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I don't know why we didn't get a picture before we started when Henry was still awake!

Craig looks like he thinks he gets to eat some of this candy, too.


The kids did great trick-or-treating this year! Henry started saying "trick-or-treat" and "thank you" at the doors so the girls quickly copied him (isn't this supposed to be the reverse???). Henry made it a lot farther around the block than I ever thought he would but Craig & Henry did go home before the girls & I finished. I was truly surprised though when both Sarah & Anna continued to say "trick-or-treat" and "thank you, Happy Halloween" at each door. This was a major breakthrough for Anna to talk to complete strangers! Before tonight, the girls couldn't comprehend how they would end up with "too much" candy but they definitely understand now.

Pumpkin Carving & Halloween Eve Fun

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She didn't want to get pumpkin guts all over her clothes...

He can now climb up the ladder without giving me a heart attack.

He finally tried on his Cookie Monster costume (he picked it out but got scared of it when it was time to try it on a few days ago).

Dress rehearsal at the neighbor's door for tomorrow night.

I had the girls throw on their costumes, too, just in case Henry doesn't go for it tomorrow!

Yes, there was candy involved!

Hooks Airport

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Since things went so well at the pumpkin patch we went to the little airport for lunch afterwards just like last year (I guess that means it's an annual tradition now?).

Pumpkin Patch

Last year we bought and carved our pumpkins too early and they rotted on the front porch in the heat before Halloween. I braved the patch without Craig this year and the kids were fantastic. (I guess they are all growing up!)

Portrait Testing

Anna was super into this today.

Sarah, Sarah, quite contrary! She wanted to be part of it but, well, you can see she didn't want to make it too easy!

They were excited when the train passed by (but it was too loud for Sarah: note she is covering her ears).

We went to Old Town Spring today to see how I liked it for portraits next week for a client; I wish Henry hadn't been so grumpy so we could have gotten some with all three kids! Maybe next time.

Halloween Excitement

The girls are heading down to the cud-de-sac to decorate it for Halloween.

Anita sent this fun cupcake kit down and it was a hit!


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Sarah wanted to check out my witch costume from last year. Henry did not want to try it on.

Wednesday Night Dance Class

Anna is the "snow princess" all in white. She was thrilled that the other girls knew what she was just by looking at her (I wouldn't have known!).

Dance Class

Sarah got to wear her Halloween costume to tap & ballet today.

Henry & his friend that he plays with while the big sisters are in dance (Henry was in Kindermusik last fall with this little girl!).

Sarah loved that she got to wear her costume to dance today!

Performing Artists

Sarah is in the background painting a pumpkin while Anna & E. put on a performance. (We had E's family over for dinner since it has finally started to cool off a bit around here!)

Acorn Gatherers (My Little Squirrels)


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Anna and Sarah love to dress alike although that is something that I would never set out to do. Here they are matching right down to the sticker on the right leg and, as you can plainly see, there is absolutely no way for anyone to tell them apart.

Wildflower Festival

E. & Anna with the town "mascot."

There really is a money tree!

Hula-hooping—E. is a really good hula-hooper!

Anna went to her friend's house this morning on her own. This was the first time she has agreed to be dropped off and it sounds like she had a positive experience; I met up with Anna, E. & her mom at the wildflower festival later on in the morning.


"Mommy, when you are old I will take care of you. I will drive you around and butter your toast." —Sarah.

Career Girl

Sarah likes to tell me all about what she is going to do when she grows up. She will have three different jobs but the details of which day she does each job changes each time she tells me. She will be a lepidopterist, a paleontologist, and a professional cyclist. She is so passionate about each of these future careers that I really hope she can work it out!



Anna ran her first official one mile "run" today (it was not timed so it was not a "race") and I ran my longest race distance today. I think we both did pretty well! Anna seemed really proud of her medal. I stood with her at the start and met her at the half-way point and Craig, Sarah, & Henry were there at the finish to meet her. She wore Craig's Road ID bracelet (that has my cell number on it) and we picked a place to meet if the finish line area was too crowded. I think she was nervous about it until we picked the spot to meet "just in case." She is excited for next month when she & Sarah both run a timed 1-mile race on Thanksgiving morning.


We worked on signs for Anna's one-mile and my ten-mile race tomorrow. We just finished reading "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" so the sign I made for Anna read, "Run like you have the last golden ticket!"

Open House

Admiring some of the student art at Anna's school.

Anna had fun showing off her new school tonight at Open House night.

Early Wake-Up Call

We had an early flight back to Texas this morning. The kids all did great on the flight again and I saved them a piece of wedding cake from last night for them to eat on the plane today.

Wedding Day!

I was seriously wishing I had my nice camera at this point. Or at least that I knew about Henrys' giant fingerprint smudge that was on the lens of this little camera!

Henry couldn't stay up late enough to see Lindsay!

Spinning on the dance floor waiting for Ross & Lindsay to come to the reception.

Yay for Aunt Lindsay! I swear Sarah was actually super excited although her face doesn't show it here.

Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Martin, & Mrs. Martin!

Congratulations, Ross & Lindsay! We are so excited for you two!!

GHS Reunion

Unfortunately, Erin, Erin, & Courtney's Tim couldn't make it today but we had fun catching up with Brett & Sohee, Tim & Vanessa, & Courtney; it was fun to see all of the kids (no picture of them!), too.

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