Empty Inside

Family room with kitchen to the left, master bedroom to the right, front door behind me.

From the dining room to the family room. (We hope to get rid of the "step-down" thing completely at some point, get wood floors put in in the family room, new tile in the kitchen, new appliances, etc.)

From the family room to the dining room and front door.

The gameroom up is open to the family room below.

The wood paneling on the wall in the family room (master suite is behind this wall).

The "conversation nook" is to the right of the kitchen here (it is a wet bar with seating).

Office area of the master bedroom.

Into the master bathroom.

His & hers closets.

Inside Craig's closet.

The "conversation nook."

From the conversation nook to upstairs. Sarah's room is at the top of the stairs.

The kitchen. I cannot wait to get that wallpaper down!

Giant pantry.

Laundry room. (There is another closet behind the opened door!)

Seriously old appliances!

Sarah's room.

Henry's room.

Sarah & Henry's bathroom.

Game room.

Game room. (Anna's room is to the left of the circle-part of the game room.)

That's Sarah's door and Sarah & Henry's bathroom door.

Anna's room.

Anna's closet and bathroom.

I wanted to get some pictures of the house before our stuff comes in because I just don't know how long it's going to take to get our stuff organized and looking OK for pictures! Today was a long day. Craig couldn't take the day off of work so I was on my own (he was able to come for a bit and bring us some lunch, thank goodness!). The girls played outside a lot and although Henry took two naps he was definitely difficult to corral most of the time. We received the things from storage today and tomorrow we'll get our sea shipment. There were several things that I didn't even remember having and it was really hard to figure out where a lot of it should go in this new space. We are planning to go through our things and get rid of the things we didn't miss/didn't know we had/don't like any more and hope to not accumulate so much stuff again!

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