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Sarah's Last Day

Sarah and her best friend.

Her teachers.

One of the assistants.

Sarah had her last day of school today. I don't think she was too sad about it, either! She will change schools in the fall and so will her best friend so I think that is why she doesn't care. Her new school will have a lot less kids in it so I'm excited to see how much more progress she makes there.

Bolder Boulder

We had a great time at the Bolder Boulder this morning. Unfortunately Erin's Craig got sick so he couldn't run it with us but Erin's mom took his bib and ran it. And the best part was that Erin's dad drove us to the start so we didn't have to worry about parking! I saw Ross & Lindsay before the start and then Cathy and Kendra after. Pretty impressive that I saw all three people I knew were doing it plus one more I didn't considering how many people were there! My time was 2 seconds slower than my last 10K (in April) and I think training in the heat of Texas helped equalize the altitude disadvantage I had in Boulder.

Then Erin & I got to hang out more before my late flight home. I think I actually relaxed this weekend! I am ready for our hot house and the last couple of days of school for the girls and for summer break to start!


Erin R., Courtney, & I went to meet Erin F. & Dave's brand new baby girl, Maia, today! Maia is the first brand new baby I've held since Henry was born and I wondered if I'd want another one. It was so much fun to hold a tiny little baby but I don't need another of my own, thank you very much! (Craig is relieved, I am sure, although it wasn't really up for discussion!) I did get to take some portraits of Maia and it got me thinking about getting back to photography. I think that will still have to wait until Henry is in school though as there is no way I could add that to the schedule now.


I can't really enjoy the cool Colorado air knowing how hot the family is in Texas! Really, it's a good thing that it was Craig left behind and not me: he was able to install two window A/C units (one in Henry's room and the other in the master bedroom where Craig and the girls are sleeping) so they are all comfortable (so he assures me).

I did get to enjoy a night out with Erin R & Courtney tonight and I get to see Erin F and meet her sweet little baby girl tomorrow! Okay, so I'm starting to enjoy myself (but I still can't complain that I'm "too cold" even though I am!).


Our air conditioning has been on the fritz all month. Now it is totally out and the air conditioning company can't get it repaired until after the long weekend. Clementine has a funky eye. Henry started panting again yesterday so is using the nebulizer again. Sarah has cream that needs to be applied to her skin each night. What a bunch of rotten stuff to have happen on the weekend I am going to Colorado on my own! (My first trip alone since Anna was 13 months!) I feel incredibly guilty leaving my children in the hot house all weekend although I know Craig will be able to handle it all; I wish that everything was running a little better so I could enjoy my time off more!


I gave Anna my old iPod Nano that I had been using for running (actually, it was Craig's Nano that Anna & I gave him when she was just a baby) and the girls think they are pretty cool sitting around the house listening to their own music.

Baby Elephant Walk

Sarah's tap and ballet class had a tap performance this morning. They performed The Baby Elephant Walk and Sarah said she was "so excited that daddy was here that I forgot to start dancing!" Since I'm so far behind on the blog when I'm posting this I will tag this post with video and make an attempt to come back later after I'm caught up and add the video (and more videos to other posts).

The Bus

Anna's friend came home with her on the bus this afternoon and all the kids had fun playing together until E's dad came to get her.

Mr. Fix It

Henry ran to get his toy screwdriver when he saw me get my real one out.

Book Fair

Sarah set up a book fair this afternoon then Sarah & Henry filled up their shopping bags with good books after Anna the cashier scanned each one. Then we re-stocked the hearth and did it all over again!

Additional Volunteer

See Sarah sitting there next to Anna?

Sarah came with me to Anna's school to volunteer today because she had a doctor appoint just after and I thought it would be easier with Henry to just take Sarah right away than to come back and get just her from the baby sitter. Sarah thought it was super cool to hang out with Anna in her classroom (although you could tell she was a little scared of all of those big kids, too!). I just had to finish making the last few graduation caps for Anna's class. We had a little time before her appointment so Sarah & I stopped at the school's book fair, too.

Cake Balls

Anita helped me make these strawberry cake balls yesterday for Sarah's school birthday treat today. Sarah requested cake balls so I knew with Anita's help we could make that happen! They must have been good because we didn't get any back when I picked her up this afternoon.

Fairy Houses & RC Car

The girls had fun painting their fairy houses from Corrine.

Anna & Henry love the RC car Anna chose for Sarah for her birthday—it is fun to see these two playing together.

Roar! Roar! Roar! Sarah is Four!

Craig setting up the music and photos for the party.

"Pin the plate on the stegosaurus"

Ella, Emma, Sarah, Anna, Ela, Huzah, and Katrina

Eros (on the end) came a little late so we tried for another group shot outside.

Playing outside with Papa after the party guests went home.

Happy Fourth Birthday, Sarah Elinor!

The gang took Sarah & Henry to the park while Anita & I met up with Anna at school (Anita read a story to the class and I sat in on an oral test with Anna—she whispered the answers to me and I repeated back to her teacher.)


Birthday candles in her favorite food: macaroni & cheese.

Wearing Nana's glasses.

Anna in Nana's glasses.

Happy birthday from IHOP! Sarah looked terrified but claims she loved it.


Anita, Brian, & Corrine came today to help celebrate Sarah's fourth birthday this weekend! Here the girls are looking through Sarah's baby album.

Photo Wall

I still need to fill in a few more things but I thought I should post Craig's handiwork in getting all of the frames up so nicely!


Henry asked Anna to read to him and she happily complied.

Glamorous Schmlamorous

Kate Middleton is out and now she's just wearing everything.

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