Popcorn Hunt

I have never seen popcorn at Cold Storage although I've kept my eyes open. I've been buying really yummy microwave popcorn from 7-Eleven though! It is a French brand and it pops in a cardboard box and is so much cooler than the bags we have in the US (maybe I've already written about this?). Anyway, some ladies on the Singapore Expat Wives board I'm on were asking about kernels so joined in the conversation and asked about microwave stuff, too, since the last two times I've been to 7-Eleven they were totally out. The horror! (My air popper is coming in the sea shipment and we can pop in the pan on the stovetop if we hav kernels...) Everyone said they've seen both styles at Fair Price and at various Cold Storages.

We decided to go to Fair Price at Somerset and we did find an Australian and an American bagged microwave popcorn but never found kernels. So we bought a couple of bags of each and are satisfied for now! I still want to find the kernels though since I'd prefer to make my own. I was told to look in the canned or dried beans sections so that's where we'll look next time at Cold Storage.

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