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Passport Photo

I'd let this kid into my country, wouldn't you? Sarah's passport is expiring soon, so we're getting it updated just in case we need it.

Small Animal Museum

The kids spent a long time outside today setting up their small animal museum.

The Party

The birthday girl making her grand entrance.

Henry said, "kaaaaaa- shoot" and then shot the balloon into the air. This was super hilarious.

He had a hard time not totally destroying the decorations before all the party guests arrived.

Thankfully Sarah is friends with Anna's friends because the two kids Sarah invited from her class were unable to come. Poor kid!

Anna finally got a "new dresser" after several repair-attempts to her old, hand-me-down that we got from IKEA when we lived in Boston in 1999!

Sarah got a desk for her room for her birthday (yes, she got it early--I didn't have anywhere to hide it!).

She also got a "new" dresser to replace the Elfa drawers she had been using.

Doughnut rainbows with marshmallows for clouds.

We hosted Sarah's birthday party today instead of next week because Anna has her ballet performances Friday night and Saturday afternoon and then we are going to see the Wizard of Oz on Sarah's birthday afternoon. Sarah decided she wanted a rainbow/colors theme to her party and came up with the idea doughnut rainbows for her "cake." I couldn't argue with that one!

Sarah's Invention

Sarah's invention will make a lot of money if she can figure out how to get it to work!

Sarah's invention is a vacuum cleaner that has multiple grabbers attached to it. You simply press a button and the machine will vacuum and put away all of the toys.

School Play

Sarah was a munchkin in her school's version of The Wizard of Oz. We read the book together and we are going to see the local youth performance of it, too.


Henry loves it when his sisters come to hang out with him while he's in the bathroom. Too bad he just doesn't seem interested at all in using the potty. Sarah was so easy she spoiled me and set my expectations too high—I really thought we'd be done with diapers by now!


Kindergarten Round-Up

Sarah was super excited and nervous to go check out Kindergarten at Anna's school (soon to be Sarah's school next year!). I could tell that she thought it was super cool that tonight was all about her and that she can't wait to be in the same school as her big sister.


This is Anna's advice for the Kindergartners coming into 1st grade next year.


Both girls had to come up with an invention for school this past month. Anna wanted a picture of her invention to include in her report. (Sarah's is already at school so I'll have to get a picture of hers later.) Henry loves to drive the girls around on the "train" and the girls love to take turns getting rides. (Henry is the best driver because his legs are the shortest.)

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny came to our house!

Where is Henry?

This kid really needs to take a nap but he just refuses to lay down and do it because he doesn't want to miss out on anything fun. Craig had sent Henry up to get a new shirt and after a while when he didn't come back, we went up to see what he was doing. Silly boy!

Easter Eggs

It's really too bad that the kids don't like hard-boiled eggs more than they do or we'd dye more. This was the first time I think Henry really enjoyed this process.

Summer Time!

I'm pretty sure this is the earliest I've gotten the pool out but I'm not really sure why I've waited any longer in the past. Henry is starting off way more comfortable in the water this year than last which gives me hope that we'll have some fun at the public pools this summer!

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