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Missed Connection

Craig left for Korea this morning and because his flight from Houston was delayed to Tokyo he missed his connection to Busan and has to spend the night in Tokyo. Although I didn't wish this on him, I really hope nothing similar happens to me and the girls when we go in two weeks!

The Fork

Last night Craig & I went out to dinner with Erin & Dave, Erin & Craig, and Courtney (why didn't we take a picture??) so we left Anna & Sarah with Grandma & Grandpa. They had dinner at Rachel & Mat's and Rachel gave Sarah a fork to eat with. She is a pro! I hadn't given her a fork yet because she was still so messy with the spoon. I guess I didn't give her enough credit. Now she wants to stab everything and eat with her fork. Is it possible neater meals are in our future?

Swimming Lessons

Today the girls started swimming lessons with Jake & Sam. Anna & Sam are in the same class. Sarah & I are in a mom & tot class. Anna was really nervous and sat on the edge of the pool (but did go to her teacher when it was her turn). Sarah's class seems to be just us hanging out in the water again. At least this is a nicer pool than the first one we tried with Anita. Next summer we'll get it right! We go every day this week and next so I hope to see a big change for Anna by then. Sarah & I will just play and have fun.

Family Portraits

It is really nice that Anna is so much more comfortable with everyone this summer. She is able to relax and enjoy herself much more.

Anna didn't want to sit next to Great Grandma and Sarah wanted mommy.

Anna feels a little awkward with Sam's arm around her.

Now Anna's happy but we can't see Grandma's or Jake's face!

Great Grandma started off pretty far away.

And got pretty close! Much better than last year!

Anna jumped into playing cars with Jake & Sam right away.

I really wanted to get a portrait of Sarah in this dress on Grandpa's super-green lawn but she, of course, wouldn't sit still for a second.

Could those smiles be any more fake?

Great-Grandma Eldora bowling on the Wii.

Keystone to Grandma's

Our condo was pretty awesome: two bedrooms and a loft and a great location.

Sarah is happy to be facing forward in the car!

Settling in at Grandma & Grandpa's house.

Keystone: Day 3

That's Anna & Craig out in the red canoe on the lake.

Sarah is going through a bit of separation anxiety. This face is what I get a lot when she notices that I am not holding her.

We rented bikes this morning. It was really cute to see Sarah & Anna interacting in the bike trailer but Sarah cried for a lot of the ride so we had to cut it short. She was tired otherwise I think she would have really liked it. After a snack, Sarah & I went to the pool while Craig & Anna rented a canoe. This afternoon we went on a wagon ride and the best part of the day was hearing Sarah make horse noises along the way.

Keystone: Day 2

Today was a lot of fun! We started out on a paddleboat, went swimming in the pool, and then went min-golfing this afternoon.

Keystone: Day 1

We made it up to Keystone a little earlier than planned so we went to one of the playgrounds in River Run (we wanted to take the Gondola ride up but the gondola is under construction and we didn't feel safe taking Sarah up on an open lift). The girls had fun playing. It rained on us a bit on our way home from dinner but it all worked out OK. The girls were both tired and were begging to go to bed at 6. We kept them up until 6:30!



I took some portraits of Owen & Raisa this morning (Sorry, Corrine, I haven't gone through them yet but here is your preview!)

Nana with all of her grandchildren. Note that Anna is trying very hard to not smile/laugh in the picture.

Nana's Beauty Salon.

Raisa wanted some pictures of her dress twirling but I couldn't get Anna in on the action.

Owen & Raisa spent the night last night so it was fun for the cousins to play together again today. Raisa kept telling Anna, "I love you so much" and hugging her. Anna actually spoke to Raisa today which marks, I believe, the first time I've ever heard Anna speaking to another kid (Sarah excluded). Nana painted Anna & Raisa's nails and put stickers on them (note they have matching sticker earrings, too), and put lipgloss on them as well.

We all went out to Beau Jo's for lunch and then our little family went on to Keystone for our family vacation from there.

Casa Bonita

Again no pictures of the group that joined us! Both sides of the family met us at Casa Bonita tonight even though no one claimed to actually want to go there (funny twenty people showed up then, right?)! The kids all enjoyed themselves (Anna was possibly the bravest and went through Black Bart's cave twice) and that was the reason we chose the place!

The Zoo

Anna had her heart set on riding the zebra: lucky it was available when we go there!

Sarah wasn't totally sure about going up and down. She alternated between being slightly nervous and wanting to try out every animal on the ride.

Sarah & I were quick on our feet and hopped on the train with Rachel, Jake, & Sam, too!

Sarah had fun petting the goats!

We met Rachel, Jake, & Sam at the zoo today and had a good time. It was a little hot for everyone's taste but nothing a little Ice Cream of the Future (Dippin' Dots) couldn't solve.

Relaxing Sunday

Anna helped Nana make pizza dough this morning.

And she sniffed some scented markers a little too closely.

Sarah got under the table to cuddle up with Riggs (who has parked himself under Sarah's seat at the table).

If you ask Anna what are her favorite things to do at Nana & Papa's house, she will tell you walking Riggs and picking flowers. Photo by Anita


Photo by Anita

Anna & Anita went down to Corrine's this morning and Sarah and I followed them after Sarah's morning nap. The big kids played on the Slip n' Slide and had popsicles while Sarah had her afternoon nap! Anna & Anita went to Raisa's dance recital which Anna says she really enjoyed watching.

Craig, Brian, & Ross went on their backpacking trip today and Craig & I took the kids to the pool yesterday afternoon. Anna finally went under water after we told her she was "Seaberry Delight" (a Strawberry Shortcake character who lives in an underwater conch shell house). She had fun but might not admit to it if you ask her (although shew as really proud and told Anita right away when we got home). Sarah is so relaxed and easy-going in the water and she is having a blast (although she only lasts about 30 minutes before she starts to get cold and we have to get out!).

Butterfly Pavillion

There is a butterfly on the bench with Anna here, on the front right leg of the bench.

Climbing inside the "honeycomb."

We met Erin & Logan at the Butterfly Pavillion today. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves. Anna was particularly thrilled when a butterfly landed on her head (if only momentarily). Sarah signed "butterfly" in response to all of the butterflies she saw today. Logan was a sweetheart just like last year!

Day Out and Family Dinner

Can you believe we didn't do a family portrait at Corrine's tonight when we had everyone at her house for a family dinner? Sad, but true. The girls and I spent the night there because Sarah's bedtime conflicted with dinner-time and I didn't want her (or me!) to totally miss out on the night.

Anna had fun playing with Raisa's dress-up clothes (specifically the high-heel shoes) and Sarah got to stay up later than usual and play with her cousins again. It was great to see everyone!

Earlier in the day, Craig and I went out on our own all day long (thank you, Anita!). We did some much-needed clothes shopping and had a fantastic lunch at Elway's in Cherry Creek. We think this might be the first time we've spent a whole day together (without kids) since I met Craig in Paris in summer 2006!

Craig's Arrival and Girls' Fun Day

Ross (I needed a picture of him for the girls to study over the next year so he will hopefully get a warmer reception from them next year).

Ross, Brian, & Craig getting prepared for their backpacking trip this weekend.

Anna went with Anita & Brian to the airport to pick up Craig on Monday. She apparently talked his ear off the entire ride home. Sarah was excited to see Craig Tuesday morning when she woke up!

Tuesday we took Craig to Target (where else?) and then to Moose Hill Cantina for lunch. Sarah & I went home so she could nap while Craig and Anna went with Anita (in the Jeep, which Anna loves) to Costco and King Soopers. Anna seemed to really love this outing (and comparing our Korea Costco with the one Anita & Brian go to and then comparing King Soopers to Home Plus). Craig & I took the girls to the pool in the afternoon and it was nice to see Anna's confidence in the water go up even more again.

Today was Girls Fun Day for me, Anita, and Corrine. Craig stayed home with Anna & Sarah (he did take them to the pool). We went out for lunch, pedicures, and a little shopping. Ross came up tonight for dinner and to plan for the backpacking trip this weekend. Anna has been accidentally responding to Ross' questions (although denying it and saying that she was "just talking to Riggs").

Children's Museum

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Firefighter Sarah.

Anna driving the firetruck.

Sam, Anna, Sarah, & Jake shopping at the grocery store.

Anna eating the ice cream we made.

Anna, me, Sarah, Ari, Sophia, & Alex.

Jake & Sam in the construction zone (that's little Sarah in the background).

Sarah painting. (Sorry for the bad pictures with my little camera!)

Anna getting brave and loading bricks onto the belt.

We met up with Rachel, Jake, Sam, and Grandma today at the Children's Museum. We also met up with Sophia, Alex, & Ari (well at least to say hi and try to chat a little!). Anna & Sarah had a really great time playing on the firetruck, at the grocery store, the construction zone, and making ice cream. We didn't get to see it all because we came back home for Sarah's afternoon nap so I think we might try to go again toward the end of our trip.

White Fence Farm

Today we stayed around the house in anticipation of meeting the gang at White Fence Farm tonight for dinner. Anna & Nana made Christmas cookies for a Christmas in July party Anita is going to next week. Sarah took two pretty good naps and we just played.

Dinner was great and the kids had a good time. Anna fell asleep in the car on the way down though so took a while to wake up and have fun.

Tiny Town

We got our day started with toast with butter and jam (can you tell?).

Waiting for the gates to open!

Firefighter Owen putting out the "fire" (the water knocked down the "flames" in the house).

Firefighter Raisa.

Inside the "Denver Fire Station" (Sarah in the middle, Anna on the right).

View from the inside.

Fancy Barbies shopping at the jewelry store.

Some Barbies and Kens at the Saloon.

Sarah's first time on a baby swing: how fun!

We met up with Corrine, Owen, & Raisa at Tiny Town today. All of the kids had a great time riding the train, checking out the little houses, and playing on the playground.

I took the girls to the pool after Sarah's nap this afternoon. Anna went right in this time so frequent-use of the pool seems to be helping her anxiety. Sarah was fearless as usual!

Friday Fun

Playing cars while Sarah napped.

Sarah playing with the big girls in the kitchen (Raisa had a friend come over to play).

Dinner is behind the style in her hair.

Signing "bed."

Anna asked me at dinner last night if Corrine was coming with Owen & Raisa for dinner and I said no but we can call them and see what they're doing tomorrow. So, Corrine & Scott adjusted their plans a little and we hung out with them all day today.

We started out at Raisa's dance practice. I thought for sure Sarah would lose it within five minutes but she sat and was very quiet and good for the whole 45 minutes! Anna seemed shy (I think she secretly wanted to join in the class) but she said this was the best part of the day. I told her that she can take ballet when she is four if she wants.

Next we stopped at Subway to bring sandwiches to the pool for a picnic. After our lunch we played in the baby pool for a while (probably just under an hour?) and then went to Corrine & Scott's where Sarah took a two hour nap while Anna played with Raisa's kitchen and then Anna, Owen, & Raisa played cars until Sarah got up. Overall I think everyone had fun and it was so nice to have Sarah take a good nap there and for Anna to actually enjoy her cousins' company (this was a major improvement over our visit to Corrine's last year when Sarah screamed and wouldn't nap and Anna was super clingy).

We came home and had dinner. Anita even made a chocolate cake (with beets—it was delicious!) for dessert. Anna wanted Anita to read to her and for her to brush teeth with her at bedtime. When I asked her tonight what was the best part of her day she said, "talking and reading with Nana." (I'm guessing Raisa's dance class still came in a close second.)

Jet Lag: Day 4 (Back to Normal)

Sarah liked lugging Papa's laptop case around tonight.

She smiled really big whenever I'd ask her if she was going to work.

Sarah moved her crying jag to 7:30-9 PM last night and had less crying tonight so I think she's back on track. She got up at 7:00 AM today which is normal for her. Anna slept all night and got up after 8 AM which is normal for her! I'm so glad that jet lag seemed easier this time than last time.

Anna & Sarah stayed home with Nana today while I hit the Gap Outlet and Super Target today. I had to force myself to leave Target and didn't get through it all. I actually got a lot of pants/shorts so I was happy. I got a few things for the girls as well but I will definitely go back again before we head home to get the rest of the items on my "things to aquire while in the USA" list.

This afternoon I took the girls to the pool by myself and we had a great time. The pool is really nice with a zero-entry and enough little toys around to entertain both girls. The only hard part is getting out of swimsuits afterward (we wore our suits to the pool). I promised Anna that next time we went to the pool with either Nana or Craig that I'd jump off the diving board because she just loves to watch everyone do that. I'm still hoping to get some private lessons starting next week but have to wait until Tuesday for the instructor to call me back (she's on vacation).

Jet Lag: Day 3

Anna has been feeding Riggs non-stop. If he gets up and moves, she moves all of his "food" with him.

A little bird poking its head out of a tree in Anita & Brian's backyard. (Photo by Anita.)

Fun with Riggs.

Nice glasses!

Sarah quickly realized everything in "Granny's Purse" was safe for her to check out so she was not interested in it.

Playing peek-a-boo.

Reading with Papa.

Driving the taxi at Chuck E. Cheese.

Our view at lunch. (Sam, Rachel, & Jake met up with us, Corrine, Owen, Raisa, Anita, and Opa)

Sarah driving the Fun Bus at Chuck E. Cheese.

Out for a walk.

Checking out the horse swing out back.


Lucky for Anna (who is obsessed with construction equipment—and diggers in particular) Papa has a backhoe right here in the yard!

Sarah wasn't quite sure why she was sitting here.

Sarah is breaking all the rules this week. Popcorn and we turned her carseat facing-forward because we couldn't get a satisfactory fit in Corrine & Scott's van facing backward.

We had a fun-filled day today! We met up with just about everyone at Lollilocks for haircuts and then went to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and fun. Sarah actually stayed awake until 2 PM when we got back to Anita's and then took a nap at home. Tomorrow we'll stay home.

Tonight Ross came up for dinner. Sarah took refuge in Papa (she had been reading with him when Ross came over) and Anna would only respond to Ross' questions with "I was talking to Riggs." This is still better than last year so I hope Ross appreciates the improvement! Hopefully we'll see more of Ross during our trip so the girls can get used to him and see how fun he is.



Before. (Note Anna's new sparkly red shoes!)


Anna has been talking about this elephant chair ever since I told her we'd go to Lollilocks again this year.

She wanted the same "style" as last year but this and this was the closest picture they had.

Rachel and the boys watching Cinderella while they wait for Anna & Raisa.

Cousins & hair twins (Raisa wanted the same "style" as Anna).

Anna said she really liked it when Raisa put her arm around her today.

Jet Lag: Day 2

Today the girls and I were still sleeping when it was time to get up for our swimming lessons so we skipped them. I just didn't have the heart to wake the girls for a lesson that wasn't promising. Anna slept until 8 and Sarah slept until 9.

We went to the post office, made a quick trip through Target (where I quickly realized I was overwhelmed and would need to come back another time by myself). I did get a cute pair of shoes for Sarah and Anna picked out a pair of super sparkly shoes for herself. We ate lunch at Johnny Rockets (this was the first meal that Anna and Sarah actually ate, they just haven't been hungry since we got here), and then went back home for Sarah's nap.

This afternoon we tried another pool and it was so much better. We are going to try to get a few (four or five?) private lessons while we're still at Anita & Brian's.

In spite of her jet lag, Sarah added a new sign to her repetoire (thanks, Riggs!): dog

What a Difference a Year Makes

I wanted to note that Anna is doing so much better than last year in terms of seeing Nana, Papa, Grandma, and Grandpa. She is requesting to do stuff with Nana right away which (I think) is the first time that has happened. She asked to rest with Nana upstairs in Nana's room this afternoon (when she fell asleep) which really surprised me. She hasn't given Papa a hug goodnight yet but he's made her smile a few times and she didn't run away from anyone in fear. I am so relieved!

Sarah, of course, is wildly different than last year, too. She has a little bit of a shy act she puts on but warms up to everyone really fast which is great. She is doing a great job baby-proofing Nana & Papa's house, too. I think the jet lag is affecting her slightly more than Anna but she is doing a great job with it. I'm letting her have the pacifier all day if she wants it until she's back on track and that definitely helps her out.

Both girls love Riggs which I was a little nervous about because they've acted scared around other big dogs (although I don't pet those other big dogs so I don' t know if that's the difference). This is actually not a change for Anna because she's always been really interested in Riggs but Sarah has only been exposed to little dogs in Korea (and she doesn't like them much as far as I can tell).

I decided part-way on the Tokoy to Minneapolis flight that I wasn't going to make this trip next year but I'm guessing Sarah will be easier when she's two and Anna was already so easy that I'm sure we'll do it again in spite of everything.

Jet Lag: Day 1

The three granddaughters (sorry, no picture of Owen today).

Anna & Raisa checking out Anna's new Orange Blossom tree house.

A cake & pizza party.

Sarah & Raisa reading with Papa.

Last night Sarah woke a few times and was calmed when I held her for a few minutes. I could tell she was still sleepy which was good because I was wiped out!. At 1 AM she couldn't settle but was still sleepy. I had a pretty big headache so I thought she might, too. I took Tylenol and she took Motrin. I held her for around five minutes and she didn't fuss again from 2 AM until I woke her up at 7:30. Anna woke at 4 AM, I let her come to bed with me and she slept lightly until 5 when we just got up and had a snack, read, and did a video chat with Craig in Korea.

We had our first day of swimming lessons today. They started at 9 AM and we had to leave the house at 8:15 to get there. The lesson was not a lesson at all and I'm not sure how many days to give it before I ask for money back (it is an eight-day class). We would do just as well to go to the pool on our own over the next few weeks. It's too bad because I was really excited about the lessons but now I guess I know why there were so many open spots in the class!

The girls didn't eat very well today but I expected that and I understand that they feel a bit out of sorts. Sarah took a nap from 11:30-2:30, I napped from 12:30-2:30, and Anna napped from 1:45-3:45 (I tried to wake her at 3:15 but she would not wake up).

Corrine brought Owen and Raisa up and they were lots of fun and very understanding about Anna & Sarah's fatigue. Raisa was super sweet with Anna and was really acting toward her a lot like Anna does with Sarah. Anna & Raisa played together a bit and it was nice to have Raisa take the lead in their play.

Sarah had a blast going up and down the stairs, checking out Papa's elk and deer, Nana's plants, eating blueberries, and building up nerve to pet Riggs.

Sarah went to bed at 6:30 tonight without fussing and Anna is still awake at 9:30 as I type this (she is singing and shouting in her room). I might have to limit Anna's nap to one hour tomorrow or try to see if she can do without.



Waiting to get off the plane in Tokyo.

Sarah fell asleep after we landed in Tokyo.

Sleeping for a little while on our way to Minneapolis.

Awake! (on the flight to Minneapolis)

We left our house at 7:40 this morning for our trip. We had a nice two-hour drive to the airport (with Anna asking "Can you see an airplane yet?" starting at about Home Plus). We checked in and grabbed some Starbucks with Craig, changed Sarah's diaper, etc. Going through security was fine since Busan wasn't busy. I had more carry-ons than I would have liked but I don't see how I could have lightened my load. I had my Phil & Ted's double stroller (although I only used the doubles setting in Denver: Sarah rode and Anna held onto the leash in Busan and Tokyo; Anna rode in Minneapolis (and Sarah rode in the sling there), one little rolling suitcase with Sarah's carseat strapped over that, a diaper bag, and Anna's Hello Kitty carry-on (that she was really great about carrying and being responsible for). The hassle in security was collapsing the stroller and getting the laptop out.

Sarah fell asleep after we landed in Tokyo (a two-hour flight). This was fine as I was really only concerned about the Tokyo-Minneapolis portion of our trip. The girls were easy. I gave Anna a magna-doodle and Sarah a toy airplane and they were content.

The Northwest agent in Korea carried all of my things from the bus, up the airplane stairs, and all the way back to our seats for me. I was so grateful for that and he was very kind about it. When we got off the plane in Tokyo, the crew helped me arrange my setup (I had it so I could push the stroller with my left hand and pull my rolling suitcase with my right with ease). We walked off that plane, went through security again, then got on our next plane.

The girls and I got the bulkhead on our second flight. This is a mixed-bag. We were in the middle section so there were four seats. Anna took the aisle and I sat between her and Sarah. Sarah sat next to a wonderful woman who was so helpful with Sarah on the rare occasion I need to devote a little more attention to Anna. The drawbacks to the bulkhead were the arm-rests don't go up (I would have liked to raise the one between me and Anna to give her a little more room), there is no storage for your things in front of you (so we had a bit of a mess going on with the items I did bring down even though I had them corralled in a tote bag), and the giant TV screen played movies throughout the flight, illuminating our faces and providing the girls way too much stimulation to fall asleep.

Anna didn't go to sleep until 10 PM (after Horton Hears a Who finished showing—and I didn't give her the headsets, she just watched it without audio). Sarah slept for 1.5 hours total on this 11-hour flight. Anna slept for 2.5 hours. I slept 0 hours because they didn't sleep at the same time.

In Minneapolis there were no longer any kind agents only rude ones who rudely said "excuse us" and tried to plow us down on our way to customs. I told them they needed to go around another way and that I was sorry if we were a little slow, I was walking with a three-year-old (we were really hugging the wall as we walked, I don't understand why they thought we needed to get out of their way). I should have added a "Welcome to America!" to the end of that.

My only mistake was taking Anna to the bathroom before we cleared customs (because I knew we'd have to wait for our baggage to re-check through to Denver and there were signs stating that there were no restrooms on the other side of the customs counter (which is totally lame, by the way!)). By the time we got out there were no more US citizens-only lines so I was behind "everyone else" and foreigners take a lot longer to process than US citizens. Sarah started to lose it in the line and Anna was fading fast.

Luckily someone helped us a bit when we finally made it through and then my aunt Elaine met us on the other side of security and walked us to our gate and helped me get our stuff on the last plane of the day.

I hoped the girls would fall asleep right away on the last plane because they were so tired and really needed to get some sleep. They did. But Sarah started to get gassy and was in pain and cried a lot. She was that baby on the plane but everyone around us was really understanding at least and not rude (I felt compelled to explain her situation). The flight ended up taking 2.5 hours instead of 1.5 but that was fine with me since the girls were sleeping by the time we were delayed.

My parents and Anita were all waiting at the gate for us when we arrived. We went down to baggage claim and Anna's suitcase never came. Northwest put it on the plane after ours. Because that made sense. Anyway, Northwest gave us a brand-new seat (and said we could keep it but it was cheap and lame so I didn't want it!) and delivered our car seat in the middle of the night to Anita & Brian's house.

We arrived at Anita & Brian's around 6:30 PM (twenty-seven hours after we left our apartment in Korea). We had Taco Bell for dinner and then the kids went to bed (8:30 for Sarah, 9 PM for Anna). I went to bed before 10.

We survived. I hope that Sarah sleeps more on the way home on that long flight because she was just too tired and loopy to deal with (had even less of an attention span that usual). Only five weeks until we turn around to do it all again!

Home Plus Vet

I decided to try taking Dr. Lee and Chopstick to the vet at Home Plus today after chatting with the vet there yesterday when I picked up their cat food for the next month while they are being cared for by others. This vet actually checked them out, cleaned their ears and eyes, trimmed their nails, and gave them their vaccinations. I was really happy with her but the visit took much too long with the kids! I felt bad making them wait around knowing that tomorrow we'll be traveling all day long.

The Fourth

[will post pictures here]
I made some little flag-fans (Marthastewart.com) for the girls today but that was about all we did to celebrate the Fourth of July this year.

Craig and I went to the driving range for our date-night tonight. We were lucky to have his friend (who is an instructor) there to give us some pointers. I hadn't touched my clubs since 2003 so I was slightly rusty as one might imagine. I really can't figure out why we didn't go to the driving range when we were here last time but this place is new and really nice—it even had an automatic loading tee.


We decided to make cupcakes to celebrate the last day of school (or maybe Rachel's & Tillie's birthday?). I shared one with Sarah but Anna was taking her sweet time with hers and when Sarah realized Anna still had some she convinced Anna to give her a bit.

Last Day of School

Ten Months ago on Anna's first day of Playschool.

This morning on Anna's last day of Playschool (it was raining so I had to take the picture inside).

I asked Anna today when we left school if she was sad to leave Playschool and she said, "yes." When I asked her if she is excited to go to OIS and be a Ladybird next year she smiled a huge smile and said, "yes!" I can tell she is excited about next year but I don't believe she truly knows what she is about to get into because I don't either! I think it will be better for her though since it will only be kids her age so the activities will be more age appropriate. I hope she can find the courage to speak to her teacher next year!

Vive la France!

That's Chopstick in the back with his eyes opened just a little. He's still a little suspicious of my motives when I approach with the camera.

These kittens are just too cute together. We did some furniture re-arranging in the house (I'll take pictures when everything is set) and the kittens love to sit on the "new" chair and take naps on this basket (filled with blankets).

Through a friend at Playschool, two random French women that I have never met will take care of Dr. Lee & Chopstick during the time that Craig is on his business trip and with us while we're in the US. I'm glad to have that settled although sometimes I'm not sure if my cat allergies are going to prevent us from keeping the kittens in the end. I will have to re-evaluate after we get back from the US.

Tooth Report

I learned quickly that I don't really want to stick my fingers in Sarah's mouth to get an actual tooth-count but I have been suspecting teething for a week or more now and got confirmation this afternoon when she was laughing and threw her head back. I see two new ones coming through in the back on the top and possibly on the bottom in the back. I think this makes for ten teeth now! I hope she is over it before our trip next week. She seems to have a harder time with teething that I remember Anna having.

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