Zoo (Panda-monium)

We all went to the zoo today partly because we all needed to have our picture taken and put on the membership card. I emailed the zoo our picture but never got a response so I wanted to take care of it as we were instructed to take care of this within 2 weeks of setting up our membership.

We also decided to go see the Giant Pandas that the zoo acquired in November. We had to pay extra and they had limited viewing times available. We saw a few animals and then went to see the pandas. We didn't get a good view of the boy (Kai Kai) but had a nice view of the female (Jia Jia). They were both sitting and eating a pile of bamboo. I didn't think the kids were too impressed but apparently the pandas really spoke to Henry!

The whole rest of the day, Henry was playing with the panda-paw-fans the kids got on the way out of the zoo (I don't know why they didn't get them on the way in, it was hot today!) and had his panda sleep mask on (thanks, Rachel & Mat!). He is also determined to be a panda for Halloween this year.

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