Thailand: Scorpion-tailed Boat Cruise

We kind of felt like we were running out of ideas for things to do the next couple of days. One of the big things to do here is to go to Flight of the Gibbons which is ziplining. I know Anna would love it, but I'm not sure about the rest of the family! Craig & Henry have a known fear of heights and I'm not far behind them. Sarah is not particularly adventurous, either. In the end, we decided it was something we'd wait to do unti they are older (they have a similar attraction on Sentosa island in Singapore, too) so we didn't waste our day getting to the zipline and then have everyone freak out!

We thought the scorpion-tailed river cruise sounded about our speed. The Ping River in Chiang Mai isn't the prettiest river in the world, but our driver was nice and told us some of the history of Chiang Mai and Thailand. In the middle of the cruise, we got off and toured a little garden and had a snack (the kids devoured the dragon fruit here--now they love it!) before we got back on the boat to take it back to the place where we started.

This tour was relaxing (it was an hour and a half long) but was not something I would do over again. I think we ought to have spent a day or two in Bangkok or one of the beach towns and only spent 3 or 4 day sin Chiang Mai? But tomorrow is the Saturday Walking Market and we're all looking forward to that!

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