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Rehearal Dinner/Wedding Eve

I think the girls were almost as excited about the rehearsal dinner as they are about the wedding tomorrow! Sarah & Henry had a spectacular hug that ended in both of them in tears toward the start of the evening. Sarah & Henry went back to the hotel before dinner was served (I had taken the kids out to eat in advance) but Anna was really insistent that she stay. Thank goodness my mom was able to come stay at the hotel with us so I could go back and enjoy the rest of the dinner, too. (Thank you, mom!)


Guess who didn't want to go on the walk?

Down to Golden for dinner!

The kids, Anita, & I went on a nice walk this morning. Although Henry really didn't want to go along and wanted to go home once we got to our destination, he was briefly distracted by some fun rocks along the way. The girls had a great time, however, and we all enjoyed being in the cooler Colorado temperatures.

Cuckoo, Cuckoo!

Dipping leaves in wax with Nana

We stopped at Opa's house on the way to Anita & Brian's because Henry just loves cuckoo clocks. (He got interested in them because of Richard Scarry's "The Best Mistake Ever" book.) Opa gave us a little cuckoo clock to take home, too.

Another note about today is that Anna started talking to Opa! We were all surprised and pleased.


Sarah enjoyed showing Grandpa how she can read.

Colorado: Day 2

Pulling the airplane out of the hangar.

Henry was not interested in checking out the plane.

She wanted a picture of her on the plane but did not want to go up in the air.

Brave Sarah wanted to go for a ride in Grandpa's plane!

Now Craig has the camera and we (grandma, Anna, Henry, & I are all back in the hangar.

Sarah was quiet and nervous the whole time.

They solved the corn maze!

Back on the ground we are checking out the Tiger.

Craig wanted to drive my dad's truck back home.



Henry was pretty excited by all the airplanes at the airport and then thought he was pretty cool on the airplane!

Wow! We can actually play outside here!!

Raspberry picking!


Having fun with the extensive vehicle collection.


Anna & I went to the Houston Ballet's performance of Giselle tonight. We were scheduled for Saturday's matinee performance and to get to go backstage and meet the performers but we are going to be in Colorado on Saturday! We have the "Jr. Patron" tickets for three other shows this season so we will look forward to going backstage at the Nutcracker in December.

Donuts with Dad

Sarah's school had "Donuts with Dad" today. Sarah was so excited to show Craig her new school but they didn't have any donuts, just bagels!


We have had a couple of mornings here and there where it has been pleasant enough to spend a little time outside before it gets hot again. Hopefully fall will come soon!


I had to run an errand at the mall today and Sarah really wanted a picture of herself with this ad.

Giant Spoon

Sarah called my bluff when I offered this giant spoon to eat her cereal this morning.

Sarah also had pajama day at school today but I failed to get a picture!

Real First Day

Henry had his real first day of school today. He did fantastic! He was also incredibly tired at the end of the day. I am so happy about how this school and the teachers seem to fit him. It was also really strange for me to not have him freak out like the girls did on their first days of school at this age. He didn't even care to say to goodbye to me!

Starting to Read

Sarah is super interested in learning to read and it is fun to watch because she doesn't get easily frustrated by sounding out the words. I'm excited to watch her progress!

Early Intervention

We took Henry's "first day of school" pictures today just in case his appointment was finished in time for him to go.

Henry had his Early Intervention appointment today and although I suspected that he didn't really need it anymore, I figured we had to do a bit of work to get the appointment so we should keep it and see what they say. Basically he is at or above his level in all areas and they said his speech is at a normal stage considering he has only had a month on the Claritin and hearing (hopefully!) normally. I'm glad to know that we are on the right path with the Claritin helping us. The appointment did take so long though that we missed his first day of school so he will start next week instead.

Light & Playdough

The (incredibly ugly) ceiling fan above our kitchen table died a week or two ago so we got to get a nice new light. The kids had fun with Nana & playdough today.

Eco Taxi

Anita, the kids, & I took the Eco Taxi to lunch today. Craig met up with us after his group bike ride and drove us home. It was a fun way to get into town!


Anita came to visit us today! I stayed home with Henry while Craig & the girls picked up Nana from the airport, went to lunch, and then went to the Museum of Fine Arts.

First Day of Soccer

Henry was not excited from the minute he put on shin guards and his soccer socks.

Henry was that kid who cried and had to leave early.

Sarah was excited from the time she put on her shin guards and soccer socks.

Sarah had wanted to play soccer long ago but chickened out last year when it was time to sign up. This year I saw that Henry could also do a soccer class at the rec center so I signed them both up (they are in separate classes) with the hope that if Henry did it, Sarah would be more interested. Henry hated his first class and Sarah loved it.


This is what Sarah had to have with her to play with in the car today.

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