Day 2, Peanut Butter, and Rosemary Wells

Henry is running with his "kite" that he made out of a piece of paper and ribbon.

Henry loved school again today (no, I am not surprised) and was really disappointed when I told him tomorrow is the weekend and he's not going back until Monday (which he followed with "is tomorrow Monday?").

I ran an errand with Craig (we had to go in together to get our joint bank account set up) and picked up a few groceries since I was out.

Henry & I were inspired by a a Pinterest recipe to make "Reese's Peanut Butter Bars." I decided to only make half of the recipe in case they were too good to resist. We needed graham cracker crumbs and although Cold Storage does sometimes carry these, the store I was at today (Fair Price Finest) does not. They do, however, sell digestive crackers which are very similar. I don't have my food processor yet (sea shipment), but I do have a little coffee grinder (one we had from Korea and put in the air shipment). Henry & I broke up the crackers as best we could and then put them in the coffee grinder. This worked pretty well. When it was finally time to have them for dinner dessert tonight I was glad I only made half a batch because they were delicious! In fact, I have not noticed Reese's Peanut Butter Cups here at all (I've seen peanut butter M&Ms though), so these might just be on some kind of regular rotation, especially since they were so easy.

We went to the pool and when we came back I noticed I had a bunch of new emails from Henry's school, Anna's teacher, Sarah's teacher, and Craig. Yikes! I was suddenly on information overload with all the things that everyone is doing and I need to make note of.

Anna's teacher mentioned that the kids got to hear Rosemary Wells talk yesterday. (She is the author of the Max & Ruby books!) I knew she was coming to SAS but I didn't know which day the kids would see her (Sarah didn't see her yesterday). I couldn't believe Anna forgot to mention this! Rosemary Wells told the kids how to draw Ruby (Anna has yet to show me) and talked about her writing process.

Craig's email was a forward from SAS that Henry got in for the Fall to the pre-k program and we have to let them know our decision in 10 days. I honestly thought I'd have more time to get to know Blue House before having to make that decision! Just when I thought the Henry's-schooling-roller coaster had stopped for a bit, too! In many ways it makes sense for Henry to switch to SAS in the fall, but soon he will be settled at Blue House and will have made friends. And do I want to switch him when we know we'll be moving back to Texas in the fall and he'll have to start at another school?

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