30 Weeks 2 Days Pregnant

Baby Boy's face with a finger in his mouth?

Both images are his feet.

Baby Boy's face again but with a hand or a foot near his head (his right).

Baby boy looks good again this week! I gained ZERO kg from my last visit two weeks ago which surprised me since I haven't done anything different from previous weeks. Sarah was an absolute dream during the appointment which I was really nervous about since she was so difficult last time (she was probably just tired of being at doctor's offices last time since we had just gone to two appointments for her the day before). Baby Boy is head down with his bum near my right ribcage which is where he was last time, too.

We went on a little tour upstairs where Baby Boy will actually be born. The place looks nice and clean (it is only two years old) but the nurse who gave us the tour spoke very little English which reinforced to me that I truly will need my requests written out in Hangul and have Mijung on call when we go in! There was a row of the cutest little Korean newborns in the nursery and they were all sleeping (so cute but how did they achieve that?).

I got a few more questions answered from Dr. Lee today since Sarah was cooperating:

  • Yes, I can nurse Baby Boy before he goes for his 2-hour "observation" period in the nursery—and now we've seen the nursery and Craig will be able to watch everything they're doing during that time.
  • I think I can talk Dr. Lee out of an episiotomy and shaving but he doesn't want to budge on an enema.
  • If Baby Boy or I have an emergency we would be taken to the hospital in Jinju which is 90 minutes away by ambulance.

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