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Halloween Parties & Trick-or-Treating

Ready for school!

Waiting in line to go up to class in the morning.

Sarah's party. (See her red head on the bottom left of the picture?)

All the classes showed off their costumes with each child going down the "catwalk" for the judges. I'm quite surprised that Anna did the walk!

The Wombats lined up along the wall for judging.

I tried to convince the girls to participate in some of the games at the school party before Trick-or-Treating.

Henry wore his costume for the evening.

Sarah had a little party at school this morning but she is starting to get a cold so I don't know that she had very much fun. After her party we walked over to Anna's school for the Halloween assembly to see all the costumes. They went from oldest classes to youngest classes so we had to stay a lot longer than Sarah really wanted but I was proud of Anna when she walked on the catwalk (hey, I wouldn't want to do it!). The girls were a bit overwhelmed by all of the carnival activities at school but they really liked Trick-or-Treating. We didn't hit every house (the school arranged for everyone to go just to the row-houses so it had the right atmosphere of trick-or-treating in a neighborhood) and the girls still got a ton of candy. Henry stayed awake the entire time (when he normally would have been sleeping) I think because of the cool air and lights. Everyone went to bed happy tonight!

Playground & Starbucks


I'm really going to try to not eat lunch at Starbucks every other day but it's so good it's hard to resist! I almost feel like I'm on American soil when I walk in there! Sarah had a ton of fun at the Ferry Terminal playground today and was not interested in leaving when I told her it was time to meet Craig for lunch. She did, however, enjoy tasting my hot chocolate once we got there.

Getting Bigger

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Henry's infant seat goes to 22 pounds and I wonder just when he'll outgrow this seat. I've been using the seat and stroller combo for dropping the girls off at school which has been really convenient since we're having a bit of an awkward fit in the sling with our warmer (bulkier) clothes on.


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I've started putting Henry in the (purple!) Bumbo for a few minutes each time he is awake. I still can't make my camera "smile" at him so he stops smiling at me as soon as that big black camera goes up in the air...

Anna was inspired by Sarah's & my Lego house and built a "room" for her fairies with blocks.

The fairies are sleeping under a big window so it won't snow or rain on them.

No Pictures

I didn't have my camera with me today because Craig took it golfing...

Sarah, Henry, & I went to the "Pagoda Playground" today near the old abandoned amusement park. Sarah had a blast and Henry slept in his stroller (the reason we went was because he had such an awful attempt at nap earlier in the morning I thought we had all better get out of the house for our own sanity!). Thankfully Henry kept sleeping as we went back into town and checked out the new Okpo Starbucks! Sarah and I had a really delicious lunch there and Henry had a relatively nice nap (sure it was noisier than home but he actually slept!).

Tonight (I just forgot to put the camera in my purse after Craig came back), I took the girls to Anna's Open House Night at school. Anna showed me all around her classroom and the library. I got to talk to her teacher a little bit and let her know that she is teaching Anna things since Anna still refuses to speak at school (at some point I need to find out when this is going to become an actual problem for her. Kindergarten? First grade? I just hope she gets over it before I have to find out!).


I think we're all finally getting used to our new routines. Sarah still (some days) runs up to Anna when she comes home from school and gives her a giant hug and says something along the lines of, "oh, Anna I missed you!" And then some days they start bickering about 35 seconds after Anna comes in the door.


Three Months

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Henry is three months old today! He has suddenly started napping really well, too (I'm jinxing myself for sure)! Of course I had to work quite a bit last week to get him there. I got tired of the sling and it wasn't making him happy any more, either, so I switched to napping only in his bed and he has had a few two-hour-long naps this week! He has started staying awake for longer than an hour at a time which I'm sure has helped with the sleeping, too. He still wakes between 6:30-7 and goes to bed between 6:30-7 as well. he eats once at night and some nights he goes right back down; other nights I have to go back in a few times to give him his pacifier.

I still can't get over how happy and chatty he is and I'm just so excited to watch him grow and develop more. He's not rolling yet but he is holding his head really well. He has started spitting up a lot more and is kind of drool-y.

Henry really likes when I do pat-a-cake and when I sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider (he loves both songs best when I make his hands do the actions).

Henry's Room

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Just a couple of quick Sarah & Anna-isms:

Every night when Craig comes home from work, the girls run to him and yell, "SURPRISE!!!"

One of the "games" the girls like to play is to run up and down the hall of the apartment and yell, " Fire! Fire! My toes are starting to burn!"


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Anna had Niamh over for a playdate this afternoon and when she found out Njaal lived next door it was decided that he needed to join in the fun as well. Really by the time I got all four kids loaded in the car at school, out of the car at home, and gave them all a snack, it was just about time to load them all back in the car to bring Niamh back home!

(Craig wants me to note that "Niamh" is pronounced "Neeve" and I might as well remind you that "Njaal" is prnounced "nee-oo-al." Niamh is from Scotland and Njaal is from Norway.)

Art Day

Anna colored all sides of this box with a marker. (I got her to paint the top at least)

We used the rest of the box to make a finger-puppet theater (this is Anna putting on a show).

Sarah didn't "get" it at first.

Craig & Sarah went to Costco today (Sarah's first time accompanying him) and Anna stayed home with me & Henry. Anna had a very specific idea for an art project today and spent almost the entire day working on it. She really likes an older girl that rides the bus with her to school and one day this girl had made a house out of cardboard so Anna was trying to replicate that. When she was finally done with it we used the rest of the box we had cut apart to make a finger-puppet theater. Anna & I really had fun making up different shows for each other. Sarah took a little while to "get it" but eventually she started making up some shows, too (kind of).


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I enlisted Sarah to help me get the pumpkin seeds separated from the pumpkin slime but she wasn't into the job. I made some cubes for Henry and set aside three cups of puree for us to use in cookies, bread, and pancakes. I will probably have to buy at least one more pumpkin to get enough puree for Henry for this winter.

Train and a Dinosaur Confession


Last week I went the iTunes store to look for some new shows for the kids to watch and I checked the PBSKids page, didn't see anything I wanted, and clicked away. Sarah said, "I want the dinosaur show!" I went back and honestly thought to myself, " 'Dinosaur Train' has more 'train' in the picture than 'dinosaur,' she's really perceptive!" Sarah wanted Barney. I told her we couldn't get that one but we could get Dinosaur Train. The kids agreed and they love it. I'm so glad I was able to navigate away from Barney so easily!


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She wanted to make five owls.

And three pumpkins.

Then she topped it off with a drawing of an owl family. And she did it all in her hanbok.

Field Trip

Feeding the rabbits.

Anna & her new friend Niamh.

Lining up to go to the garden.

Henry & I went along on Anna's class field trip to the Bunnies, Birds, & Chickens park this morning. The kids got to feed the rabbits and we walked over to a small garden. The Wombats are talking about "food" right now in their class. Henry slept in the Babyhawk (I have to get a picture of that sometime since my mom changed the pocket to be more masculine for Henry) the whole time we were out.


I had a pair of "Baby Legs" from Sarah that she never wore because her legs were too chunky when I tried them. She switched to skirts & tights when winter came along and pants were too long and tight. I'll eventually have to start hemming Henry's pants, I guess, because his pants are too long but also too tight around his middle. For now he's wearing some Baby Legs in the mornings until it warms up later on in the day.

He has also started drooling a lot so he is starting to wear his bibs when he is awake.

Little Things: Henry 2 Months

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Two month portrait.

Anna wanted a picture of the two of them together.

Henry is getting bigger and stronger by leaps and bounds! I brought him for some more vaccinations on Friday and he weighs sixteen pounds already. No wonder my back is tired! I have been holding him in the sling a lot but I'm going to have to come up with a different game plan because it is just wearing me out.

He is still Mr. Wonderful at nighttime and we stopped swaddling him a few weeks ago and just put him in a sleep sack. He typically goes to bed around 7 PM wakes one time (between 2-4) to eat and then goes back down until shortly after 6. When he wakes up at 6 he is talking and laughing to himself. I wish I knew what he was thinking about that he wakes up so happy!

Henry has the biggest smile when you look in his eyes and talk to him. He "talks" back and has so much to say. He really likes when Anna or Sarah stop and talk to him or are just near him. He has a fondness for one particular lion finger puppet and is learning to hold on to rattles, etc. He loves when I clap his hands and do "pat-a-cake" with him. And to end on a note of extreme cuteness: he has discovered his hands this week and finds them incredibly fascinating (this is particularly adorable to observe).


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I took the girls to Angel-in-Us Coffee this morning after we went to two playgrounds to play. We left the boys at home this morning.

Rocketship Playground & Small Show


Sarah, Henry, & I went to check out new-to-us playground this morning. We called it the "Rocketship Playground" but I think that the jungle gym looks more like a spaceship. Sarah won't budge on the name.

This afternoon, Sarah, Henry, & I went to watch the Wombats & Pandas perform a few songs and poems. All of the kids made their home flags for the presentation. Anna is now interested in going to South Africa to see where her friend River is from.

Diapers & Mancala


Our dryer was acting up so I had to dry Henry's diapers on the drying rack. That' find for the covers but the hemp inserts get super stiff so I ended up throwing them in the dryer for 10 minutes to soften them anyway (and then the repairman came to fix it!).

Anna and Craig have been playing Mancala at night after Sarah goes to bed (and while I'm still putting Henry to bed).

End of the Long Weekend

Henry is wearing a 6-9 month outfit in this picture!

Notice she's wearing heels. She has been spending 30 or 40 minutes at a time in her own little world with these little plastic zoo animals lately. She plays with a similar set of animals at Playschool.

Making an all-pink necklace.

This is Sarah's "family" that she has to load in the (play) car or the shopping cart and take to the store (Costco or the Apple Guy, usually). Daddy the bunny, Mommy is Hello, Kitty, Anna & Sarah are the Minnie Mouses, and the owl is Henry.

Today was the last day of the Chuseok break (Craig & the girls had Friday, Monday, and Tuesday off).

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Craig bought a season pass to NFL.com so everyone got on their Broncos shirts for the game this morning. Enthusiasm died pretty quickly but I'm sure as the kids get older they'll get more interested (hopefully anyway, for Craig's sake!).

Sunset & Sparklers

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All Photos today by Craig.

This was me.

Anna on the left, Sarah on the right.

Craig took the girls to watch the sunset on Gajo Island tonight and then we did sparklers when they got home.

Halloween Preview

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I still have a little work to do on Sarah's costume but she was really happy with it (and so was I). Anna's & Henry's are store-bought, obviously!

Shine Like a Star

Anna was so excited when she saw the new shirt I bought her, it says "Shine Like a (star)."

Henry is just cute.


Sarah just love playing games right now. We are playing a lot of Cariboo and Sequence right now. Jacques (the cat) and Baby Timon (the giraffe) also have to take turns and give high-fives throughout the game which adds to the fun.

In other news, today Sarah asked Craig the following question this morning: "Daddy, why are you brushing your teeth... with mommy's toothbrush?" I promptly got a new toothbrush for myself out of my toiletries stash.

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