Another Coffee post!

Craig thinks that people are going to think that all we do is go to out for coffee. Would that be so wrong? I wanted to take everyone down to Arab Street because the area is so cute and I found a promising coffee shop to try out. I liked this place a bit more than yesterday but am still planning to go to another place for our first bag of beans for the espresso machine.

Unfortunately it was raining again today and we had some grumpy people in our group so we cut our outing short. Anna & I went to Fair Price Finest on the way home to get a few essentials so I could make dinner tonight and lunches tomorrow. Henry & I will go "real" shopping tomorrow after breakfast.

I've been talking to the kids a lot about our upcoming move and the arrival of our sea shipment. They are unbelievably excited. However, some of today's grumpiness was because it has been raining all weekend and we haven't gotten to use the pool. This is the thing we'll miss most about our apartment so everyone has wanted to maximize our time there while we can!

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