Shake & Cupcakes

Craig took the girls to Prince Coffee for a shake this morning.

Sarah was a cupcake-bandit! She must have had a growth-spurt recently because she was able to swipe the cupcakes off of the counter with no effort at all...

She was also unable to decorate because her finger kept swiping the frosting.

Anna got a little over-excited and dumped almost the entire container of sprinkles onto two of the cupcakes.

Happy Pink Cupcake-eating, Sarah!

Opening a present from Alfred.

Birthday loot.

Anna was more than happy to assist with the tricky tape.

The gift from Anna (Anna not-so-secretly wanted it for herself!)

Watching the flames on the candles while we sang "Happy Birthday to you"

Anna lending a lung or two for the candles.


A duet with Alfred. Sarah was singing "Charlie Parker played be-bop."

Craig had the day off for Children's Day today so we decided to celebrate Sarah's birthday today with him. I asked her who she wanted at her party and she only wanted Alfred & Karen. So, that's who she got! The girls were excited to decorate the cupcakes, eat the cupcakes and open the presents (Anna was also thrilled to help wrap all of the presents).

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