Blue House!

I dropped Henry off at music today as planned and then I went up to the administration office to find out more about getting him in to preschool there. I was only really worried at this point about confusing Henry further but this was the right choice. Of course, Blue House is not, in fact, perfect, but near enough! The schedule is the worst of it (totally incompatible with SAS) and then the location isn't great for us (but I blame SAS on that one since they are the only school so far north). Anyway, Henry is starting tomorrow. I am beyond thrilled. Henry is super excited, too.

After Henry's music class, we went down to the Iguana classroom to get familiar with the room and to meet the teachers (two teachers and one assistant). I am seriously in love with all three teachers and seeing the classroom again just reaffirmed why I had wanted this so much for Henry. I do not feel guilty at all about sending him here. He'll go 9-3 Mondays (it will have to be earlier than that, however since the girls get out at 2:50 about 20 minutes away!) and 9-2:15 on Wednesdays (he'll continue with music) and then 9-12 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays. Now I just need to run out and find him a hat for tomorrow (harder than you'd think as all the stores stock winter clothing here in the winter time, too--presumably because people travel to cold-weather places?).

Before all of this went through, I did write to SAS to confirm that there was nothing happening there for Henry and they said they do not anticipate anything opening up this semester and he's number one for fall. The next question I'll have to ask myself is: will I want him to just stay at Blue House since he'll have already made friends and we'll leave in the fall so why not give him a little more consistency? (We're hoping to at least stay until December and move at the end of the semester but we actually have no details on this so it is pure speculation.)

I feel so relieved that this happened! I could have done without the drama of the last week, however, but if I had been patient and just waited for them to call me, it would have been April before he got in and I don't think Henry would have stood for it (honestly, he is so different from the girls who begged to stay home until they got to Kindergarten!).

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