First Day of Kindergarten at SAS and Durian Puff

Just as before we entered the building (we were already under the covered walkway) someone flipped a switch and it was POURING rain (it had not been raining at all until it dumped out of the sky all at once). I've never quite seen the rain just start like that before. It was really LOUD, too.

It felt like forever to wait from 6:48am (when the bus takes the girls to school) until 3:40pm (when the bus brings the girls back from school) to find out how Sarah's day went. When I finally asked her, her response was: "Great! Great! Great!" She was absolutely beaming with excitement! She made a new friend (Emma), had three recesses, and had music class.

Henry & I met up with my friend Sophia that I met in Korea the most recent time we lived there (Sophia's son went to Playschool with Anna). Sophia is Singaporean so she was a big help for when we were researching Singapore in the fall when we found out we were coming here. We met up for lunch and then went for a walk around Arab Street. I just have to go back there and check out all of the little shops and restaurants. It was an older neighborhood which I haven't seen much of here (most everything we've seen is new and fancy--which is also nice in its own way). After Arab Street we stopped off at a cream puff shop (not sure of the name now). They had all sorts of filling for the cream puffs, one being a durian puff.

I can't really describe the durian puff except to say that I didn't hate it, I didn't like it, I can't categorize it. I ate about 3/4s of the puff before I decided that was enough. About an hour later (and lasting about 6 hours more!) I had durian burps that were very unpleasant! I bought an extra puff to bring home and share with the family. I put it in my bag as there are no durians allowed on the subway (Sophia reassured me that it is just the fruit that is not allowed--the puffs are OK). When I took it out to stick in the fridge, I was almost knocked out by the smell!

Sarah was the first one to try it (fingers pinching her nose) and threw the puff down, spit it out, and started shouting how much she hated it and ran out of the room. Anna tried it next (fingers pinching her nose) and pushed the puff away. Craig tried it, cringed and put the puff back in the wrapper. Henry didn't try this one (he "tried" the other one by taking a bite of the pastry).

I still want to try the fruit!

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