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Henry signed "hot" tonight when I was telling him to stay away from the grill while I was making dinner. Smart and handsome: he's the total package!

Spoken Words: Anna, bird, elephant

New Signs: hot
All signed words: waves goodbye, cat, drink, fan, light, all-done, car, phone, bird, elephant, more, train, book, eat, monkey, hot

Laundry Ladies

The girls were thrilled when I asked them to sort and fold the laundry tonight.

One Nap

I took Henry out to Starbucks for a snack for distraction this morning. His afternoon nap has been suffering lately so I decided to try to eliminate the morning nap. His nap this afternoon wasn't as awesome as I had hoped and it is really hard for me to give up that hour in the morning that I was getting so much done but I know it will all work out in the end. (And I'm actually really looking forward to a year or so from now when we're done napping altogether!)

As a side note, I think Henry looks so grown-up drinking from a drink box and sitting/kneeling very well in a chair without straps!

Bike Trailer

Anita helped me get the bike trailer and my bike tires pumped up yesterday so I took Sarah to school in the trailer and then took Henry for a ride around the neighborhood. They loved it and we picked Sarah up from school in the trailer, too. Henry got to see an ambulance and fire truck go by while we were in the trailer, too, which I know added to the excitement level! (He wouldn't keep his helmet on. I'll keep trying!!)

Four Steps

Henry took four steps tonight from the coffee table in the game room to me. We all cheered. He cheered. I don't think he knew why we were cheering. We are constantly catching him randomly standing and drinking water, or checking out a toy, but he doesn't seem to "get" that he's doing this yet. I'm trying to be patient but it's obvious that he can physically do this but just isn't interested. I'm interested in getting him off of my hip!

Cold Snap!

It has been cooler the past few mornings so we've been able to play outside after Anna gets on the bus but today it stayed cool all day. It actually felt like fall! Sarah had the great idea to have dinner outside tonight on Nana's last night with us. Anita went to ballet with Anna tonight and Sarah, Henry, & I made grilled pizzas and smoothies for dinner.


Ana had set up this little area in the conversation nook for the cupcake-topper-fairies and was taking pictures of them with her camera.


My little sweethearts walking toward Oktoberfest.

Anna got her foot run over by the stroller so she is freaking out here.

Sarah & Henry really liked their first snow-cone. Anna wasn't quite as impressed.

There was some major backwash going on in this bottle!

The pretzel was as big as his head.

The kids all liked the music.

Henry danced for a bit. (He seemed to enjoy everything the most of the three kids.)

One of the faces Sarah is making lately.

Another one.

Last year while we were in Korea, one of my friends on Facebook (in the US) was trying to decide what to do that weekend. Her choices were Oktoberfest, some other festival, or stay home and do nothing. I was so frustrated when she chose to stay home and do nothing!! I was so jealous of the choices she had! So, there was no question that we were going to Oktoberfest this year. Even it if it was super hot and humid. The kids were sweaty and had red cheeks before we even got through the gate! It was fun though (although the girls freaked out when they had to walk through a ton of mud) and we will go again next year, too.

Baking with Nana

The girls really wanted to bake something with Nana so she indulged them and let them pick out two recipes from their cookbooks. Neither the cupcakes nor the "princess marshmallow pops" were for more mature palettes but the kids loved them and the girls had fun making everything, too.

Good Morning, Sarah.

Sarah has been doing so much better with bedtime and staying in her bed at night. We got the girls alarm clocks that glow green when it is "okay" to wake up. We have Sarah's set to 6:15 (she is an early-bird and I don't think she should be punished for that. We do let her come down and cuddle with us if we're in bed when she comes down after that time).

Ballet with Nana

Sarah actually participated in ballet today! I don't know if it was because Nana was there or if she was inspired by Anna in her classes the last couple of weeks or if it is because of school but I'll take it! She looked like she was having fun, too.

New Diaperbag Camera


I am going to volunteer in Anna's classroom every-other-Thursday. Partly to help with Anna's selective mutism (the idea is if that she'll talk to me, she'll get used to talking in her classroom, and then hopefully start talking to the teacher or one of the kids). Anna was so thrilled to see me and talked in a regular speaking voice to me (last year at OIS she would only maybe whisper but not ever speak to me at school—even outside on the playground—so this is a major improvement.). So I checked in with her a few times but also did some work for her teacher which was kind of fun for some variety in my life. One other thing I'm planning to do is join her for lunch one day per week but I have to wait until Henry is done with his morning nap altogether because it conflicts with her lunch-time right now.


Nana arrived last night and has been playing games with Sarah non-stop. Sarah is announcing the bingo cards into the microphone here.

Babysitter, Therapist, and Nana

Sarah & Henry tested out a new babysitter tonight and Sarah really liked her. Henry must be getting a new tooth because he's been a little grumpy anyway but he didn't give the new sitter too hard of a time. We will definitely call her again!

I took Anna to her first therapy appointment regarding the selective mutism. Anna said the therapist was her "favorite public person ever" and she did talk to her. Anna goes a couple more times and then I meet with the therapist to discuss things. Anna has not spoken in school after the second day and now admits that no one heard her then so I don't know what made her think to speak that day and not again.

Anita arrived tonight and is staying for almost a week. The girls were so excited to have Nana come! Henry was skeptical of her since he had just had a babysitter and I think he thought she was another one. I'm sure he'll come around soon.

Sarah the Red

I've always called Sarah "Sarah the Red" because of her personality and her red hair. Today at Target, Henry & I spotted a $1 viking hat so I couldn't turn it down!

Donuts with Divas

I didn't bring my camera for this, but I took the girls to Anna's school this morning for "Donuts with Divas." Anna wore her tiara and a feather boa. I got to meet a couple of her friends from school, too. Henry stayed with a sitter that I am trying to set up weekly so that I can volunteer in Anna's classroom each week. (This is partly to hopefully help with Anna's selective mutism, to be involved with her school, and to make sure Henry is comfortable with people other than just me.)

What did Sarah wear to Donuts with Divas you ask? She wore stripey leggings, a Broncos jersey, mis-matched socks, and mis-matched shoes.

Gift from Opa

All three kids love this stable from Opa. Each one of them could hardly contain their excitement but did amazingly well sharing it. I know there is more coming (more horses and fences) but right now the My Little Ponies are very happy with their new home.

Red Car with the Yellow Roof

Do you think Henry was pleased that it was actually cool enough for a little while this morning that we could play outside? And I'm not sure if you can tell in the photos or not, but he really liked driving the red car with the yellow roof! I have to move him around in it but he's also content for now to just sit in it and honk the horn, turn the key, and check out the wheels.


Henry is the best of the three kids at signing "monkey"—he is very animated with it. Hopefully we'll get a new little camera soon so I can make video again!

I also feel like he was really trying to say "dump truck" the other day but am not adding it to the list just yet.

Spoken Words: Anna, bird, elephant

New Signs: monkey
All signed words: waves goodbye, cat, drink, fan, light, all-done, car, phone, bird, elephant, more, train, book, eat

Preschool Update

Sarah actually ate her lunch at school today! She said it was because I put bunny grahams in it. I guess that's what will be in her lunch every day then. She really likes a girl named Emma there and today Sarah also said that she "really likes school now." She does still seem disappointed with drop off but there are no tears, whining, or drama.

Train Whistle

Today in Kindermusik we were singing a song about a train and at the end we all made a train whistle noise and immediately after, Henry copied the noise, "wooooowooooooooooooo!" He was also giggling during the massage part of the class. He is so very adorable.

First Love

Henry has been hanging on to this bus since Friday afternoon. He saw it in the toy-car box and I could see the light-bulb moment in his face when he realized it is just like the bus that Anna takes to and from school every day. This is the first thing that he has been obsessed with. He always seems to have it in his hand and carries it with him everywhere.

Book Store & Kayak/Boat

We bought a new stand for the TV and a crockpot which both had large boxes that the kids all wanted to play with. I told them they could have the boxes until Wednesday when our recycling gets picked up. Sarah made two boxes into a "boat" (which later turned into a "kayak"). She would kayak to Anna's book store (the fireplace) and then pay Anna with some pieces of styrofoam, load up a reusable shopping bag or another box, and then repeat the whole thing. You can see Anna's cashier station is the conversation nook in the photo above. Sarah was sweet and repeatedly bought a book for her sister and another for her brother.


I have started running again this past month (I tried to start in May but only went twice) after I joined Texas Boot Camp for the most recent session. I originally wanted to train for the 10 for Texas 10-mile race in October (when I tried to start in May!) but have decided that I can't get that much training in before the race now so I'll do a 5-miler in November. Both races have a kid's 1-mile and Anna wants to do the 1-mile in November so she is training for that as well (one run per week around the neighborhood).

I ran in a local 5K today and Craig brought the kids out to watch me finish. Anna said she wasn't sure she wants to do the race in November now because she only wants to do it if she's going to win. I don't know if she thought I was going to win and she didn't seem to understand that I only didn't want to come in last! She's doing a 17-minute mile right now so I don't actually have a lot of hope that she'll win but every kid will get a medal at the end so I think she won't be too disappointed. (I hope.)

Sarah's First Day of Ballet

She was so excited to put her leotard on she had me fooled for a minute that she'd actually do something when she got to class!

My little wall-flower.

Now she starts her own thing...

She is scooting very very slowly toward the back of the room.

Can you see her way at the back wall there?

Henry was Mr. Social and was trying to get the other waiting brothers to play with him. He shared his cars and books with them very well, too!

I explained to Sarah about five hundred times that I wasn't going to drive away from her ballet class today. And at the most I'd have to step just outside if Henry got fussy. It is technically a Mommy & Me class so I put Henry in the sling for a while and tried to encourage Sarah to participate. It didn't matter if I was next to her or in the waiting area so I just stayed with Henry in the waiting area. She did smile a few times but claims she didn't have any fun at all. Henry, on the other hand, was trying to get the other tag-along brothers to be his friend but was not having a whole lot of success with them! I don't know how many of these classes he will tolerate though.

Thursday Afternoon

Sarah lost steam on the stegosaurus so I just put it together un-finished so I could get it out of the kitchen! She seems happy to be "done" with it!

Upstairs Update

Craig put in a new light above the entry-way. I'm trying to come up with a picture wall above the shelves there (after I get the blog updated that is my next evening project!).

The current state of Sarah's room.

Sarah's room.

She moved the owl stickers to her closet because, apparently, it was annoying her that she didn't put the all up by herself before (Anna had put some on the wall the first time around).

Game room with blue bathroom beyond.

The current state of Anna's room.

More of Anna's room.

Sarah & Henry's bathroom.

We have been here for five months now and it is finally starting to feel like our house. This past week or so I have been reading Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley (the "FlyLady") and it has helped me get motivated on some of the clutter we've built up and get rid of some of the things that we had in storage but weren't sure about, etc. I still have a lot of work to do, but I see hope! It does also really help that Anna & Sarah are gone for big stretches of time so I can clean without them making a bigger mess right behind me. (Henry isn't too big of a mess-maker just yet, thank goodness!)

Painting Ponies

Sarah is hiding behind the art supplies. I guess she didn't want me to take her picture!

Drop-Off Success and Open House

Yesterday Sarah let one little tear roll down her cheek at drop-off. This morning she did not cry at all. She still is not eating her lunch there though. I think she thinks it is kind of funny and says she "forgot" to eat her lunch when we ask her why she didn't eat when the other kids were eating.

Tonight Craig took Sarah & Anna to Sarah's school's open house night. Now she is sad that she's not going back until Monday! Sarah was extremely proud to take Craig to the open house and she had a hard time waiting for him to get home to take her there.


Today was Henry's first day of Kindermusik. There was one other little boy and maybe eight little girls in his class. He was "talking" the entire time during class and checking out the other kids. It has been so different with him than either of the girls in these types of situations! He is the second oldest one in the class and there are two walkers in the class who he seemed to think were pretty cool. He really enjoyed some of the songs and actions, too.

Dinosaurs & Ballet

Anna's dinosaurs (Sarah is still working on her stegosaurus). She brought the triceratops to school for show-and-tell last week.

Anna had her first day of ballet and she loved it. She has been looking forward to today for weeks and she wishes she could go to ballet five days per week all day instead of school. I didn't stay to watch the whole class because I had Sarah & Henry with me but from what I saw, the class looks great!

Also, during roll-call in the class the girls were supposed to curtsey and say, "Nutcracker," when their name was called. One little girl before Anna didn't want to say "Nutcracker" so she whispered it in one of the teacher's ears. When it was Anna's turn she of course didn't want to say it in front of the class but she did whisper it in the teacher's ear. I was surprised, to say the least!

Beach Day

We drove down to Galveston and as soon as the girls & I set foot in the water it started raining. It was rainy and windy for about an hour but we sat it out in the car (we occasionally ran out to splash around in the big waves when the rain died down a bit). Once the sun came out the kids had a blast so we are glad we stuck it out!


Henry was signing "more" for "eat" and so I focused on correcting that this past week and he's finally got it. Everywhere he sees food he signs like crazy (although now he has taken to tossing a whole lot of his food on the floor during meals and snacks!).

Spoken Words: Anna, bird, elephant

New Signs: eat
All signed words: waves goodbye, cat, drink, fan, light, all-done, car, phone, bird, elephant, more, train, book


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I took Anna out for a training run today. I am running a 5-mile race on Thanksgiving and there is a 1-mile kids race that Anna wants to run in, too. So, we went out for her first run this morning. She did it in 17 minutes with a bit of walking but a lot of enthusiasm!


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She made a "y" with her carrots. No, I don't know why she's squishing her own cheeks.


Sounds & Signs

Henry is adding some more: I can't remember if I mentioned already that Henry makes car noises when he plays with toy cars. Also, he is signing train and book. His signs are not super clear yet but he is getting better!

Spoken Words: Anna, bird, elephant

New Signs: train, book
All signed words: waves goodbye, cat, drink, fan, light, all-done, car, phone, bird, elephant


Henry is signing "bird" and saying a "buh" noise along with it (sometimes). I'm counting it along with the "eh" noise for "elephant."

All spoken words: Anna, elephant, bird

All signed words: waves goodbye, cat, drink, fan, light, all-done, car, phone, bird, elephant, more


Playing her own version of Sequence.

As much as I love this kid I can only play so many games each afternoon! We have banned game-night on school nights because when people lose they get so worked up and then they want to play games instead of reading which doesn't work when you don't win the game and you don't know how to be a good sport yet. So, Sarah is getting a lot of game-time in during Henry's naps when she is home. It is usually a rotation of Sequence, Go Fish, Hi-Ho Cherry-o, and Bingo. I can handle about two rounds of each. (Sequence I can do more but she usually saves it for last and then I'm all gamed out!)

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