Field Trip: Dinosaur Park

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Watching the parade. Anna was in awe of the "fairy" and the moving dinosaurs in this parade. Makes me think a trip to Disney World is in order soon (while it is still magical).

Anna & Miruna.

All of the Ladybirds that came on the field trip.

My baby dinosaurs.

All of the kids loved these giant bubbles.

I especially like this one because you can see (if you click on the image to see the larger photo) that Anna is happy and having fun with her friends.

Sarah always surprises me when she acts shy: she preferred to stay in her stroller rather than get out and chase bubbles with the big kids.

We had a great time at the dinosaur park today! Anna & Sarah didn't complain at all (about walking/riding the stroller/the heat.. all of the things I had been anticipating) and we saw some new parts of the park that were actually age-appropriate for them. It was pretty warm today and we did more walking than I was really up for (listen to me complain!) but I'm glad Sarah & I joined Anna's class on the trip. The girls are already talking about how we need to take Craig back to see the new part of the park right away (and we do, because soon it really will be hot and I'll be worthless to join them!).

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It was fun to look at these pictures. Nice to see Anna enjoying herself at a school function too. Looked like a great place!

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