Coffee, Packet Pick-up, Handmade Fair

Henry made a dragon boat out of play dough. He has been singing songs and talking about Chinese New Year with his music class.

Dragon boat detail shot.

We will be reunited with our espresso machine in just two weeks so we need to figure out where we're getting our beans from! We checked out one place today that has potential and I've scoped out another couple of sources online. Hopefully we'll hit the jackpot on the first one.

Next, we needed to pick up our packets for our race next weekend so we took care of that. It was raining pretty steadily all day today so Henry, Sarah, & Craig went home and Anna & I went to the handmade fair on our own. It's a good thing we split up because all of the vendors were crammed under a tent due to the rain and it would have been a nightmare for Henry to be there! Anna chose some nice messenger bags for the kids and I got myself a piece of wall-art that reads "let your heart lead you." I'm glad we went! I was hoping to get some pottery but everything was too small so I went with the art instead. It was also really nice to have some one-on-one time with Anna (or A-rod, as I sometimes call her even though she hates it!).

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