Coffee-Fail and School Decision (maybe)

Henry & I went to meet up with the AWA ladies for coffee. They are supposed to meet from 10-12 so I got us there at 10:20 knowing that people wouldn't actually show up at 10 and wanting to maximize the time I could spend there (I figured Henry would get bored and not last too long, too). Well, we got there and couldn't find anyone that looked like they were with AWA (no one waiting & looking for others) so we went ahead and ordered and enjoyed a small treat. About 20 minutes later as we were finishing up, we noticed the AWA ladies assembling. Oh well, maybe next time!

Anyway, one of the preschools I am looking at has a branch in the mall we were at so I took a tour of that school, too. It was OK but it's in a mall so no windows and the play area is the mall play area (actually nice and you never get rained out). Still, I don't think it's the place for Henry so I'll look another time at my "rejects" from the first time around this weekend. There is still a spot at Raintrees for Henry so I'm thinking of dropping off his application there on Monday.

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