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Show & Tell


Henry was very insistent that the art he did in school today be transformed into a sort of cast for his calf. The pose in this picture is all his idea.


The kids put on a few performances for us this morning (I have video as well). Anna is Obi-Wan Kenobi, Henry is Santa Claus, and Sarah is Maleficent (from Sleeping Beauty). The story is that Maleficent tries to steal Santa's bag of toys but Obi-Wan strikes her down with his light saber and saves the day. There was also a version where Sarah was a bat because the costume wasn't as hot but the story was basically the same.

Community Walk

Henry has never let on at home that he can write his name!

I went on a Community Walk with Henry & his friends from school today. It was a nice (but hot & sweaty) morning!

Charlotte's Web

I just like this view from outside Henry's music class.

We decided to start reading Charlotte's Web while Anna is in ballet (she already read it with Sarah a few summers ago). I convinced Henry to try it by letting him know about the movie version we can watch when we finish.


Sarah has been studying snails at school so she was super excited when she noticed this one climbing up the door outside the play room this evening.

Ice Skating

Lunch with Henry, new chair, and pillow art

Playing with the toys while he waits for his lunch to be served at Blue House Pantry.

Henry had to have the pillows arranged exactly this way before we could leave to get Sarah & Anna from school.

Sarah & Henry checking out the new chair.

Lunch with Sarah

Sarah had pasta; I had vegetable curry with briyani rice. Mine was really good!

I got to have lunch with Sarah at school today as part of the school's program to have the parents taste the menu they are offering the kids. Each day in the primary school the kids have a choice of a hot lunch, packed-lunch, or vegetarian offering. I think they could dish out a bit more of the fruit & veggies with the meal, but the choices here are better than what I saw at our public school in Texas, that's for sure!

2nd Grade Field Trip: Asian Civilizations Museum

It took me an hour and a half to get Henry to school this morning! I was so worried that I'd miss the field trip. Unfortunately, the school buses also got caught in the traffic and it took them two hours to get to the museum! There was a wild & windy storm last night that had knocked over trees that caused the delays this morning.

Ballet Classes

Sarah & Henry are getting really good at waiting for Anna to try out different ballet classes. I liked this place better than the first, but Anna prefers place #1, so we'll go with that. Thankfully, Sarah & Henry aren't interested in doing more extra-curricular stuff right now (Anna & Sarah are doing yoga after school together on Thursdays).


I met Minsue for lunch today at PS Cafe in Dempsey Hill. I don't think I'll ever tire of all of the green in Singapore.

Finished Product

Ballet Lecture/Mini-Performance

Anna & I went to the Singapore Dance Theatre's "One at the Ballet" lecture today. It turned out to be a private mini-performance, too! They do these every month so I hope we can come to many more while we live here.

Finishing Touches


Henry saw a box like this (Craig bought this box when we lived in our first house in Texas!) at IKEA and it was painted with an outerspace theme. He wanted to re-create that with is box and we finally had a bit of time today to get started.

Moping Around

You see signs like this occasionally for car accidents, thefts, etc.

This beauty was on my walk to pick up the girls from school today.

Everyone was really sad this morning because Grandma left. Thankfully the kids all had school to help distract them and I have the marathon to focus on now.

Adele Day 12: Arab Street & Portraits

Adele Day 11: Half Marathon & Bikes at East Coast Park

I got up super early and ran a half marathon this morning; then later in the day we decided to go to East Coast Park and rent bikes.

Adele Day 10: Rest Day

Adele Day 9: Holland Village

Adele Day 7: Easy Day

Adele Day 6: Coffee & Chinatown

Adele Day 5: Rest Day

We took it easy today. The girls went back to school, I went for a run, and then we just rested at home for most of the day.

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