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Happy Halloween

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Sarah & I went to Anna's class today to help out a little with their Halloween party (I think we were actually no help at all because Sarah is such a wiggle-worm!). It was fun to see all of the kids costumes and to see Anna in action at school.

Tonight we met at the school to go trick-or-treating at some foreigners residents near the school. This was arranged by the PTC and very well organized. Unfortuanately by the time we were checking in at the gate, Anna started acting funny. I thought maybe she was scared because it was evening and there were so many people (some in scary costumes). It turns out she was getting sick and we only ended up going to to three houses for candy. It's too bad she couldn't have communicated earlier that she was getting sick or I would have been able to take care of her better. Sarah still had a blast though and I think Anna was glad she got to see everything that I had been building up to her for weeks.



Sarah is talking up a storm. I've stopped keeping track of her new words because she repeats everything now. Today I asked her, "how did you get so smart?" and she replied, "daddy." (Thanks a lot, Sarah! My time with you each day apparently counts for nothing!)


I took Clementine & Chopstick in to Dog Plus (the vet at Home Plus) on Monday to ensure we do not have a litter of kittens of our very own. I picked Chopstick up on Tuesday and Clementine tonight. We're supposed to leave the Elizabethan collars on them until Saturday when I bring them back to get their stitches removed (and then they are to wear them two more days).

Fairy Portraits

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Anna was super excited to finally take her fairy portrait. Sarah was excited to dress up like Anna but wasn't necessarily into getting her portrait taken. Sorry I haven't cropped the pictures for the background and Sarah had kicked the paper by end of the session but I thought the last one of her is cute even with the messed up background paper...

Bunnies, Birds, and Chickens Park

The Ladybirds and Wombats went to the Bunny, Bird, and Chicken park today near school and fed the bunnies carrots and lettuce. They were all pretty excited to do this but what really made the day was the ice cream everyone got at the end.


I swear Sarah looked more interested in the book that Anna was reading to her before I got the camera out. It was a sweet moment even if Sarah looks spaced out in the picture!

Play-Doh Jewelry

Sarah at just under eighteen months.

Anna at seventeen months.

Sarah is having a ton of fun with play-doh. I didn't introduce her to it until now because she is finally getting better about not sticking everything in her mouth. She also can sit for a half-hour at a time working on "artwork" so I thought it was worth a shot.


We were in need of some more Halloween decorations so we decided to make ghosts. Anna's is the purple one. Sarah went a little crazy with the eyes (she actually got the first two on in the right zone (the head) but then must have decided the ghost needed an eyeball skirt). Anna thought Sarah's ghost was funny so she piled a ton of eyeball stickers on top of each other. Anna also had to draw a mouth and write "boo!" on hers.

Crazy Day

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Sarah calls most things she likes "baby" and then gives it a hug. And then moves on to the next thing. She has really been into my old Cabbage Patch Kid the past few days though and has been pretending to feed her, change her diaper, etc.

Today was "Crazy Day" at school. Anna really had fun getting ready for today but I wouldn't let Sarah do her hair crazy until this afternoon when I knew I wasn't taking her out any more.

Day Two

Sarah had another glowing report from Valerie today. I'm so lucky that there are so many great moms in our apartment building that I actually had a large pool to choose from when I asked for help these two days.

The photos went well but I really wish Craig were here so I could spend more time working on them!

Babysitting Fun

I am taking pictures at Anna's school today and tomorrow which means Sarah gets to have fun with someone other than me these two days. Today she played with Ingeborg, Karen, & Alfred. She ran to say hello to me when I came to get her then went back to what she was doing. The report was that she had fun and was laughing and playing the whole time. What a relief! I don't believe Anna would have been so easy. Hopefully tomorrow with Valerie will go as well.

Wide Angle

Craig left for Doha this morning (for a week) and I just decided to test the wide-angle lens from his office before the big school photo on Monday. Pretty cool!

Korea Night

Burning in the rice fields: this has become a familiar smell of Korea.

Truck with bamboo logs.

Firecrackers in the party supplies section at Home Plus. These are at kid-level.

Party Dresses

The girls were excited to get in their party dresses for Pernille's first birthday party today! They also made her a little card (Sarah has it in her hand).

Ice Cream and Name-Writing

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Giant Bow

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This bow came wrapped around a bunch of fresh flowers and as soon as Anna saw it, she wanted it in her hair.

Cad-the Cad-the (a recipe)

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Anna went to Kristen's this afternoon so I had written out a few things I wanted to get done while she was out (and Sarah napped). When she saw my list she wanted to have her own which then turned into a recipe. Here is Anna's recipe for "Cad-the Cad-the"

a little bit of baking powder

Clean up
Sit down
Take a little nap


We had some neighbors over this afternoon for some of Craig's fresh-roasted coffee and I made an apple crisp with a few of the apples I bought from the "apple guy." The coffee and crisp were delicious and we had a relaxing afternoon (Sarah actually slept all but the first thirty minutes when she was eating her crisp and ice cream).

I had a photo session later in the afternoon so Craig took the girls to VIPS.

Sarah's new spoken word: VIPS

Dinosaur Park & Cofee Roasting


A little rock climbing for Joel.

Of course when we tell her to climb something she isn't as interested...

Down the bumpy slide.

Swinging on the giant swing.

Craig got to roasting beans right away when we got home thanks to Lyn who left her thermometer on the door for us while we were out!


Oops they got a little over-done.

That's better. Now we have to wait until tomorrow to taste them.


Anna was recognized again as one of three good helpers at school in the latest news letter!

Headband or Glasses

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She looks like she comes from the future.

I love that sweet face!

Hair, Bats, and Playdate

Sarah has a curl on the back of her hair. Everything else is straight though so I'm doubtful that the curl will stay after her first haircut (probably next summer).

Anna wanted me to take a picture of the back of her head, too. (Her hair is done like her friend from school.)

Some fun Halloween art we did this week (idea from notimeforflashcards.com.)

We did lots of puzzles with Njaal this afternoon. I posed the kids with the stack.

Something tells me Njaal might give me a hard time when I take photos at Anna's school later this month...


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Anna & Kristen had fun playing today. This time I directed less and let them do their own thing. I think they had the most fun with the dress-up drawer!



Anna is pretending to be her friend, Oleksandra, from school who has super long hair. I can only guess that this is also a face that her friend makes.


Sarah was super excited that someone stuck some Cars stickers on the inside of the tunnel slide at school. I usually just wait for her at the bottom but she refused to come down so I had to climb up to see what all of the fuss was about!

Sarah is growing a lot these days! She is adding tons of new words, can climb up onto the couch, beds, coffee table, and kitchen table without assistance (the last two are not approved climbing locations). She can also climb the rope ladder at the playground at our apartment. She occasionally acts like she is going to just walk off the edge of some of these high places (and fell off of our bed yesterday but wasn't phased by it at all).

She likes to sit and work on puzzles for a short while, can stack six or seven blocks high, and really likes to read books (photo books and lift-the-flap are still the best). She loves owls so I've gotten her a few owl things and she adores them (books and a stuffed animal).

She saw the moon tonight and was so excited about it she had a hard time falling asleep (because she wanted to keep looking at it).

Sarah is eligible to go to Playschool next month but I cannot imagine sending my baby out into the world yet! We are lucky to have Alfred next door and have fallen into a pattern of playing with him in the morning (driving cars outside) after Sarah & I drop off Anna at school. When I ask her if Alfred is her friend she nods and says, "yes."

She often asks for one (or more) of her stuffed animals after her nap and gives them giant hugs.

New spoken words: eek!, ghost, cloud, moon, star, poop, pee, baby (this is coming out as two syllables now), doll, cheese, please, beep (while signing car), chin, eyes, nose, mouth, cracker, and she says "chug-a-chug-a-choo-choo" when we play with the train set.

New signed word: baby

Just Missed It

I took the girls to Tongyeong this morning to cheer on my friend Jaynie in a swim/run race today. Unfortunately I never found the race (especially unfortunate since Jaynie was the fastest woman in the race!). The girls had a good time on our walk across the bridge and we had a snack near the water.

Dancing Girls


Sarah brought out a pair of Craig's shoes so she could dance in them.

Anna needed to be in the dancing picture, too.

I can't get over Sarah's uncontrollable need to dance! Everywhere and anywhere she is overcome whenever there is a beat. Anna's thing lately is singing along to all of the songs (whether or not she knows the words). They're a pretty sweet pair.

Sarah's new spoken words: Chopstick, Mater (from the movie Cars), moon

Sarah's Turn

I left Sarah with Ashild & Emerson this morning so I could go to an OIS newcomer's coffee. Sarah didn't cry when I left but she was when I came back. Ashild said Sarah was quiet and then after some time just decided she was sad and wanted me back! I swear Sarah glared at Ashild later today when we saw her at school when we picked up Anna!

After School Fun

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Anna went home with Kristen after school today. Laurel says that Anna didn't say one thing to her but Anna said she had a good time. When I asked her what kind of toys she played with at Kristen's, Anna got a little stressed out and said, "I just didn't have time to play with everything!" I reassured her that she'd go back in two weeks and would have a chance to play with more of the toys then. I can tell that Anna was nervous and stressed out about the playdate but I'm glad she held herself together during the actual time at Kristen's. She is so much better about social situations right now than she was at this point last year so I am very happy with the improvement!

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