So-long, Pacifier; Hello, Toddler Bed

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Yesterday was the day we decided to end Sarah's relationship with the pacifier. We have been talking about it all week and although she was reluctant, the first day went well. We also moved her into the toddler bed which is going so-so. Yesterday she did not take a nap which we can't say whether it was the pacifier, the bed, or just a day she refused a nap (she refuses/fights her nap probably at least once per week now). The girls were asleep in their beds by 8:15 last night (thanks to Sarah being totally wiped out from no nap!). No problem at all with the bed or pacifier. I actually anticipate more problems with the bed than pacifier.

Today Sarah took a good nap in her bed (1-3:30) but it is nearly 9 PM now and the girls cannot settle down. They are staying in their beds (looking out the window to the terrace though) but I now don't know if this is a sign that Sarah's napping days are over or what. She is acting like she had three cups of coffee with dinner tonight!

She is really proud of herself for being in the toddler bed and for sleeping with no pacifiers and overall it is going much more smoothly than I had been imagining!

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Happy Birthday's the evening of the 5th here, so I know it's the 6th there. Hope you enjoy your pink cupcakes. We miss you!

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