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The girls & I went to see the Houston Ballet's production of Cinderella. Unfortunately, we forgot to take our picture before we went out and Henry insisted on being in our picture when we met up for dinner. Sarah was upset (can you tell?) that he was not dressed appropriately for the picture. He "ruined" the picture.

First Playdate

Henry had his first playdate this morning with his friend from preschool. His friend is also the third child and it was his first playdate, too (I think his mom & I both felt relieved to find out this commonality!). Henry and Z. had a great time although they didn't spend too much time playing in the same areas (what can you expect, they are two!). It was obvious that they were excited to see each other each time though which was nice for me to observe since the girls are usually shy to start and Henry just jumped right in!

Young Scholars Awards

Sarah got the award for "Determination" at the Young Scholars Awards at her school this morning. She was pretty proud (but shy) when it was her turn to go on stage to accept her award.

Go Texan + Awards Day

Anna has Go Texan Day at school and Sarah has an awards ceremony this morning. They make quite a pair!

Thursday Fun-Day

Sarah made a butterfly out of her sandwich.

I love that Henry likes to listen to Sarah reading to him even though she still has to sound out every single word. I love that she doesn't get frustrated easily while she's learning!

Melty Bead Bowls

We decided to make these bowls we saw on Pinterest today and they turned out great!


Early Again

Sarah wasn't pleased that Henry was moving in on her exclusive cats-in-the-morning pictures.

Funk (I am in one!)

I had an MRI on Wednesday and the doctor called today with the results: a stress fracture + the ITBS. He said I could run the marathon if if I want but I need to take 6-8 weeks off either starting now or after the marathon. I had a fairly decent run last week, but I'm still not running as well as I was before the injury. I need to make a decision. I know the right choice is to sit it out, but it's so close! I also don't want to have a lame first marathon experience by not running it as well as I know I can. I also don't want to miss out! It might be time to consult a magic eight ball...

George Washington

I accidentally picked up George Washington in Sarah's school car line today!

Children's Museum

Henry and I had fun at the Children's Museum this morning!

The Early Bird Pets the Cat

Airplane at the Park


Henry gets pretty mad on the days he doesn't go to school and his lunch box isn't on the counter with the other two boxes. (He only goes one day each week, so you'd think he'd be used to this routine by now!) I should also note that I always put their lunches in the same order and their plates at mealtime so that I can pack/prepare without too much thought. Henry's all the way on the left, working up to the right in age order (I put Craig's, then mine when I'm assembling something for all of us).

Happy Valentine's Day

Princess Jasmine Pants

Grandma made the girls some nice pants like Princess Jasmine's. Henry just wanted to be int he picture, so he posed with a Valentine's Day card.

Snow, Unicorn Poop, Performance, & Pretty Party

We have been busy creating a blizzard on our kitchen window with coffee filters.

The beginnings of "unicorn poop."

After-school dance performance.

Sarah had a "pretty party" in her room to welcome Grandma to our house.


Sarah got her hair cut earlier this week and I had to resist the temptation to suggest bangs so she'd look even more like Grandma.

Pajama Day

Henry loved going to school in his pajamas today. He helped his class make pancakes for snack-time, too.

Super Bowl

Everyone around here was super excited about the Super Bowl this year!

"I'm not tired!"

Henry has decided to give up napping in the afternoons although he clearly still needs it. He often falls asleep when we go pick up his sisters from school in the afternoons.

Spoon Art

Sarah & I saw some really cool art at Anthropologie last month so we decided to try to recreate it ourselves. I can't figure out where to put it now though so it will live in the "conversation nook" for now.

New Dog

Super Kid!

Anna is the Super Kid in her class this week.


Anna is super excited to play a lady in the Queen's Court in her dance school's production Swan Lake this spring!

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