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New Year's Eve Party


We all made felt crowns with sequins for decoration.

Say what you will, I think he looks adorable in his tie!

I was laughing at myself trying to make him laugh for the camera.

There's my crown.

We had Charlie Parker on the stereo (iTunes which is why the TV is "on").

He seemed surprised but not unpleased each time the girls sounded the noise-makers.

Opening her New Year's cracker.

He looks pretty cute in his tie, too.

Next New Year's will be so fun when Henry can jump in and join in the action as well. He did like watching Anna & Sarah jumping around tonight though.

Sarah wouldn't try the creme brulee because she didn't want to eat dessert that had fire on it. I think she thought it would still be hot.

We ended the night with some dancing.

We needed an excuse to get dressed up so we had a formal hors d'oeuvres party with the kids tonight. The kids liked most of the menu and we all had fun. I think we'll do the same next year and make it a tradition as long as they're into it. Now that there are five of us it really felt like we were having a party! The crackers I bought from Crate & Barrel were lame and didn't come with crowns which is why we had to make our own this year.


Making the "2010" look sparkly.

Our banner. I love how it showcases Sarah's art.

Sarah had the puzzle pieces between her toes until she saw my camera coming. Anna has wrapped up the puzzle in a medical bandage. Henry just thinks hanging out with his sisters is cool.

Hippopotamus Pie

Sarah makes the best Hippopotamus Pie this side of the Pacific.

She has prepared a picnic here with the pie being the main attraction. We had to put the bones in a basket when we were done (like we do at the Gamjatang restaurant in town).

I wish I had taken a picture of these shoes when they were new at the beginning of the school year; the bows have fallen off of both pair. Sarah chose these pink ones for her indoor shoes at school but then switched to wearing pig slippers for indoor shoes there so she could wear her pink sparkly ones out-and-about.

The last of our Christmas presents arrived tonight: capes for everyone! Anna's has a star.

Sarah's has a heart. (Anna said her cape doesn't really work but Sarah says hers really does. She is really flying in this photo.)

Yes, even little Henry got a cape... I figured since I was ordering anyway I might as well get it now since it won't take up space in the closet. His has a lighting bolt.


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Sarah is so in love with her new pig pajamas we had a hard time convincing her to put on her clothes today!

Checking out Sarah's new bed.

Henry wanted to get in on the action. Note that he is pulling Sarah's hair and she is laughing.

Henry seemed to like having more space to stretch in his new full-size crib.

We really want to get Sarah "trained" to sleep in a regular bed before we move (probably by the end of February) so we decided she could "give" Henry the crib for Christmas. She thought this was a great idea but wanted to "wait until Saturday." I think she has matured a lot since we tried this six months ago so I'm hopeful that it will go well tonight (and I'm really glad we don't have to deal with a nap now!).

Merry Christmas!

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The girls were amazed when they saw their stockings filled with chocolates, pens, a giant lollipop, and post-it notes.

Too young for chocolates, Henry got a teething ring from Santa.

Sara was beyond thrilled with the chocolates. They were truly the hit of the day for her.

The star tiara she wanted from Sarah.

Sarah had asked for an elephant so Anna picked one out for her at Home Plus.

The kids got Craig a remote-controlled helicopter.

The best wrapping move I've made in a long time. I put all of the books, puzzles, and games we gave the kids in a big Amazon bag instead of wrapping each individually.

Chopstick wondering what the heck just happened.

Playing with some new animals.

Anna's favorite gift of the day.

You can kind of see the helicopter coming up off of the ground near the bottom of Sarah's chair. It's pretty cool but the cats were freaked out by it.

Checking out her dinosaur stamps.

Solving some dinosaur puzzles.

We had a great Christmas morning. The kids were so excited that it was finally time to open their presents but they were also disappointed that Zamp (the elf that had watched them all month) had gone back to the North Pole with Santa in the night. We made Corrine's sticky buns for breakfast and spent a relaxing day checking out the new stuff.

Five Months

Henry is five months old today! I think he is looking so much more mature here in these pictures now that he is sitting up a little better. He can sit for about 5 seconds on his own and at some point in the next month he will start eating solid food. I can hardly believe it is already time for that; it seems simultaneously like yesterday and like ages ago I started pureeing apples and pumpkin for him. I'll start letting him have some water out of a cup soon and then we'll probably start with avocado if Home Plus has some in stock (they usually do).

Henry still only rolls from back to tummy and he always rolls to the left. He is starting to get "stuck" on his tummy at night time which is frustrating. If I felt confident in his abilities to roll back onto his back I'd let him figure it out but until he does it (and does it consistently) during the day I feel compelled to go in in the middle of the night when he's fussing and roll him back over.

Henry loves to watch his sisters play and really loves it when they stop and talk to him or show him something. He loves to read books (he kicks his feet in excitement) and he likes to get out and about for a change of scene. It's too bad it's such a hassle getting three kids ready to go out in freezing cold weather or we'd probably go out every day but right now we're probably doing it every-other-day (there aren't that many places to go when it's this cold anyway!).

Henry's naps are getting better/more consistent which is great. He is taking three naps per day now and is still nursing 6 times per day (including one time in the middle of the night). He wakes up around 7 AM and goes down for the night around 6:30 PM.

Seoul & The Nutcracker

On the bus.

Waiting for the subway.

In the Seoul Arts Center.

The orchestra pit—Craig & Anna had great seats!

Craig said the auditorium was full by the time the performance started.

Just three rows of seats in front of them.

Anna had a little booster to sit on.

Craig & Anna took the bus up to Seoul today to see the Nutcracker tonight. The bus left this morning at 10:20 AM and they got to Seoul at 3 PM. They Seoul Arts Center and their hotel were both within walking distance from the Seoul bus terminal so they had a little time to check things out and get some dinner before going to the 7:30 PM performance. Anna usually goes to bed by 7:45 so there was a little concern with how she'd handle the late show (they didn't get back to the hotel and to bed until 10:30) but Craig said she did great. She was so excited about their trip and about the ballet she could barely contain herself for the week before they went! I think it all lived up to her expectations, too.


Sarah & I made another batch of Opa's vanilla pretzels this morning. She went to taste the flour as I was measuring and knocked the bowl on the floor. Thankfully it was at the start of the recipe and not the end!


The girls doing art, Henry on the Gymini, and Chopstick under the couch by Henry.

Our tree with presents. I had to tuck a few that had bows way under the tree because of the cats. Surprisingly the cats haven't bothered with the tree much at all this year.

I laminated this triceratops that Sarah colored since she is so obsessed with dinosaurs right now.

Some of the salt dough ornaments we made.

A Santa that Anna colored at school.

"Zamp." Our Elf on the Shelf. The girls love finding him each morning when they wake up.

The nutcracker is from Anna's & my trip to see the ballet last year in Seoul. The elf is a gourd I bought in The Woodlands. I believe the short doll is from my grandma's house (! correct me if I'm wrong mom or grandma!).

Button tree from my mom.

Gingerbread Cookies

The girls & I made gingerbread cookies today for part of our Christmas cookie gift-giving. We used the cutters from my grandma. We also made Opa's vanilla pretzels this year so it is nice to have something from each of them on our cookie plate!

Portrait Sunday

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I had so many exactly like this one; I think his mouth was stuck open like this!

Could you get any happier?

This is the look I get when I ask her to look in my eyes.


Craig went on sea trial on Monday with the plan to be back Friday. Thursday he said it would probably be Sunday but luckily today he called and asked us to come pick him up! Funny how he was technically late but we were all excited to have him home "early!"

Santa at OIS

The Wombats playing "Duck, Duck, Goose" while they wait for their turn to see Santa.

Sarah and Henry waiting it out in the cold! (He has three layers of blankets on him.)

Lining up to see Santa.

Santa calling out the kids names with their gifts.

The Wombats with Santa.

Opening their presents.

Anna got a Barbie magnetic dress-up kit, some markers, and some fun tape.

Anna wanted her picture with Miss Susan.

The girls got to work right away when we got home.

Wardrobe change and finger painting.

Anna has taped her tiara together. I call it her "Poindexter Princess Tiara."



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Henry rolled today! He rolled from back to front four times. The girls both rolled front to back first so I was a little surprised by this. I assume he'll add the other direction soon.


Sarah likes to hop around the house. Why walk when you can hop?

We were playing train and she is the conductor.

Vision is highly over-rated.

Puppet Show

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Sarah has been obsessed with collecting leaves this fall.

They are pretending to be trees and letting their leaves drop.

The boys at Prince Coffee.

Sarah's School Party

"Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

"Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes"

Her teacher is singing a song about the snowmen on a spaceship.

Stephanie is the only teacher that was at the school when Anna was there.

Santa! The kids were generally scared of him.

Sarah's was the first name called and she did not want to go get her gift. Luckily Kay helped me out since I had Henry in the sling and couldn't wrangle Sarah properly.

She got a book and some playdough.

Sarah spent a long time lining them up and stacking them before she wanted to actually get into the playdough.

Winter Concert

The Wombats all lined up and ready to head upstairs.

This is how Craig took the following pictures!

The Wombats sang "The Penguin Polka" tonight at the Winter Concert for the lower classes. It was a really cute song and Anna even did the actions. We were pleasantly surprised. Sarah & Henry didn't make it much past the Wombats performance so I left a little early with them and Craig stayed for the rest of the show.


I ordered these stockings from an Etsy store. I need to get one more stocking hanger but Craig & I will have to share this year.

Sarah had fun figuring out the nesting dolls this afternoon.

Cheesy but they had fun doing it (maybe Henry didn't?).

Anna really wanted this next series of pictures of her in front of the tree.

Christmas Tree

I set up the Christmas tree and a few decorations yesterday while Craig, Anna, & Sarah went to Costco in Busan. The girls were really excited to decorate it this morning but poor little Sarah was sick (I was, too, but she had it worse than I did) so after that we didn't do much else the rest of the day.

Staying Home

Transferring popcorn kernels with some little tongs.

Anna thought it was more fun to do it with my big tongs. Both girls did this activity for a long time.

Making Santas.

The girls were at the kitchen table doing art most of the day.

So cute.

Sarah fits into Anna's Hanbok now. I bought them new ones in the next sizes for Christmas.

Anna adores Henry and very often wants to hold him.

Anna stayed home from school today because she wasn't feeling 100% and hey, she's only 4 years old and it's preschool. We had a nice time at home and an extra bonus we didn't have to go out in the cold (read: "I didn't have to get three kids and myself dressed in winter clothing")!

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