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Happy (Lunar) New Year!

Clementine dreaming of Oxen.

Where did Sarah go?

The cats have started hanging out with us more during the day. Chopstick really likes to be right next to me; I wonder if he can sense that I'm pregnant?

Chopstick helping Anna out with the Lego Castle.

Playing "Jertain" together (from Dr. Seuss' There's a Wocket in My Pocket)

Sadly we did nothing today to celebrate the Lunar New Year. I saw a couple of craft ideas to do but with zero energy and moving upstairs next week I decided to just forget it. The kids don't care. I did buy a stuffed ox for Baby3 though (it is the year of the ox). Craig gets back from his trip tonight thank goodness! And he gets the next two days off for the holiday. I see naps in my future!

Ready for the Ball

For some reason the girls have resisted wearing these gloves that they got with their Christmas presents until today. I really thought Sarah would take hers off right away but she actually left them on for most of the afternoon.

Baby 3: 12 Weeks 4 Days Pregnant

Not a whole lot new to report this week. I'm still incredibly tired and the nausea comes and goes. It's mostly on its way out but I had a bad bit of it yesterday. Craig has been out of town this week which I'm sure is contributing to the fatigue. I really hope I'll get some energy during the second trimester because I'm having a hard time imagining living life like this until August (and then for several months while we have a newborn)! Anna has been so patient and understanding though. I am so lucky that she is easy. She's watching way more TV than I'd like but I can't stay awake in the afternoon!

Sarah elbows me and leans on my belly a lot and it's starting to feel uncomfortable when she does so I am often reminding her to not do that to my belly and today Anna chimed in, "because you're hurting your baby brother." When I asked her if she thought it was a boy she quickly changed her mind and said she thinks it's a girl because she really only wants another sister. Somehow I think she'll get over it if this is a boy though! I certainly think the chances are good since this pregnancy really has been different than the first two. I'm getting impatient to find out!!

Craig and I have discussed names a little bit and have a good short list going. Hopefully we'll have an easier time this time around!

Baby Center says Baby "is, from crown to rump, just over two inches long (about the size of a lime) and weighs half an ounce. "

Lunar New Year Assembly

Anna wore her Hanbok to school today for the Lunar New Year assembly. Her friend Isabel was the only other Ladybird with a Hanbok so they sat together (Anna is the closest to the camera in the front row). I was surprised that she would go sit in front of the rest of the school like that and not look uncomfortable. They had to stand up a couple of times and she did as prompted by the speakers.

Anna/Star Ballerina

Anna took the bus today to ballet (she rode with Isabel and her mom) and loved it. I made her wear pants over her tights in case the bus was cold but apparently it was too hot in the van so I won't make her do that again (she was pretty upset about it until she understood that she could take them off once she got to ballet). She was also pretty excited about the ballet bag she got with her tuition for the class.


Sarah will now say "Anyeong" to Korean people saying that to her without any prompting from me. One lady at Home Plus this week must have thought Sarah was fluent in Korean because she proceeded to try to have an extended conversation with her in Korean waiting for responses and everything. ("Anyeong" is what adults say to kids and kids say to adults to say hello in Korean--it's a shortened version of the more polite Anyeong-ha-say-yo adults use with each other.)

Second Day of Ballet

Anna was great today on her second day of ballet! She did everything the teacher asked and really participated! She is going to start taking the bus on Thursday though because I can't get her to class on time without waking Sarah from a nap and Sarah doesn't want to sit and watch the class. I'll still go once a month or so to see how she's doing, pay the tuition, etc. I'm lucky that Isabel is also going and she and her mom will ride the bus from our apartment as well.

Anna got a ballet bag from the teacher to put her stuff in and we wrote her name on it (and I drew some stars since she really wants me to call her "Star" all the time!). She showed it to Craig when he came home and he said something along the lines of "are you going to be a ballerina someday?" and she got a little upset and said, "I already am a ballerina!"

Star Adele Rose


Anna has been calling herself "Star" for several months now. The other day she elaborated that she is Star Adele Rose. Where did the "Rose" come from? She married Sarah. I guess Sarah is now Sparkle Elinor Rose. I have no idea why my children have a different last name than me or who allowed them to marry each other but it's just the way it is, I guess.

Gyeongju Hilton

I didn't take a single picture this weekend! We really need to replace our little camera which means I am very unlikely to take it out. We'll get something new when we go to Colorado this spring and this time I won't throw it into the ocean!

Craig had a work party this weekend at the Gyeongju Hilton. There wasn't a holiday party this year just this gala which was probably pretty nice. I say probably because we dropped the girls off at the kid's party shortly after 6 PM and Craig and I went down to the adults party around 6:45 (?) and then shortly after 7 PM one of the babysitters was in the crowd with a sad little Sarah draped across her. Sarah wouldn't nap in the car (3 hour drive) and therefor was super tired and couldn't stay up pat her usual bedtime. I had really hoped (if she had napped) that she would stay up until 8 PM at the kids party (there were all sorts of cool toys and things for them to do and the girls did have fun at first!). Oh well. I put the girls to bed and read a book in the bathroom until 9:30 and then went to bed myself. Craig came back around midnight and said the party was nice. I didn't want to hear too much about the six-course meal I missed though!

Anna was thrilled with the hotel even though we really didn't do much. There was a cool-looking sledding hill just next door but we didn't have the right gear with us to go out. Sunday it was raining so the girls & I stayed inside while Craig attended a meeting. It might be nice to try to go back there sometime but since we've already toured it when Corrine, Scott, Owen, Raisa, & Anita visited in 2004 I'm not sure we will! I will be more tempted to hit the beach in Busan this summer...


Sarah will only refer to her socks as "stockings."



Anna had her first ballet class today and loved it. She actually participated which pleased me even as it surprised me a little. She sat out on a few things she was nervous about (whenever they got in a line and went across the room kind of on their own). At any rate, I'm really glad she got herself to participate some. Hopefully she'll get more comfortable the more she goes. Sarah wasn't super excited about watching (I brought books and toys along so she made it the length of the class) so I think after another one or two classes we'll drop Anna off and come back or possibly let her ride the bus (a van).

Baby 3: 11 Weeks


I went to the doctor tonight after Craig got back from work. Dr. Lee wasn't there so I saw another doctor who I didn't like quite as much but was still fine. He says everything looks "normal" and to come back in five weeks. I personally thought Baby looked super cute dancing on the monitor but the doctor made no mention of this... I'll be 16 weeks at my next appointment and that is when we found out gender for Anna so I'm hoping we can find out for this baby then, too. That will be the week after Valentine's Day. I'll have to get a poll up so you people can place their bets!

I've been mostly exhausted and still nauseous (although I managed to gain 1.5 kg between visits so I'm definitely still eating!). Hopefully I only have a few more weeks of nausea but I'm pretty sure I'll be really tired for another year or so!

Anytime we mention the baby to Anna she squeals in delight that she is "so excited!" It's still so far away we don't talk about it a lot, but since we told everyone our news this last week we brought it up to her again since we'll be talking about it with others. We also got news that we will move up to the top terrace next month! We'll be going from 74 stairs to 21 stairs which will be so much more do-able when I'm huge in June, July, & August, and when I'm juggling everyone in August, September and later!

My weekly Babycenter email says, "Your baby, just over 1 1/2 inches long and about the size of a fig, is now almost fully formed. Baby's hands will soon open and close into fists, tiny tooth buds are beginning to appear under her gums, and some of her bones are beginning to harden."


The girls have so much fun playing together lately. It is great hearing them giggle in the other room while I'm making dinner or actually getting something done for a change! However more recently, I'm lying on the couch but it's still nice to not have to watch Sarah like a hawk (although I'm still listening!).



We've had the potty set up for Sarah in the main bathroom for over a month now as she was trying to climb up onto the toilet but it's unsafe for her to do that without assistance. Occasionally we spend some time in there but she's not totally obsessed with it and I admit to being lazy about it because I just don't think she's really ready... This morning I sent both girls into the bathroom while I ran into the laundry room to do something. After a minute or two I heard Anna shouting, "Yay Sarah! You did it! You peed on the potty!" Sure enough, she did! This is the second time in less than a week she's gone in the morning with Anna. The difference today is that Anna pulled down her diaper and pajama bottoms for her. I guess I'll stick with the morning routine for now and see where it goes from there.

Doctor's Visit

Anna's teacher called me today to let me know that she thought Anna's ear hurt (she had been crying for some time and indicated to her teacher that it was her ear that was causing a problem). So, Sarah & I went to pick her up and we went to the doctor this afternoon. I decided to give the doctor in Gohyeon a try since I was frustrated with the one we have been going to in Okpo. The doctor in Gohyeon is in a hospital and that is not as nice and new as the clinic we've been going to but I did like the doctor well enough so we'll try that out for a while. It turns out Anna had just a slight fever and no ear problems. I think she was actually just cold at school! Tomorrow she will go in pants (she only wears skirts so I'm not looking forward to that battle in the morning!) and with an extra sweatshirt. The heater in the classroom wasn't working properly today so all the kids were wearing their coats inside!

Anna weighs 15 kg and Sarah weighs 12.5 kg.

Snow Cat


Anna has been watching "Snow Cat" which is an extra on the "Bear Snores On" DVD. At the end of the video the little girl draws a "snow cat" on the window. Now Anna & Sarah have been drawing snow cats on the windows every morning (Sarah tried to watch the show once but wasn't that interested).

More Winter Break

Anna is getting excited about starting ballet lessons next week!

Chicken on the Mountain.

Winter Break

20 Months

Sarah is 20 months old today! She matured a lot int he last month. I remember in particular noting that when I was first pregnant with Sarah and Anna was 17-18 months old that I was really nauseous and I spent a lot of time lying on the couch while Anna played by herself or I read a book to her while she stood or sat nearby. No way was Sarah doing that even one month ago! But as the month has gone on, I have noticed that she can get entranced by the dollhouse (most often) or another toy or "game" for up to twenty minutes at a time. So, now I can lie on the couch and feel nauseous again. Pretty convenient timing! I will say that she still finds trouble pretty easily and has had several near-misses lately. Hopefully she'll start learning more about cause and effect and general saftey soon!

Sarah likes to pretend she is a bunny or a frog and hop around the house. After several weeks of really trying she is now finally getting up off the ground occasionally! She also likes to pretend she's "scared" of the boys upstairs when we hear them running and jumping in their apartment. (What kinds of games are they playing anyway? We can't figure it out! And do they think we're out?)

I've noticed an unwelcome trend the past few days as well. When I put Sarah down for her nap she is shrieking and singing instead of falling asleep right away. I really hope this isn't the beginning of the End of the Nap. Anna did this for at least six months before she gave up her nap but I'm hoping (probably against hope, I know!) that this is just a fluke.

Sarah continues to try to climb into her crib occasionally but has not yet attempted the other direction (that I know of). Right now I'm planning to stick with the same plan we had with Anna in getting rid of the pacifier right around her second birthday and then moving into the toddler bed shortly after that. We are also planning to move Anna & Sarah into the same room at some point but we're not sure just yet about the timing of that.

Stringing Words Together

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Yesterday Craig took the girls to Lotte Mart and then they stopped at Dunkin' Donuts for lunch in Gohyeon (this one is bigger than the one in Okpo, I guess, and has a big bench that the girls thought was cool). Apparently this made a big impression on Sarah because today when we asked her what she wanted for lunch she said: "doughnut place, bench, pink heart doughnut"

Sarah also says things like, "Piano. Play it." So although her sentence structure is lacking she is definitely getting longer messages out to the world! I'm so proud of this kid!

2008 and 2009


2008 Highlights:

  • Sarah walking, running, climbing, talking, singing, dancing, hugging, kissing, giggling
  • Anna coming out of her shell, being a caring big sister, making friends at school, learning to write her name
  • Trips to Seoul, Busan, and Colorado

What We're Looking Forward to in 2009:

  • Brian & Anita coming in March
  • Going to Colorado for four weeks in March/April.
  • Using the pool every day this summer.
  • August 5, 2009... we are expecting baby #3

Happy New Year!

Photos by Craig

Sarah was playing by herself in the office for a little while and I was really surprised when I went to check on her and she had lined up all of these blocks like this! She said it was a train and was making all of the appropriate noises to go along with that. Her creative side is starting to show which is just so fun to see! She is also more interested in trains than Anna ever was. We just have a small IKEA train set but if she continues to show interest in them I might get her some more pieces to go along with it.

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