Anna had a late start this morning so it was the last time the girls were able to go upstairs for breakfast as Sarah starts Kindergarten tomorrow! After we took Anna to the bus stop (Henry in full panda gear, of course), we went to the grocery store to stock up for the week (Henry in full panda gear, of course). We had an early lunch and then drove up to Woodlands for Sarah's orientation (Henry finally took off his panda gear).

Sarah's orientation was different from Anna's in that there was a group of new students for the new semester. There were four new Kindergartners (going to two classes, so there will be a new boy starting in Sarah's class tomorrow, too). We got to see the library (wow!) and we met Sarah's new teacher. Sarah is so super excited to get back to school. When I asked her what she was excited about, she said, "I'm just excited to learn!" So, tomorrow morning I will send both of my little girls off on the big bus to the other end of the island. It's going to be a long day waiting for the bus to return so I can hear all about Sarah's big day!

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