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Last Day of First Grade

Anna had lunch with her gym teacher each week and started talking to her after just a few weeks!

Anna's first grade teacher is the first homeroom teacher Anna has spoken to.

Anna had her last day of first grade today. She made so much progress this year regarding her selective mutism. She really has been on such a roll lately that we hope we can keep her momentum going over the summer and continue with her success into second grade.

Park Day

Sarah's school met up at the park for one last fun day together. She had a blast with her friends and is a little sad that none will be going to her new school in the fall.

A/B Honor Roll / Determination

Anna made it on the A or A/B Honor Roll the whole school year! Here she is with the other first graders who achieved the same. She also got an award for "Determination" (the same as Sarah got from her school!). Way to go, Anna!

Blueberry Picking

We picked a great day for blueberry picking this year! It wasn't too hot and we found some nice shady spots with tons of blueberries for picking. Henry didn't fill his bucket much (he went for the eat-everything-I-pick method) but the girls were very focused. A fun time was had by all.

Mechanical Bull

We went to our first Texas graduation party today: complete with mechanical bull! Anna was a bit more brave but neither girl went very fast. I decided to spare everyone the pain of watching me throw up all over the bull and not take a ride!


Henry's last day of preschool was last week, Sarah's last day is tomorrow, but these two are already in a summer-state-of-mind. Anna's last day isn't until next week so we're having a hard time being patient for the fun to begin!

Last Day of Ballet

Anna's ballet teacher is moving away so she'll have a new teacher in the fall.

Lost Tooth

She got her face painted at the school carnival today.

It is really hard for Anna to smile showing her teeth, but finally agreed to show me where she lost her tooth so I could email Grandma & Nana the photo.

Okpo Reunion

Apparently, Henry thought he was one of the adults.

We had a good time catching up with some friends from our first assignment in Okpo today! Of course our kids don't remember each other (many of them didn't even exist while we were there!) so Craig & I were particularly pleased when Anna spoke to the other kids right away; Sarah held off a bit longer and then finally realized she was missing out on the fun.


The Cuddlers

Relaxing with a Good Book

First Tri

I competed in my first triathlon today and I could hardly sleep the last two nights I was so stressed out about it! I don't remember ever being this stressed before a running race. The swim was awful (water was super choppy and every time I went to breathe, I got a mouthful of water), the bike was fine, and the run was good. I didn't feel like I ever really recovered from the swim. But, I am definitely signing up for another one and I hope that now that I've done one, I won't have to be so nervous the next time around!


Sarah did a great job in her first performance this evening! She seemed a little nervous but got up on stage and did her thing! I've been awful about taking as many pictures as I would like to, but Nana was here for the talent show and Sarah's tap performance!


Sarah is supposed to have ringlets for her tap performance tonight. I will be please if she has even the slightest wave in her straight, hard-to-style hair!

Talent Show

Anna did a fantastic job at her school talent show tonight! She was not nervous at all and didn't miss a beat when she dropped her prop in the middle of her performance.

Happy 5th Birthday, Sarah!

Sarah had a great birthday today! She chose IHOP for her birthday dinner and we went out to see a local production of The Wizard of Oz. Happy birthday, my sweet little red-head!

Super Sarah

It was Super Hero Day at Sarah's school this morning. Sarah definitely had the power of purple going on!

Rainbow Cupcakes

Sarah wanted, and helped decorate, rainbow cupcakes to bring to her class at school tomorrow.


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