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Ruby's Ride to School

Craig took Henry & Ruby Robin to school in the bike trailer today. Sarah & Anna were super-jealous so we're going to to try to arrange for a bike-to-school day for them before we leave for Singapore.

Ruby Robin

Henry gets a turn with Ruby Robin from his class. Henry gets to keep Ruby for a week and then we make a page for the class notebook and write about all the things we did with Ruby. He is so incredibly excited about this project!

Art Wall (in progress)

Chopstick & Clementine

Photos for Applications

We need about five zillion (give or take a few) passport-sized photos for school applications, etc. I need to get some of Craig & myself, too.

Running Club

I was trying to get a shot of Henry running but only got his foot.

Here the kids are getting their running logs signed.

Back to School Night


The school library is looking really good compared to last year at this point! I'm still pushing for the school to get an actual librarian but this year I have someone helping me who has actual library experience so it feels like a step up. I have to admit though that I'm just a little more than excited that all the schools we're looking at in Singapore have really nice & fancy Library Media Centers!

Alternate Universe

I got the chance to see what it would have been like to have two sons and a daughter today.


Craig and I have been married thirteen years today! I think this is the first anniversary that we have been apart though (he is on a business trip in Arizona). It looks like this will be another good year with our upcoming adventure!


We are definitely going to Singapore! I told the kids after school and they are super-duper excited. Now we just have to wait for everything to come together (visas, school acceptances, etc.). We are hoping for an early-November arrival date.

Birthday Party

Anna went to a birthday tea party today. She had a fantastic time until they were expected to dance to a Justin Bieber song. She was fine with dancing but not to Justin Bieber.

1K Fun Run

The kids participated in their first 1k run of the season. They all got a medal and they were all really proud of themselves and they all ran the whole way!

Double Rainbow Day!

We were so excited when we spotted this rainbow on the way to school and then even more excited when we realized it was a double rainbow! We have a hard time seeing rainbows around here because of all the trees, it seems, but we had a pretty good view of it all the way to school today.

Just When I've Got it Figured Out

A couple of days ago I was telling Craig how this year is going to be so much better schedule-wise than last year. The girls are going to the same school so it will cut down on a lot of driving, Henry is going to school two days instead of one so I'll be able to volunteer one day and have a day to get my own projects done. I've figured out the best place for ballet. Henry & Sarah are going to gymnastics at the same time. Anna can walk to piano lessons. We are going to be much more relaxed this year! Even homework is better because Sarah has some (not much at all) so things seem less "unfair."

Today while I was shopping at Target and had just found the perfect utensil organizer to fit our large drawer, Craig called and said, "How does Singapore sound?"

It's not certain yet but highly likely. We'd go for one year so it's short but I know several families there now so I'm going to start my research tonight! (Henry & I stopped at Barne's & Noble on the way home to pick up a Singapore guidebook that I can read in car-line today, too.)


The kids each set up their own bookstore and then took turns selling to and buying from each other. Henry's store featured some toys and he told you what you were getting instead of you choosing for yourself. They played at this for a very, very, very long time!

Running Club

We went to the kick-off meeting for the Jr. running club this morning. All the kids ran one mile and they colored a foot in their running log. At the marathon in March, the kids will run a 2k and get a marathon medal as well as a 2k medal because they will have run the marathon distance at that point. I wasn't sure if Henry would participate but dressed him up because I figured he'd want to when he saw the girls doing it: he trotted along the whole way!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

We listened to the audio book of "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" approximately one million times on our road trip this summer and the kids love to act out the whole story complete with British accents like the audio book.


First Day of Preschool

Henry was so very excited about his first day at school today! He has gradual entry so just went for an hour and a half this morning. He is a "Robin" in the young-three-olds group on Thursdays & Fridays this year.

Show 'Em You're a Tiger

A little tiger cub with a strawberry shortcake purse accompanied me to carline to pick up the girls from school this afternoon.


He didn't like having his back to the crane; it freaked him out just a little bit!

Bon Voyage!

We had E. over for one last play today and decided to set up a little going-away party while we were at it. We will miss her and her family!!

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