Airplane and Portraits


Craig made another airplane for the girls today so they had a blast playing with it at the playground. This one has officially lasted longer than the first one even though we lost it down below the bottom terraces for a while (Alfred, Karen, & Thomas were over and Thomas was nice enough to go down to find it since Alfred was overly concerned about the plane).

The azaleas are fading but still made a fine background for the girls pictures. I wanted to take their "official" two and four-year pictures this weekend but Anna refuses to do it until Sarah is actually two. Hopefully we have cooperative kids next weekend!


Do people in Korea stop and stare at Sarah's red hair?

I'd say she gets equal attention to Anna's blonde hair but we have been asked several times if they have the same father because it is strange to Koreans for the kids to have different hair from each other.

I love their picture together! I also just love Anna's knee highs!! Is that her own thing or do other children wear them there? I'd LOVE to get Caroline to wear them. How cute!
Miss you all!

I really have some cute granddaughters!!

Lesley, Anna has been wearing knee-highs since last summer. She prefers these and long sleeves no matter the weather--I am so over them!! I think she got it from Strawberry Shortcake, actually.

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