ferry terminal since Sarah was sleeping!)

It was fun and we're glad we did it but it might be an every-other-month thing (it was also exhausting!).


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One of Anna's parties I attended today.

We canceled Anna's playdate with Gwenn this afternoon due to Sarah's sickness this week but we did go upstairs to play on the Mouse Trail and on the playground. The weather was so nice today we ended up playing up there for an hour and a half. Anna had fun riding her bike and observing the other kids (she really likes Amy (she's almost five!). I could tell she almost joined in with them a few times but hung back still. Amy & Matilda did push Anna around on one of the cars and Anna actually let them which was a pretty big step for her (she also let Aksana push her on the bike). Sarah did great with Valerie and had fun squealing like the big kids, trying to eat little things, riding on the car and bike, and standing at the fence surrounding the "Mouse Den."

Fever and Sleepy

Sarah has been acting sick since about Tuesday afternoon/evening. She wouldn't nurse at bedtime Tuesday night and we initially suspected teething. I gave her some Motrin and put some teething gel on her at bedtime. She was super hot when she got up on Wednesday but the batteries in both of our thermometers were dead. I tried to stop at the pharmacy after dropping Anna off at school but it wasn't open yet (8:45 AM). By the time we did get a thermometer she felt significantly less hot but did still have a fever.

Today she just wanted to rest on me when she was awake so Craig came home early and I took Sarah to the doctor. Her ears are fine but he said she has a sore throat and prescribed some medicine. I went to the pharmacy to get it filled but the pharmacist gave me two bottles of liquid and several packets of powder to mix together and that's when my eyes glazed over and decided I wasn't going to be giving Sarah anything other than cuddles and alternating Tylenol and Motrin as I had been doing. She already had the worst as far as I can tell so we'll just keep an eye on her and hope no one else gets it.

Ten Months

Sarah wasn't feeling well today so the picture isn't the best.

Ten months! Sarah is just so different from Anna in so many ways already I'm a little nervous I'm not going be able to handle her as she gets older. When Anna was little if there was a puzzle on the floor she'd go around it; Sarah plows through it. Sarah bites me and if I have any reaction she laughs. If I have no reaction (other than move my shoulder, which is her favorite spot to bite), she laughs even harder. She still chews on everything (including the glass top of the kitchen table). She is not dainty. However, she is physically adventurous and seems to be picking up on signs and language well (I've noticed lately that she seems to really understand a lot of what we're saying). She is cruising a bit along furniture and is only doing the "traditional" crawl now. She is "talking" up a storm right now and still likes to cuddle.

Her favorite books right now are Where's Spot?, Goodnight, Moon (she likes the kittens the best and always points to them), a random alphabet book, a colors book, and Jungle Bus (Thanks, Sharon!). Of course she also still likes to eat books but I don't think she has a strong preference for board books versus thin-paper books (although the papery books do have the nice bonus of ripping easily as well!). Our children's library was pristine before Sarah got to it!

Sarah's favorite foods are blueberries (I have to make a video of her eating these, she is very clearly enjoying them and they're the frozen kind from Costco since I've never seen blueberries here), beans (any kind), grilled chicken (I'll post the recipe; it's also Craig's favorite chicken), carrots, bagels, and cheese.

We've been having fun playing outside lately and Sarah is enjoying all of the "new" outdoor stuff that we haven't been checking out due to the cold weather in her recent memory. There is a small area near Anna's school with some bunnies, chickens, and birds that the girls really like visiting in the mornings. I am looking forward to taking her to the zoo sometime this spring to see how Sarah reacts to the really big animals.



Chocolate fudge cupcake with mocha buttercream frosting

I've learned that it takes me at least two tries to get something right when it comes to sewing. I guess that's what it means to be a beginner. It took me three to four tries to get these cupcakes though. The fourth (the one in the single photo) still isn't "perfect" but I'm not embarrassed by it at least. I may try to make a couple more to replace at least the first two. Anna is having a blast having parties with her cupcakes though!


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I swear I hear Sarah saying stuff all of the time. I'm sure it's just coincidence at this point since she's not consistent about it but I feel like she's on the verge of something. I saw her sign "daddy" and and "all done" and I often hear her make sounds that sound just like "Anna, Daddy, all done." She's is also very into pointing at pictures in books although doesn't follow a command yet (like "point to the cat"). Very exciting times we're heading toward here!

I Believe in Miracles!

I have been so, so, so tired because Sarah keeps waking at 5 AM and alternating talking, crying, being quiet until I go to get her no earlier than 6 AM. She's not hungry at this time but is trying to sleep. She's been going to bed at 6:30 but on the advice of my favorite sleep book (Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child), we started putting her to bed at 6:15 on Friday night. Saturday she slept until 6! Sunday she woke early again (5:45 this time) but this morning I had to wake her up at 7! I was actually up and refreshed before she got up! What a luxury. I hope this is the wave of the future!


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"Old Wind Bags" (aka Craig) was getting some laughs out of Sarah by blowing her hair around so Anna wanted in on the action and then you know I had to get the camera. We can't have fun around here unless it is properly documented.

Ready for VIPS

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Less than 30 seconds after hearing that we would go to VIPS for lunch today, Anna was gathering all of her clothes to get out the door. I guess that restaurant really made an impression on her! (Her purple shoes are one of two new pair we inherited from Amy—the others are super sparkly and I'm sure they'll make an appearance on the blog soon.)

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

[I'll have to insert an image of the picture from the book here]

Anna was acting out a scene from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie today. Fortunately it wasn't the scene where the mouse gets a cookie. (Too bad it wasn't the page where the mouse gets carried away and sweeps and mops the entire house!)

Going Away & Gamjatang

Nice static-hair, Sarah!

Jumping at Gamjatang

We went to the Foreigner's Club for Joe, Julie, & Macayla's going away party today (they are moving to Doha). Anna & Sarah had a blast playing in the (really lame!) play area there. After the party we went to gamjatang where Sarah joined Anna on the little trampoline they have there.

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