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She Told Me She Was Sick

Sarah never falls asleep in the car unless she is sick... a trip to the doctor might be in order tomorrow (suspecting an ear infection). Poor little girl. Car line for Anna was nice & quiet for me today though (I was glad Henry also fell asleep so Sarah could get the rest she needed, too).

Playdate for Sarah

I was finally able to arrange a playdate with Sarah's best friend from school, Luke. I know you can't tell from the picture but she was so excited to have him come over to play.


We probably planted them way too late for some of the flowers, but we finally planted our wildflower seeds today. The kids are excited to watch them grow!

Weekend Fun

Anna designed this train for Henry to drive; she can actually ride on one of the "cars" and I'll have to get a picture of that soon!

The girls had yellow star stickies on them and wanted me to watch them spin really fast.

Henry the baker decided to make everyone a treat!



I had lunch with Anna & her friend at school today. It's really nice that Anna is talking to more and more of her friends and teachers this year.

Bird Invasion

Henry and I were bird-watching from inside and he thought our stuffed-animal birds should enjoy the outside air, too.

Getting a little tetherball in.

Ice cream in a cone. Yum!


We took the kids to the Rodeo today and they all had a blast. Henry was particularly fond of the chicks and the eggs that were hatching. We took the light rail from a park & ride and on our way back, waiting for the light rail to come, Henry started crouching down into a little ball, shouted "CRACK!" and he was suddenly a just-hatched baby chick.

I took the kids on several rides (although Craig & I both get motion-sickness, he gets it a little faster than I do) and we had our share of fair food. We also watched Muttun Bustin' and pig races. We went to the petting zoo (Henry didn't care for it) and the girls rode ponies (Henry didn't want to). Overall, this was our best trip to the rodeo so far. The kids were great and we all had fun—yeeeeehaw!

Two Wheels

Anna is all about feeling brave today! She decided she wanted Craig to help her learn to ride without training wheels. She went a few feet without him. Maybe Henry won't be the first to ride a two-wheeled bicycle?


I took the kids to Starbucks for a treat today after we finished our portraits. I was up getting napkins & straws when I heard one of my kids talking to a stranger. I assumed it was Sarah, although that would have been unusual. I turned around and it was Anna talking to a lady, a random stranger! The kids had changed into their St. Patrick's Day clothes and the woman asked the kids if they were doing anything special for St. Patrick's Day and Anna told her how we were going to go shopping for sandals after Starbucks. Here's hoping that this is a new trend! Anna has made a lot of progress at school this year and with relatives in Colorado so I guess she is just gaining more confidence with each new person she adds to her "people Anna talks to" list. Yay, Anna!

Mandatory Bluebonnet Photographs

Sarah is done with portraits!


Party Time!

Grandma tried to distract Henry with a rousing game of Busy, Busy Airport, but once the girls got to playing with the balloons, he was ready to have fun with them, too!

I made each of the girls a tutu to wear as the party favor. I wasn't happy with the tulle that I chose though: it had sparkles in it and it was too stiff/clingy. The girls had fun wearing them though!

Normally nothing is allowed to go over the edge (if it does, it get thrown away or donated. This has been a good rule so far!) but we do let the balloons go over since no one below will get hurt by a balloon.

Waiting to catch the balloons.

Anna wanted to serve Dutch Baby at her party, so we had all of our favorite toppings out (lemon curd, powdered sugar, & jam).

These little flowers were so cute but the cats knocked over the vase later in the day and it has stained the dining room table. I just can't seem to get the red out of the light-colored wood.

Pink lemonade cake with ballet slippers for a cake topper.

Pin the slipper on the ballerina.

Confetti. We should have done it inside and with smaller confetti. The big confetti was really hard to gather up and clean!

Wow! They really caught Grandma by surprise!

Sign by Anna.

Henry worked really hard to get all of the balloons in the shower!

Anna's party was a lot of fun for everyone! I am glad she decided to wait for her friend to feel better so she could be there, too. Almost the instant it was over, Sarah started to get excited for her birthday party in May!


French toast for breakfast.

Henry had a hard time not getting any presents.

He found something in her presents that was fun to share.

This pack of straws was the best gift ever!!!! Sarah picked it out for Anna because it has purple straws in it.

We celebrated with Daddy, Grandma & Grandpa this morning before Craig went to work for the day. Everyone is super excited about the party this afternoon!

Cake-Bakers & Taste-Testers

I had two lovely bakers and taste-testers this afternoon! We made Anna's pink lemonade cake for her party tomorrow while Anna was at the children's museum with her friend. I think today was one of the first times that Henry has tried the batter.


Anna decided to postpone her birthday party scheduled for today until Wednesday (her actual day) because one of her two party guests is too sick to come today! Poor kid! It will be worth the wait though, I am sure.

ZZ Top

Craig & I went to see ZZ Top at the rodeo tonight. They were really good and just when I asked Craig if he thought they ever got bored singing the same songs year after year after year, they played some Elvis songs and other random stuf. It was unexpected and weird and I was really glad that they went back to their standard sound after a few of those songs! I don't know if that makes me old?

Birthday Cupcakes

Anna was so excited to bring her cupcakes in today! Her school has a half-day tomorrow, so it made more sense to bring them in today for her birthday next week (spring break).

School Cupcakes

Anna was so excited to help bake and decorate her school cupcakes tonight. She did some in Holley Shiftwell purple and some in Finn McMissile blue (cars from Cars 2).

Road Rally

This was Henry's best day ever! I was hoping that seeing his friends pedal their own bikes would inspire him but he was content to have me push him around and around the loop.

Tutu Dude

We decided to give out tutus for Anna's birthday party favor. Henry insisted I buy and make him a blue tutu to wear as well. He checked it out for a long time and had fun with it!

Birthdays Round 1

We had a mini birthday celebration for Anna & Craig tonight with Anita, Brian, Corrine, & Raisa.

Star of the Week

Sarah is Star of the Week at school this coming week. She spent a long time getting her poster just right!

Marathon/Hanging Out/Ladies Night & Guys Night

Fun times with Raisa. It's so nice that Henry is now old enough play along with the older kids.

At the Grand 1894 Opera House in Galveston.

Anna with the 5 Browns.

I made Anita & Corrine get up super early this morning and walk to the marathon to volunteer at the race. We were signed up to hand out medals to the 5K racers but ended up just unwrapping all the medals from their packaging. It was fun and now that the race is over I am magically not in a funk about it any more. And I'm already two weeks into my healing so I've only got six more weeks to go! I will miss out on a 10-miler in Austin in April but I'll be able to run the 1/2 marathon with Jaynie in Oregon in July.

The girls & boys split up this evening (Henry really wanted me to go along for Guys Night though!). The guys walked into town for dinner and the girls drove down to Galveston for dinner, dessert, and the 5 Browns. The show was great although Sarah did fall asleep after intermission. Anna & I stayed after and waited in line to get the 5 Browns autographs and say "hi" to them. Sarah & Raisa went back to the van and got a head start on sleeping with Corrine & Anita.

Today was a very long day!

Colorado Company

Henry enjoyed having Raisa all to himself while Anna & Sarah were at school.

His new rain jacket came in the mail and he instantly transformed into Max from Max & Ruby when Max wants to play outside in the rain.

Umbrella dancing.

Henry & Brian are worn out from all of the visiting going on here!

Anna & Raisa are having a lot of fun together!

Weaving with Nana.

Clementine & Raisa hit it off, too.

Go Texan + Awards Day (opposite kids)

Sarah had "Go Texan" Day at school this morning. I'm not sure how she learned to pose like this.

Anna is on the all-A honor roll again for the past six weeks. They moved the assembly time to just a little bit later so I was able to go. It was fun for Nana & Papa to see, too!

Henry wasn't so into the awards so he got comfy on the floor and solved some puzzles on my phone.

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