The movers arrive (Henry is napping so the kids & I wait until he wakes up to get out of the way.)

The hospital where Henry was born. (I needed this photo before we leave so I made sure to get it today while the skies are sunny even though it was raining the day he was born.)

A playground we haven't been to for a long time was the perfect choice for our morning entertainment.

Henry was happy to get out in the fresh air, too.

Our afternoon entertainment was the D-Cube indoor play area (it started to rain around lunch time).

Anna loves the zip-line.

Sarah was a little too scared to do it.

She would always get about this far before letting go and then hopping the rest of the way off the mat.

Henry hung out here for a bit.

And then I let him stretch out here. One little girl was fascinated with him and I had a very hard time getting her to stop touching him.

Sarah on the slide and Anna on the zip-line.

They are finally almost done packing and have started loading the truck.

Clementine napping on the cushion-less couch (Sarah is using it as her mattress until we leave). The cats are pretty confused at what happened today but they had some good training for their carriers since we kept them in there all day while the movers were here.

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