Back to Singapore

We really had a great trip. Yes, there are some things I would do differently if I had to do it all over again, but overall, I think we all came back to Singapore feeling relaxed, happy, and like we experienced something totally new. I think that means it was a success. Also, I am already starting to mentally plan our next trip! We're still narrowing down our choices but we're thinking about: Vietnam & Cambodia, Australia (but where?) or New Zealand, India, and shorter beach vacations in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the Philippines. Really, we don't have enough time in our year here so I hope we can plan and budget wisely to get as much out of this region as possible!

We had a slight delay out of Bangkok (thankfully not out of Chiang Mai as we only had an hour to connect in Bangkok) but we returned to the apartment in high spirits and ready to enjoy the last week of the girls winter break here. (Craig goes back to work tomorrow, unfortunately).

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