We're Going on a Preschool Hunt (We're Going to Find a Good One)

Henry & I drove all around Woodlands today and looked at a few preschools. We didn't have any luck but I wrote down a few web sites & phone numbers to enquire about the few that we didn't pop in to see. The first school didn't have space (but I didn't like it--it was tiny & dark), the second school is only for Muslims, and the third & fourth schools were slightly better but still not quite right. I realize I'm being picky but Henry is only 3 and he doesn't HAVE to go to school so I don't want to send him to a place just to send him!

So, although the day seemed like a "bust," I think it satisfied my curiosity enough to know that I probably want to stick with the downtown preschools even though it will be a bit of a commute for us.

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