Back from Vacation

I really appreciated the fact that we could go upstairs to have breakfast this morning before we went out for groceries! We basically hung around today, did laundry, went to the pool, and relaxed. It is nice to be "home." However, we did find out (finally!) that we are moving into "the nice house" on February 1!

This house is nicer and larger than our home in Texas which I'm not terribly excited about! One big drawback is that one of the bedrooms is downstairs and the rest are upstairs. If we had teenagers this would be fine and I'm sure there would be a fight over who could have the room downstairs. We have decided to put Sarah's double bed (in the sea shipment) in the downstairs room and use that as a guest room/office. Sarah & Henry are going to share the larger kids room and Anna will have her own room. We haven't decided if we'll get Sarah a twin bed or get a (low) bunk bed from IKEA. I think I need to do some measuring before we decide on that one. The house has a family room and living room, a dining room, an office (which we think we will use as the game room), a decent-sized kitchen with lots of counter space (the oven is currently sitting on the counter and we hope to change that!) and a little breakfast peninsula that will be great for weekday mornings before school. There is also a large area off of the master bedroom and an upstairs balcony/terrace area. The front yard is a nice size for Singapore and we can park both cars in the driveway (not possible everywhere). We will be about 900 meters from the school gate and that is the number one thing I am excited about (I'd be even more excited if Henry could get a spot, too!). So, while we are happy to be home, we are also itching to get settled into the new house! We plan to use the pool a lot this week because that is the number one thing we'll miss about this apartment.

Here are some pictures I took on the camera from the first time we visited on November 24. I didn't take more/better pictures on our second trip up in December... Soon enough there will be pictures of it with our stuff in it.

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