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Henry is in the pile-the-stickers-on-top-of-each-other stage.

Sarah is making a border and is making the art for Henry.

Anna is making a pattern on the origami paper.

Henry is a little more interested in stickers than coloring but he only really wants to sticker with vehicle stickers so it's kind of hard to keep up the supply. I am looking forward to the day he can peel his own stickers off of the sheet.

House Twin

That is not a picture of our house but of our house twin in another part of town. I am dying to know if they've done any remodeling or if they've kept it the same as the previous owners did at our house. I have found another house sibling online but it is flipped and there are some differences at the back and it's blue instead of yellow. The house that is online (for sale) has not done any updates at all (there's was built six years after ours). It makes me wonder how many more are like ours in town?

We will have been in our house one year on Thursday this week so I have been changing all of the gold doorknobs to aged bronze, I added/replaced door stoppers everywhere, and I ordered new lights for above our bed and the stairway. We still haven't decided on lights for the master bath, kitchen, and dining room but I hope we get to it soon. Already with the updated knobs I'm loving our house more!


I thought it was so sweet that Anna & Sarah were sticking with Henry.

And then Sarah took off.

And then Anna was gone. Henry did his best to keep up!

Bluebonnet Afternoon

Can you guess who didn't want to be there?

This was the second time he got up to leave.

So we all joined him. Off to the park!

I know I should edit these down more but I'm at a point where I've just got to post what I've got! Also, I did not dress the girls in matching shirts, they chose to do that themselves (this is in case they ask me later "why did you always dress us in matching clothes?!"). I try to buy different colors of the same shirt sometimes but inevitably they are jealous of the other person's shirt so sometimes it's just better to go with it. And Anna feels very strongly that knee-highs should be worn with capris no matter how many times I tell her she's missing the whole point of capris.

Pinkalicious Morning

A stick of pink sidewalk chalk got crushed on the driveway so Sarah made her hands "pinkalicious!"

Henry got in on it, too.

I got him to show me his hand by saying "Stop!" which he always does with this hand motion that he saw in one of his books.

He is always safety-minded.

She is really resistant to learn on her balance bike. She is trying more since I described it as a "scooter with a seat" though.

He loves this little weather radio.

He got mad when I put the pillow down for him to rest his head on.

Henry at 20 Months

Just a few notes on Henry now that he is twenty months old:

  • he wants a napkin when he eats. If he doesn't have one and he gets something on his hands, he asks for one.
  • he very often will take a toy from a drawer or box, check it out for a bit, and then put it back. This happens with only the more novel "toys" that he gets from the kitchen drawer (like flashlights, for example) but it does happen with other stuff, too.
  • he is adding more and more verbal words but nothing anyone else would understand and there are many frustrating situations because of this.
  • he understands a lot, however, so I am not worried about his hearing. One day Anna asked for bubbles outside and I told her, "go in the laundry room and on the shelf above the cat's stuff is the package with bubbles." Anna didn't go but Henry opened the door and went exactly where I described.
  • he is starting to walk when we are out and about more and is doing really well holding my hand.
  • he likes to climb in the van through Anna & Sarah's door and make his way to his seat rather than have me lift him into his side.
  • he is learning to sit on the bench or a chair at a restaurant instead of the high chair and is doing really well.
  • he knows his body parts and will point to them whenever you mention them.
  • his favorite books are One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, If You Give a Pig a Pancake, and anything about trucks or trains.

Dynamic Dino Races

I wish he'd always do this when I want him to! (the girls, too, of course)

He really wanted to try Anna's shoe on!

He finally got it on but then wasn't happy with it.

Sarah got a "dynamic dinos pack" in her Scholastic book order so she declared the "races" that she & Anna were doing "dynamic dino races." I'm not sure how it's a race since they hold hands and no one wins but they are both happy so I'm not asking questions!


The older gentleman who works at the carousel is also named Henry so he was excited to meet our Henry and take this picture for us.

Henry didn't want to be in our picture but when we walked away he kept running back to try to get in everyone else's!

Nice little kid-height viewing area of the construction on the new elephant exhibit.

Henry was very upset when it was time to leave this scene!

We had a great time at the zoo today! We got to see the lions awake, the chimpanzee was social, the giraffes were fun (the baby chased an ostrich across the enclosure), and we rode on the carousel.

St. Patrick's Day Train Ride & Museum Trip

We parked downtown and took the light rail to the Health Museum today. The train was a big hit with everyone but I think the highlight of the day was when we got to the museum we passed a group of 8-10 people with ages ranging from adult to toddlers and they saw that we were all wearing green shirts for St. Patrick's Day. Immediately they all looked each other over and saw that not one of them was wearing a drop of green and they started pinching each other (the toddlers were spared). The Health Museum was OK. It really feels like it should just be a part of the Museum of Natural Science or even the Children's Museum rather than its own museum but we did have fun checking it out.

When we got home the girls went 4-leaf-clover hunting and Anna found another one! (Anna found one last Monday as well—she is one lucky kid!)


E came to play today and Anna made some good progress while she was here! At first Anna was "squeaking" to E, then she started writing notes, then for the last hour or more she just started talking normally to her. It was wonderful to witness a "normal" social experience for Anna. I think it helped to have Sarah here and not E's parents so Anna was able to relax more fully. We definitely need to get them together again soon to keep it up though!

Craig is 34!

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Do you like Craig's "cake"? (His request. I was willing to bake him one!)

Sarah got a little crazy with the ballet stamps today.

Anna is Six!

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Anna asked for dutch baby for breakfast and IHOP for dinner--she even asked to have the waiters sing to her!

I don't know how it's possible that she is six already. Happy birthday, sweet Anna!


Anna asked to got o IHOP for her birthday after she saw someone there a few weeks ago get a giant ice cream sundae. She was thrilled when the waiters came to sing to her (we all thought she'd hate that). Sarah & Henry were happy to help her with the sundae!

Birthday Presents

Craig took the girls to see the Sleeping Beauty ballet this afternoon and then we opened Anna's birthday presents and had her cheesecake tonight so she wouldn't have to wait all day for Craig to get home from work tomorrow. Henry remembered Christmas too well and was pretty upset that there wasn't anything in the packages for him.


Imagine how excited we all were when we saw a cow named Fannie! (Sarah's stuffed longhorn's name is Fannie.)

We all had a fun time at the rodeo. I'm not sure why there isn't a picture of my mother since she was there with us. I have a picture I need to scan of me, Sarah, & Henry with a longhorn, too.

Rodeo Night

I got to go with Craig to rodeo night with his work since my mom came to town (we couldn't find a sitter) and could stay with the kids. Thank you, mom!


Henry thought he was pretty cool with this orange backpack on this morning. Every once in a while he'd turn to wave goodbye to me and walk away. But he always came back about three seconds later.

School Carnival

Anna wanted to go to Candyland first. Both girls got to pick out a cupcake at the end.

Craig & Henry went to the petting zoo while the girls were beading.

The girls waited in a very long line for this!

Can you tell if Henry liked the giant slide or not?

We rested for a few hours after the birthday party and then went over to the school carnival to have even more fun!

Birthday Party

We decided to have Anna's party at the local pottery painting studio this year. This was the first time we've done it away from home so that aspect was a little strange but this was also the first year she invited boys (she invited two but only one could come) so pottery seemed more gender-neutral than a princess party at our house! Sarah was nervous about coming to the party because she didn't know all of the kids who would be there but Anna convinced her to come in the end.

The kids all seemed to enjoy the party and I think they were all excited that they got to hear Anna talking a bit (she talked to me and Sarah in a normal voice so they were able to hear). Anna was sad that the other boy didn't come (the only one she invited that couldn't make it) but I think she was please overall. From what I can see, she picked some really good friends at her new school!


I came from the kitchen to the family room to find Henry launching Polly Pockets off of the back of the couch. I have no idea how this kid knows how to be a little boy so well. Also, if he sees a Barbie doll he will pick it up and try to rip her legs off. I'm still hoping to make a gentleman out of him though!

Cowgirl Hats

Anna with Sarah's hat & Sarah with Anna's. Anna is making Sarah's "happy face." I don't know what Sarah is doing.

And I don't know why Sarah's belly is hanging out in all of these but they have their correct hats on now.

This was included because of Sarah's face. She is Major Goofball #1.

The girls each made cowgirl hats at school in preparation for the rodeo!

Puddle Stompers

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