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Reading Together

Sarah likes to read the "Biscuit" books to herself and sometimes Henry asks her to read to him, too. She is doing a really good job of sounding out words (something Anna was always too afraid to do).


The kids were so excited to get all of the decorations on the tree this morning!

Christmas Begins

Okay, so once we had had enough of my birthday celebrations we decided to just go ahead and take down Thanksgiving and start putting up Christmas. We are only as patient as the youngest among us.


The cake-bakers.




Craig & the kids made me my favorite chocolate cake for my birthday again this year (thank you!). I decided to enter the modern age and get a smart phone for my birthday. So far, so good.


Pinning our bibs on in the car because we were freezing at only 50 degrees outside!

Somehow the girls decided to take the pieces of fabric my mom trimmed off of Sarahs' pants and wear them for headbands for the race. I am pretty sure this intimidated their competition.

Henry & Grandma made a good cheering section!

The girls finished their race and Craig & I started out on ours.

The gang decided to wait in the van where it was a bit warmer.

Sarah showing off her medal.

Somehow they ran out of medals and Anna got a trophy. Somehow this was never deemed "unfair" by anyone in our group.

We got home started getting ready for the feast. First, fancy napkin displays by Grandma.

Place cards by Anna.

Henry felt the pie was the perfect finger food. Or he just didn't have time to mess with using a fork.

The girls did great in their first race (Anna's run last month was un-timed so it was "run" rather than a "race"). I ran with Sarah even though I knew it would wear me out for the 5-miler I was doing. Much to my surprise, however, it was the perfect warm-up and I ran a really great race! This was also Craig's first race ever and he was awesome, too. I can't wait until Henry is old enough to join in the fun!

I'm so glad we did all of the prep-work yesterday for the meal today and I think the morning run made it all taste that much better. I think we've started a new Thanksgiving tradition! One other tradition we started this year was to keep jot down things we are thankful for throughout the month. We kept the notes in a ceramic pumpkin and then read them all to each other during the meal.


I'm short and needed a little boost to mash the potatoes.

Grandma is here! We started all of the food (except turkey) for Thanksgiving today since all of us except Grandma & Henry are participating in the local turkey-trot in the morning.


We had a playdate with one of Anna's friends from her new school. She has a sister in Kindergarten and a little brother about 5 months younger than Henry so our families are a good match. All of the kids had a great time. Once again, Anna did a great job picking a good friend for her. Anna started talking to J. right away when she got to our house which is spectacular progress compared to one year ago and our first playdates from her old school.

(I should also note that Anna had another playdate last month with another girl from the other 1st grade class and did talk to her right away as well. She also went to that girl's house for a playdate and a birthday party (she did not talk at those times).)


Christmas Tree

The kids loved running around the big Christmas tree in town this evening. We'll wait until the end of the week to set ours up at home.

Start of Thanksgiving Break!

Making playdough cookies.

At first when I picked her up in carline, I thought she had Princess Leia buns but realized these were turkey legs when I saw the funny line on the headband.

Anna wanted to be included in the fun.

Finally, it is Thanksgiving break! I took the kids out tonight to get their silhouettes done at one of the local kids shops and the guy was pretty amazing! He finished all three kids silhouettes in under ten minutes and it was kind of like watching Edward Scissorhands at work.

School Play

Sarah's school put on their fall play this morning. Sarah had a non-speaking role as a deer. It was a cute, original play that revolved around a TV news report on various nursery rhymes.

San Antonio

We set out to get my race packet early this morning. We planned to take the bus over for fun but we waited and waited and finally decided to just drive over in the end. We got the race stuff and then headed out to the River Walk for a walk and lunch before Sea World in the afternoon.

The kids thought one of the best parts of the day was when, after we finished our lunch and stood up, the birds took over our lunch table and started devouring our food. It kind of grossed me out, but I did appreciate that they waited until we left!

Sea World was good but kind of rushed feeling as all the shows finished and started within minutes of each other and always on opposite ends of the park. We did see all the shows we thought we wanted to see and Craig took the girls on a few rides. Henry did pretty well skipping his nap with all of the things to see and do to distract him.

I'm not sure if I walked too much for before the 1/2 marathon tomorrow but we had a fun day anyway!

No, Really

I wasn't joking when I said this is how we pass our time!

The Puzzler

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This is what we do to pass the time while Anna & Sarah are at school! He can solve most of the puzzles we have up to 36 pieces with very little guidance from me now (partly because we've done them so much, but I'd like to note that he amazes me because he does not get frustrated when a piece doesn't go where he initially thought it would, he just sets it aside and tries a new one).

Headband & Big puzzle

Sometimes Henry wants in on the headband/barrette action when Anna & Sarah are getting ready for school.

I am pretty sure I have a similar picture of each of the girls with this puzzle... I will have to go search and compare.

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