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Sarah and Henry like to get a sample to taste when we stop at Great Harvest during Anna's ballet class.

Home Again!

The kids did awesome again on the drive home. We listened to "The Cinnamon Bear," the girls colored, and Henry watched for trains and big trucks. We only hit traffic about thirty minutes from home and we were in that for about thirty minutes. We all started getting impatient at that point!

The minute we walked in the door, the girls wanted to start decorating for Christmas and I figured that they deserved that after such a long drive. You can see in the picture above that Anna & Sarah have major knots in their hair from the drive. We were all happy to get home again. I hope jumping back into the regular routine tomorrow isn't too tough!

Driving Back

Henry is thrilled every time we see a train or big truck or construction equipment! The girls are enjoying The Cinnamon Bear radio show and coloring. We all can't wait to get back to our house tomorrow!

Family Picture

Thanksgiving & 34


I know I've forgotten to add some words (sorry, Henry!) but one of the cutest words Henry says is "moon" because he looks at the moon very excitedly and wants me to say "I see the moon and the moon sees me; God bless the moon and God bless me." When I say that he gets the biggest smile on his face. So I say it about 15 or 20 times again.

We have a poster just outside his bedroom door that he also loves when I read it (most times when we leave his room) that is from Arnold Lobel and reads: "Books to the ceiling, books to the sky, my piles of books are a mile high. How I love them, how I need them, I'll have a long beard by the time I read them."

Spoken Words: Anna, bird, elephant, Dada, car, balloon, ball, moon, truck, boat, eye

Signed Words: waves goodbye, cat, drink, fan, light, all-done, car, phone, bird, elephant, more, train, book, eat, monkey, hot, bear, dog, airplane

Sounds: moo, quack, elephant trumpeting, train whistle, car motoring

Grandma & Grandpa's House

Anna & Sarah got a tea party set up right away.

Henry is thrilled with the selection of vehicles to play with. The cousins are pretty good, too!

Owen's party

The kids had a ton of fun at Owen's party. Craig took the big kids on the big trampolines and I took Henry in a little bouncy room which he loved.

Pie Crust

The girls loved helping Nana cut out decorative pieces for the pie crust. I think they also started worrying about when we are going to make our pumpkin pie. I assured them that we will have pumpkin pie at Grandma's house on Thanksgiving!

Nana & Papa's


The kids spied a small patch of snow by Nana & Papa's house and just had to check it out!

Easy Drive

Sarah's turn to nap.

We had another easy drive today. We started by listening to some kids audiobooks which was a big hit. We made it up to Nana & Papa's by 1:30 thanks to the time difference and no traffic the entire trip!

Driving to Colorado

We got off to a good start this morning at 7:30 but Anna was still not 100% better (it seemed to come and go). She did end up napping a bit in the car and we stopped for the night in Dumas, Texas in order to get everyone to bed on time. Overall all three kids were really great. Henry was easier than during the trip to Minnesota because he did nap longer than 45 minutes the two times he fell asleep. He also really loves to read now so between books and all of the trucks and trains we passed, he was pretty easy! The girls did a lot of coloring and sticker art.


I love that all three kids were just hanging out reading books tonight.

We were supposed to start driving to Colorado this afternoon after Anna came home from school but instead she got sick at school this morning and although she as acting fine most of the day, she got sick again just before Craig came home and then fell asleep on the couch for about three hours. When she woke up she had a very hard time "getting" that it was still Friday and not Saturday already. We hope she feels much better in the morning and that we can get on the road by 7 or 7:30!

Acorn Hunters

His trunk is loaded up with acorns.

Anna's hands.

Sarah's hands.

Henry started adding to Sarah's stash while I was taking the previous picture.

Here he comes with an acorn for me (in his left hand).

Pausing to chat with Grandma on the phone.

Henry nabbed Anna's acorn-net while she was on the phone.

She had something "really important" to tell Grandma.

Signing "thank you" after he handed me an acorn.

Showing me the inside of the acorn.

Just a shot of the back of his little blonde head.

"Look at all of the acorns I have!"

Ready to go in and help me make dinner.

For the longest time the girls have been going on "acorn hunts" at the bus stop. This morning and this afternoon Henry joined in! He walked around and gathered acorns and brought them to me just like Anna & Sarah do. We had a ton of fun playing in the yard this afternoon again. We are loving this fall weather!


Sarah was proud of the headband she made in school and wanted to make sure I got a picture from behind.

He came across his helmet and had to have it on!

This set is him "throwing" the frisbee into the grass. If I threw it on the porch then he brought it back to the grass.

They both need to be on the grass.

His new shoes are grippy so he can now make it to the top of the slide (although he has to really work at the top).

I took it off of him and it wasn't clear at first whether or not that was OK with him.

We are enjoying the cooler weather (finally) in the afternoons. I hope this lasts a while.

Warming Up

We set the girls up with a movie in front of the fire this afternoon after the cold morning at the renaissance festival. Very cozy!

Renaissance Festival

This was about the point when I wondered why I was volunteering to do this "with" Anna.

She doesn't look so sure in this picture but she had a blast!

Sarah wasn't brave enough to do the trampoline thing so we found a ride that she could do, too.

Henry was excited to see the elephant (and the camel).

The girls really did walk most of the time but they took a break when we got some pretzels and Henry took the opportunity to stretch his legs.

Because everything is better on a stick? Henry didn't like the sausage but he found some other things to eat!

The kids all had fun at the renaissance festival today. I made the mistake of going on a super spinny ride with all three kids and really had to concentrate on not losing my lunch! The girls thought it was super fun and I think Henry was just shocked by the whole experience.

Children's Festival

I took the girls over to the children's festival today while Henry napped at home with Craig. The girls had fun making hats and kites, getting their faces painted, and seeing Angelina Ballerina.

Lantern Walk

The girls loved the lantern walk at the Waldorf school tonight. The teacher told the story of Saint Martin and then we lit our lanterns and some older kids were on the lantern path and passed out treasures to the little kids. Sarah was most excited about the acorn and Anna's favorite was the glassy stone that she said would keep away bad dreams.


The girls never let me do anything with their hair so when they both agree to let me braid their hair today I jumped at the chance. I have no practice since they never let me do it but hopefully they'll let me do it again. Sarah's hair is so straight and slippery I had a very difficult time with it! Sarah kept wanting to call the braids "parades."

Making Lanterns

She had so much fun gluing the tissues on the jar that she wanted to continue on paper.

Mine is on the left and Sarah's is the big one on the right.

Anna could hardly wait to get started on hers when she came home from school.

The girls and I made lanterns today for the Martinmas lantern walk we will go to at the Waldorf school on Friday night. We are all super excited!

Nupboards in the Cupboards

Henry was having so much fun playing in the cupboard that the girls just had to join in. Henry can actually stand in here. I love it when there is an activity that all three kids can do together and this one is great for dinner prep or clean-up!


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Craig got his new bike and Anna's tandem attachment a couple of weeks ago so we have been trying to get out as much as we can. Today we rode into town for lunch and saw a car show on the way home. Henry was very impressed with the cars we saw.

Greg & The 5 Browns

Craig and I got to go see Greg perform with The 5 Browns tonight and the show was amazing to say the least. We will definitely go see them again when they come back!

More Greg

The girls talked Greg's ear off from the moment he was done with rehearsal until Craig got him back in the car to drive him back downtown! Poor Greg! He was a very good sport about it, however. Greg-fever will continue on for quite a while at our house!


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The girls & I got to go downtown to watch Greg & The 5 Browns rehearse for the concert tonight. Anna is super disappointed that she doesn't get to go to the performance tonight. They did convince Greg that he had no choice but to come up to our house with the little free time he had between rehearsal and the performance tonight.


Watching the shrinky dinks in the toaster oven.

Anna had a friend from school over this morning and Craig took Sarah & Henry out to play at the park. Anna didn't talk to her friend but did talk in front of her. She said she had a ton of fun and wants to do it again though!

Balloon Fun

I let Sarah drop the balloons from upstairs today under the explicit instruction that only today and only a balloon was OK. The rule we established when we moved in is that anything that goes over the edge gets thrown out and that has worked so far. Henry just loved bouncing the balloon around. I think I might have to give in and start using my flash inside the house, too. It's just too dark for quick-moving kids, unfortunately.

Book Fair

Henry fell asleep in the car on the way home from the zoo and then took another nap in his bed but he was up much earlier than usual so I brought Sarah & Henry over to Anna's school for the book fair. Henry freaked out when the librarian went to scan his new truck book. Lucky for everyone involved she was quick so he didn't have to freak out for long! It is so funny to me how he is so drawn to vehicles of any kind where the girls just weren't. Sarah was really excited about her new dinosaur book. Anna picked out a few princess books when she went on her own during school.


The monkeys were fun to watch this morning.

He was getting tired.

I took Sarah & Henry to the zoo this morning and Henry really "got" it this time. He signed elephant and monkey and quacked at the ducks during lunch. Sarah walked the whole time and didn't complain until she fell on the way out and then suddenly her legs were tired, too. She pushed through and made it to the car and doesn't have to live at the zoo now. Thank goodness!

Acorn Holders

The girls go on an "acorn hunt" every day at the bus stop and we have a nature bowl overflowing with acorns (I guess I should get a picture of that, too!). Our neighbor brought the girls these egg cups to put some of their prized acorns in and they were so thrilled. Kris also made some gorgeous paper dolls for the girls that I need to photograph as well.

Autumn Project

Anna's running the tape and Sarah is holding the leaf in place.

Henry wasn't into the Autumn Project.

Anna & Sarah decided to work on an "Autumn Project" when they found this stick. They quickly came up with a plan to tape leaves onto the stick and they were thrilled when I told them I'd put the finished project up on the mantel as part of our fall decorations.

A bigger moment in the Autumn Project is that Anna talked with our neighbor for a time. I was in the kitchen doing dishes but listened in through the open window. Anna has never spoken to our neighbors so this was a pretty big deal! Later on, Anna came in and proudly told me that she talked to Kris. The girls also made Kris some acorn & tape sculptures which Kris took home with her.

Vampire Teeth

Henry refused to wear the vampire teeth when I tried them on him a few days ago (the pacifier shape is different than what he is used to, I suppose) but he found them today and checked them out for long enough to get a snapshot.

Upside Down

Henry just loves getting into this position. It is always good to get a different perspective on things!

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