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Sickness, Royal Wedding

Henry with his baby that now never leaves his side.

Henry & Sarah were running circles around me.

Sarah started jumping and dancing.

Then she decided to become Kate Middleton (note the ring).

Lovely veil.

Anna woke up feeling sick this morning so she stayed home. I knew it was serious when Sarah, Henry, & I saw a mom & four baby raccoons run across our neighbor's yard and Anna couldn't get up from the couch to come see the mom chase after one of the babies who climbed on the neighbor's roof and got "stuck." She had to climb up, wrestle him, and then carried him back down the tree in her mouth. I really felt a connection to that poor raccoon mother!

We did watch a bit of the wedding since Anna was stuck on the couch anyway. I think she was a bit jealous that Sarah was playing "Kate Middleton" upstairs. Henry seemed to also get the same sickness Anna had and almost fell asleep at the table while I prepared his lunch! Poor little guy! Sarah was sick earlier in the week so hopefully this moves though them as fast as it did for her.

Royal Excitement!

"Royal wedding ring Kate Willliam"

Yes, we are excited about the royal wedding tomorrow!

Strollers & Baby

Henry just loved pushing his baby around in this stroller today.

It's a good thing I bought two so Sarah could push Fannie around, too!

He has been playing "nap time" a lot lately. Now he has a little friend to join him. (He actually got his baby for his birthday last year but I guess he didn't feel a connection with him until today.)

Hopefully one of them will share a stroller with Anna when she gets home from school.


I bought this hanbok for Henry with the intention of cutting out the dragon medallion and framing it. For some reason I felt compelled to get a photo of him in it before I took the dragon off. You can see what he thought of that!

The Hunt

Egg Coloring

The kids had fun coloring eggs this afternoon. Henry was about as graceful as Anna & Sarah were at his age. Although he did not crack any eggs during the coloring process, he did have to be removed from the table early.


Anna's friend Sean and his brother & mom came over for a playdate today and Anna started talking to Sean within a few minutes of his being here. Anna was thrilled when I pointed out to her that she added another person to her "people Anna talks to" list we've got going. I really didn't expect that to happen since Sean is a boy but he's an easy-going kid so it makes sense. Sarah & Henry really liked playing with the boys, too, so hopefully we can arrange another time to play soon.


It's hard to believe it is so hot in April already that we are using the water table & pool daily now. (Sarah got some time to herself during Henry's nap while Anna was at school today.)


The couches are the sleeper cars. Sarah is the engineer way up front on the ottoman.


I guess I wasn't getting him out to the pool fast enough. Poor little guy.

Notice how Henry has draped himself across Anna to watch Cars.


Sarah is usually the first of the kids up so it's rare to catch her sleeping like this in the morning and actually have to wake her.

Water Table & Movie Night

It has been in the 90s so it was time to get the water table out! We also need new swimsuits as the ones from last year are a bit tight.

Sarah got her hair trimmed last night. This was a compromise length as she wanted it up to her ears and I didn't want to cut it!

Anna didn't want to come out for a while but finally realized she was missing out on all the fun.

Anna also got her hair cut and it is super cute but don't tell her that because she doesn't like the attention.

Henry's first time watching Cars.

Henry doesn't like popcorn and when he saw I was making it, he went to the pantry to get a snack trap and was pleased when I filled it with Cheerios.

Since it feels like summer here we decided to do Friday Night at the Movies with Henry now that he's getting so mature and can probably handle 30 minutes of TV each week. The girls were excited because they usually only get to watch TV on Saturday and Sunday afternoon while Henry naps.

The Long Wait

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I found a pair of pajamas for Henry that have a crane on it and one of the sleeves is the crane part. He was pretty mad when I put them in the washer. Once he calmed down, he got excited when they tumbled past. Thankfully I was able to get them into the dryer without him noticing (I feared another freak out!). I let him get into his pajamas earlier than usual tonight!

CSA Salad #1

Henry made this nice stack while I got the salad ready.

We had our first CSA pickup tonight! Our pickup location is at the church right down the street from us which is super convenient. I don't think there's any way we're going to get through all of this on our own though. We will have many, many salads this week!


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Some of our knockout roses.

Some cute little flowers that are growing in our backyard.

Mr. Neat: Henry always asks for a napkin at mealtime and he wants it on his lap when he gets it!

His first time brush painting. This was a much better experience for him than finger painting!

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